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Eurocolegio CASVI
Eurocolegio CASVI

Casvi Foundation

Eurocolegio Casvi is also conscience for the most disadvantaged children who do not have the same opportunities. That is why, in 2006, we started Casvi Foundation  

Fundación Casvi


The main goal of this foundation was to create a school in the town of Piura (Peru), in a neighborhood that has few resources.


We have built a school there with classes and workshops where students are trained on a wide range of courses such as hotel management, pottery, dressmaking, hairdressing, embroidery, computer science, etc.

Talleres de la Fundación Casvi en Piura (Perú)


The building also has a soup kitchen where 140 local children without any economic means eat every day.

comerdor social Fundación Casvi en Perú


The foundation also collaborates with other organisations which help people in Madagascar, Angola and the Sahara by sending clothes, toys and school supplies donated by our students.

Ayuda de la Fundación Casvi para Madagascar


We also cooperate with the town council of Villaviciosa de Odón and Cáritas in campaigns to collect food.


The Foundation is funded though different activities such as the end of the school year’s solidarity party and by carrying out various artistic events during the calendar year in which numerous members of our Educational Community get together.

Calendario Artístico para la Fundación Casvi