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Eurocolegio CASVI


In the last few years with the changes in the economy, we can see the leading role that China is taking, which has positioned Mandarin Chinese as the language of the future. This increasing importance has made many people in Spain interested in it to improve their employment prospects.  


At Eurocolegio Casvi, we wanted to get started, so we have decided to include this language as of 5th grade within the curricular subjects.


This subject is taught by native teachers, who not only try to communicate with their language, but transmit their culture too. The process they follow to do this is the same as in English, that is, through small groups which enable the learning to be quick, effective and satisfactory.


School teaching based on multiple educational resources, like the iPad with which our students work on a daily basis.


On our behalf, we also want to provide our pupils the possibility of taking the official exams of this language known as Youth Chinese Test (YCT).

Alumnos de Eurocolegio Casvi aprueban el exámen de chino YCT.