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Language Exchanges

One of our biggest challenges is to educate children and teenagers to become citizens of the world. Today, boundaries between countries have disappeared, and the exchange of workers between nations, even continents, is common.


Thus, it is certain that learning different languages is necessary, and that our children will profit from an intercultural education. Because of this, Casvi assigns great importance to Exchange Programs, in which students from different countries, such as the US.



Germany (Delmenhorst)



And Ireland, share their cultures and languages with us.


Language exchanges are always pretty emotional.

Despedida Intercambio Alemania Casvi



The language exchanges bring practical experience and amazing profits in several ways:

  • The learning of other languages is reinforced; students learn the history and culture of other countries.

Intercambio con Alemania de alumnos del Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi



  • Students get a broader view of the world and learn how to be more self-sufficient and adaptable.

Intercambio con Tacoma (USA) de alumnos de Eurocolegio Casvi



  • Skills such as tolerance and respect for other cultures are developed; self-esteem and maturity is developed.

Intercambio para aprender Inglés con Tulsa (USA) de alumnos de Eurocolegio Casvi


And it's boosts  self-esteem, self-confidence and maturity.

Intercambio Lingüístico alumnos Casvi con Islas Vírgenes

(Virgin Islands)