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Our objective is to draw out the very best of all our students and take them as high as they want to go. Doing everything possible so that they achieve their educational goals and can handle university or work life with all the skills needed to do it well.

That is the importance of our Counselling Department and all the tools we make available to students, parents and teachers so that their time at Casvi is successful.

The department is made up of psychologists, educators, education psychologists and specialists in education, hearing and language.

Its specific objectives are:

  • Diagnosis and counselling for students with problems or special needs.
  • Diagnosis and guidance for students as they move into new education levels.
  • Guidance for parents.
  • Guidance for teachers.
  • Guidance for students.
  • Supervision and information on students’ condition.
  • Monitoring of cases.

Departamento de Orientación en el Colegio Privado Internacional Eurcolegio Casvi