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Primary Education (PYP)

In Primary School, we work under the same vision as in Preschool. During this stage, our objective is also to prepare our students so that they end up reaching the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme with full guarantees of success, so that their good scores give them freedom to choose the university they like.

Programa de los Años Intermedios del Bachillerato Internacional

Work that ensures our students have an IB profile (inquisitive and open minded, informed and instructed, thinkers and good communicators, well-rounded, reflective, courageous, compassionate and balanced).

Buenos Comunicadores en el Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi


During these years, enquiry and curiosity are the keys to learning. In this process, students learn by investigating and researching, asking questions… and this is done in depth with the aim of ensuring enduring and far reaching learning (valuable outside the classroom and in every aspect of life).


Proceso de Indagación en el Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio CasviThis entails a way of stimulating and promoting our students’ learning that is very different than the traditional Spanish education system. At Eurocolegio Casvi, the student is at the centre of the educational process, while the teacher takes on the role as a transmitter of knowledge and a guide for students’ learning.

Profesores como guía en el proceso de Indagación de Eurocolegio Casvi


Via this constructivist, interdisciplinary and—above all—highly conceptual learning model, our students' main skills and abilities are strengthened in some cases and discovered in others:  musical, artistic, athletic, technological… we aim to find the best of each student and maximise and encourage it.

Programación informática para los alumnos de E. Primaria de Eurocolegio Casvi


This is all done by relying on two main types of tools:

  • Technological: with iPads at the forefront of this area. Starting in year 5 of Primary, their textbooks have been developed by school teachers. And most importantly, we have implemented a career programme from years 1 to 6 of Primary where the students develop programming and content creation and publication skills.
  • Languages:Three are taught: English, Chinese and German, with small groups and conversation classes always taught by native speakers.In year 5 of Primary, students can take part in the first Linguistic Exchanges of their school life, which lasts two months, and is done with students from Tulsa (USA) from the Eisenhower International School.

Intercambio Lingüístico en Tulsa (USA) para los alumnos de 5º E. Primaria de Eurocolegio Casvi


During this stage, communication, social and enquiry skills are also developed which, along with the rest of the attributes of the IB profile they have acquired, will lead our students to do a final crowning project for the PYP Programme. This is the showcasing of knowledge that is done in year 6 of Primary, which will prepare them for the project they will have to do in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Presentación proyecto PEP en 6º E. Primaria en Eurocolegio Casvi


Finally, when we speak of Multiple Intelligences in this stage, we should highlight that we have a developed arts and music project that goes much beyond the application of the curriculum. To this, we add the playing and practice of multiple sports, especially aquatic ones, such as swimming and water polo.

Arte en E. Primaria en el Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi