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Casvi Villaviciosa Casvi Villaviciosa
Enero / January 31, 2020
Alumnos Casvi en el Centro Europeo de la Investigación Nuclear
A Trip to Remember
Our 2nd of Baccalaureate students travelled to Geneva, Switzerland, to visit CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), home to the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator.
Enero / January 30, 2020
Empatía, sensibilidad y respeto
Empathy, Sensitivity and Respect
From an early age, the school fosters and implements social values, such as tolerance and respect, among others. That is why Casvi is celebrating Peace and Non-violence Day today with our kindergarteners.
Enero / January 29, 2020
Así aprendemos Geometría y Trigonometría de una forma divertida
Learning Geometry and Trigonometry in a Fun Way
Thanks to an interdisciplinary activity carried out between the subjects of Maths and Chemestry, 10th graders are learning in a fun and engaging way contents of both subjects in order to apply them to a specific context.
Enero / January 29, 2020
Rivales sin opción ante el CB Casvi
Fort he second consecutive day we achieved victory across the board. Both our senior team, as well as our junior teams, have shown that victory is hard won and requires effort and determination week after week.
Enero / January 28, 2020
Fin de semana triunfal para el Fútbol 7 Casvi
Triumphant weekend for Soccer 7 Casvi
2 matches, 2 victories. It would be imposible for them to do it better. The team, without a doubt is on the rise. Victories that pleased us if we also look at the results.
Enero / January 28, 2020
Nuevo taller de formación para padres contra el acoso escolar
Bullying Workshop for Parents
The workshop, organized by the “Generation Convive” program, will take place today at 17:00 at the school’s assembly hall. It has been created in hopes of preventing school bullying.
Enero / January 27, 2020
Vídeo.- Todo un ejemplo para nuestros alumnos
Video.- An Example to Follow
Casvi alumni came back to their second home to talk about how their professional and academic lives have turned out after graduating from school.
Enero / January 24, 2020
100% de victorias para el CB Casvi
100% wins for the CB Casvi
Full of victories this weekend. All the Casvi Basketball Club teams got a win in their league commitments. The ALEVIN´s game was postponed. These are all of the results from the weekend.
Enero / January 23, 2020
Triunfo a lo grande del Fútbol 7 Casvi
Great victory for Soccer 7 Casvi
It was great game of our kids from the start of the match, which ended with the score of Eurocolegio Casvi 7-2 Móstoles Balompié.
Enero / January 22, 2020
No me cuentes historias, ¡dibújamelas!
Don’t Tell me Stories, Draw Them!
“Visual thinking” is a technique that facilitates the comprehension of concepts through outlines and takes into account the endless possibilities that an image offers. Our 10th graders have put these techniques to work for their History subject.
Enero / January 21, 2020
Juegos de mesa para aprender Geometría
Learning Geometry through Board Games
In 10th grade, José Manuel Baena made use of several board games (e.g. giant playing cards, tiny dices, wooden sticks with numbers) to teach in a fun and alternative way vector operations.
Enero / January 17, 2020
Enseñando a amar la ciencia
Learning to Love Science
Diego Obradors, from the Department of Technology at CIEMAT (Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas), gave a talk to our 12th graders about ‘Physics and its application in society and in the field of mechanics’.
Enero / January 17, 2020
Los Reyes Magos también saben de Robótica
The Three Wise Men also Know about Robotics
The Wise Men’s knowledge on robotics has been evident in this year’s presents to our students. This 4th grader took their great gifts and shared them with their classmates.
Enero / January 16, 2020
Casvi, punto de encuentro de las mejores universidades del mundo
University School Fair at Casvi
The VIII University School Fair has taken place today at Casvi’s Sports Pavilion. Its aim was to inform firsthand 10th graders and 1st and 2nd Baccalaureate students of the wide range of options they have regarding their university future.
Enero / January 15, 2020
Regreso a lo grande del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Big moment for Casvi Basketball Club
Full of victories on this first league day of the year 2020 after the Christmas break. With the exception of the Junior team, they all got victories.
Enero / January 14, 2020
Vuelta a la competición con derrota para el Fútbol 7 Casvi
Defeat in the return to competition to Casvi Football 7
Despite this, it was a great match of our players against an opponent that is placed at the top of the leaderboard (Eurocolegio Casvi 0-2 CDE Techniteam "B").
Enero / January 14, 2020
¡Directo al Campeonato de España de Atletismo!
Straight to Spain’s Athletics Championship
This past weekend, 12th grader Mario Jiménez Caricol has qualified to participate in the Athletics Championship, which will be held in Sabadell on March 15th. Good luck!
Enero / January 13, 2020
Cuarta plaza para Casvi en el II Concurso de Ideas Innovadoras
Fourth Place in the II Innovative Ideas Contest
Our 8th graders achieved great results in this contest,Daniel García, Carla Zazo and Cristina Ferro, together with other students from IES Velázquez school, worked cooperatively on the awarded project titled ‘E-Move’.
Enero / January 10, 2020
Investigamos sobre las radiaciones en el Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear
Investigating about Radiations at The Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN)
Our 11th grade Physics students visited the CSN. There, they learned the name of the scientists who discovered radiations, the types of natural radiations and the different fields where they are used.
Enero / January 9, 2020
Navidad triunfal para el CB Casvi
Triumphal Christmas for CB Casvi
Our Children's team has brought home two new trophies. The first trophy came after the success in the Getxo Christmas Championship (Vizcaya), and the second winning San Viator Tournament.
Enero / January 7, 2020
Eurocolegio Casvi protagonista en la Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos
Eurocolegio Casvi participates at the Three Wise Men parade
A group of students and parents from our school enjoyed the best experiences during these Christmas Festivities. They participated in the “Three Wise Men Parade” that took place in Villaviciosa de Odón last Sunday.