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Octubre / October 30, 2020
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
Throughout the entire week, students at Eurocolegio Casvi have been carrying out different activities in English in order to celebrate Halloween. They have done so through crafts, gastronomic and costume parties, stories, songs and a contests.
Octubre / October 22, 2020
Beneficios para los niños de aprender a nadar
Swimming Benefits
Water is the best physical space for the development of physical, neurologic and psychological aptitudes. Specialists recommend the learning of this sport for a number of reasons.
Octubre / October 20, 2020
Aprender chino desde niño
Learning Chinese from an early age
Most parents are aware of how important it is for their children to learn a foreign language, but few know the advantages that our Mandarin Chinese classes offer, which students take throughout the school year.
Octubre / October 19, 2020
II Semana Internacional en Casvi
2nd International Week at Casvi
Kindergarteners celebrated the 2nd International Week. They did so together with their English teachers. The goal was clear: spark their curiosity, help them gain respect and comprehension towards the world’s different cultures.
Octubre / October 15, 2020
Aprendemos historia con el Día de la Hispanidad
Hispanic Heritage Day at Casvi
Students at the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi have celebrated the well-known Hispanic Heritage Day with their teachers and classmates. During all this week, they have done so through numerous and original activities.
Octubre / October 13, 2020
¿Qué ofrece un Colegio Privado Internacional?
What does an International Private School have to offer?
As parents, we have the responsibility to offer our children the best education. A quality education that meets the needs of the globalized, changing and dynamic world in which we develop as individuals.
Octubre / October 7, 2020
Eurocolegio Casvi protagonista en los Informativos de Telemadrid
Casvi on the News
Last Monday, Telemadrid camera crews visited our school in order to witness first hand two of the most up-to-date topics: Teacher’s Day and the school bus service.
Octubre / October 6, 2020
¿Qué es el Bachillerato Internacional?
What is the International Baccalaureate?
The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is more than its educational programmes and certificates. At our heart we are motivated by a mission to create a better world through education.
Octubre / October 5, 2020
News by Casvi -Octubre 2020-
News by Casvi - October 2020-
Covid-19 has not prevented us from continuing to publish our traditional and monthly magazine with the school’s most current and up-to-date news. The only difference is that this year, instead of reading it in its usual paper form, you can read it di