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Casvi Villaviciosa Casvi Villaviciosa
Noviembre / November 30, 2020
Recetas en 30 segundos
Recipes in 30 seconds
We want you to channel the inner chef that lives inside all of us! That's why we'd like to invite you to participate in the I Casvi Christmas Recipes' Contest, sponsored by the Department of Visual Arts.
Noviembre / November 25, 2020
Comprometidos con la mejora constante
Committed to constant improvement
Our principal objective is to give the best education to your children. And in order to do this, we use an educational model based on the methodology of the International Baccalaureate and we offer facilities according to the needs of our students.
Noviembre / November 24, 2020
Beneficios de las Nuevas Tecnologías en Educación
ICT Benefits in Education
Casvi uses ICT as an educational tool on a daily basis as it has done so for three decades, since its foundation. Due to the pandemic, ICT have gained even more importance and has proven to be an essential tool to improve students’ learning.
Noviembre / November 18, 2020
Juegos para aprender Matemáticas
Games for using play to learn mathematics
In 10th grade, students reviewed operations with radicals by playing a very special game of bingo. It was designed especially for the occasion by our Math teacher, José Manuel Baena and followed the International Baccalaureate methodology.
Noviembre / November 17, 2020
Cómo acceder a la Universidad
University Entry Exams
DP students who wish to study in Technical Universities or Colleges, are not obliged to do the Spanish university entrance exams. A conversion formula would be used to obtain their final mark.
Noviembre / November 9, 2020
Estudiar alemán desde pequeños
Studying German from an early age
There are many reasons to learn German. Here at Casvi, we offer its learning as a curricular subject from 5th grade.
Noviembre / November 5, 2020
¿Qué Bachillerato elegir?
Which Baccalaureate to choose?
After completing 10th grade, students of the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi can study either the national baccalaureate or the diploma programme (IB). They will do so based on their maturity, skills, commitment and study habits.
Noviembre / November 4, 2020
News by Casvi -Noviembre 2020-
News by Casvi -November 2020-
Covid-19 has not prevented us from continuing to publish our traditional and monthly magazine with the school’s most current and up-to-date news.
Noviembre / November 4, 2020
¿Comemos lo que debemos?
Do we eat what we should?
3rd graders became scientists for a day by visiting the lab in order to learn more about different types of fats and how to identify unhealthy foods.