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Casvi Villaviciosa Casvi Villaviciosa
Diciembre / December 26, 2019
Ganadores del 34º Concurso de Christmas de Navidad
Christmas Contest Winners
The winners of this last Christmas contest edition are Víctor Fernández (1ºA grader) and Esther Antelo (6ºC grader). The school has chosen their Christmas Cards to wish everybody a Merry Christmas!
Diciembre / December 23, 2019
Navidad en E. Infantil
Christmas at Pre-School
These endearing days also bring many educational benefits to our students. Thanks to them, we develop skills such as creativity, teamwork, fine motor dexterity ... boost English learning and even musical skills.
Diciembre / December 23, 2019
Éxito de nuestra Campaña de Navidad Solidaria
Huge Success of our Christmas Campaign
Our Diploma students organized this campaign as part of the Social Action Project within the IB. The whole school participated by giving away different items.
Diciembre / December 23, 2019
Ganadores del Concurso de Villancicos en Inglés -Casvi 2019-
Winners of English Christmas Carols Contest -Casvi 2019-
To get into the most genuine Christmas spirit in Kindergarten, our Christmas Carols Contest organized by their respective "teachers" has been held in our Assembly Hall for the fourth year in a row.
Diciembre / December 23, 2019
Colosal Recital de Villancicos en Casvi
Great Christmas Carol Recital
The VI Christmas Carol Recital was a complete success. The quality of the performance was outstanding, as well as the spectacular turn out.
Diciembre / December 20, 2019
Gran fiesta de Navidad
Christmas Party
1st and 2nd graders showcase all their creativity and talent as leading actors in a great performance.
Diciembre / December 19, 2019
Infantiles y Alevines del CB Casvi, ¡líderes!
Infantile & Alevin of CB Casvi, leaders!
The Infantile team is the leader at the end of the 1st groups stage after a great victory in Rivas. Also a shout out to the leadership of our youth ones (Alevin), that beat Andel School.
Diciembre / December 19, 2019
Regalo de fin de año para el Fútbol 7 Casvi
End of the year gift for Football Casvi 7
It came after winning 2-0 to ASD Móstoles in a very laboured match from the beginning to the end.
Diciembre / December 18, 2019
La Escuela de Iniciación a la Competición Casvi en el IV Trofeo Navidad Promesas
IV Navidad Promesas Trophy
The Sports Council of the Local Government of Móstoles prepared this competition. Our swimmers got very good results: a few of them were among the top ten.
Diciembre / December 16, 2019
Indagando de excursión en 3º E. Primaria
What a field trip!
Last week, 3rd graders had the opportunity to go on two different field trips. First, they headed to Torrejón de Ardoz, where they visited Parque Europa.
Diciembre / December 16, 2019
Nuestro IV Concierto de Villancicos en Telemadrid
Our IV Christmas Carol Recital onTelemadrid
Our students from the School of Arts, Casvi Choir, Casvi Orchestra and the new Infantile Choir gave an amazing performance. If you were not able to experience it first-hand, you can watch it on tv as it was broadcasted on the Telemadrid program.
Diciembre / December 16, 2019
Los alumnos de 2º E. Primaria se marchan de compras
2nd Graders Go on a Shopping Spree
The 2nd graders headed to a shopping mall near the school.8th graders helped them with the development of the task as part of the Social Action Project within the MYP (IB).
Diciembre / December 13, 2019
La Guardia Civil, maestros por un día en Casvi
The Civil Guard, Teachers for a Day
The high school students at Casvi had the opportunity to attend presentations done by the Civil Guard, who came and spoke about various topics.
Diciembre / December 13, 2019
Alumnos del Programa Diploma, de Intercambio cultural con Grecia
Cultural Exchange
IB Students from Geitonas School, located in Athens, paid a visit to CASVI. For one whole morning they exchanged their experiences and shared their views on different topics with Casvi students.
Diciembre / December 12, 2019
Inteligencia emocional desde 1 año
Emotional Intelligence
What am I? What do I feel? Answering these questions from an early age will help kids not only to express their feelings better, but will also help them to be able to manage in different situations when in contact with others.
Diciembre / December 12, 2019
Concluye la temporada para el Club de Gimnasia Rítmica de Villaviciosa de Odón
Rhythmic Gymnastics Club’s Season Comes to an End
The Rhythmic Gymnastics season has come to an end after achieving great results. The athletes of this club, which is sponsored by Casvi, showed what they are made of in their last four performances.
Diciembre / December 11, 2019
Alumnos internacionales en Casvi
Promoting a Global Mindset
Many of the students studying at Casvi have been born abroad and they have come to Casvi.What is that they love most about Spain? About our school?We talked to them and received some interesting as well as surprising answers.
Diciembre / December 11, 2019
Mañana, IV Recital de Villancicos Casvi
IV Christmas Carol Recital Premieres Tomorrow
Our students will perform the IV Christmas Carol Recital. The students from the school of arts and Casvi choir will be joined on stage by the Casvi Orchestra and the new Infantile Choir.
Diciembre / December 11, 2019
La Sirenita vuelve a la carga
The Little Mermaid is Back
For the second year in a row and in front of the Kindergarten class, The Casvi drama group successfully recreated “The Little Mermaid”. From the seasoned actors to the first timers ,they all gave an outstanding performance.
Diciembre / December 10, 2019
Hoy se distribuye el V Calendario Solidario Casvi
V Solidarity Calendar
Last week, primary, high school and baccalaureate students presented this calendar. They were the ones in charge of presenting the achievements of the scientists they have been researching. What a great job!
Diciembre / December 10, 2019
Casvi en Got Talent
Casvi in Got Talent
One of our students became a semifinalist of this TV show, hence the reason why one of Casvi’s labs became the setting of the shooting. It is worth pointing out that one of our alumni, Ana Ferrer, was the one in charge of the filming.
Diciembre / December 5, 2019
Casvi, finalista en el II Concurso de Ideas Innovadoras
Finalist in the II Innovative Ideas Contest
Casvi, which partnered with IES Velázquez school, was named as one of the finalists of the II Innovative Ideas Contest, which was organized by Altran and Club de Excelencia en Gestión.
Diciembre / December 4, 2019
Liderato para el 1ª Autonómica
1st place for the Regional Division this weekend
Good news for the Casvi Basketball Club. And above all, the leadership gained the weekend for the team of 1st for the Regional Division. These were the results of the weekend.
Diciembre / December 3, 2019
No hubo rendición para el Fútbol 7 Casvi
There was no surrender for Football 7 Casvi
It was an exciting game from the beginning to the end, which ended with Sporting Villa victory (4-3). However, our boys never gave up thanks to their commitment, strength and eagerness to overcome.
Diciembre / December 2, 2019
Mañana, presentación del V Calendario Solidario Casvi
Tomorrow, presentation of the V Solidarity Calendar
It will take place tomorrow at 17.30 in the Assembley Hall of Colegio privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi. You are all invited!