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Casvi Villaviciosa Casvi Villaviciosa
Febrero / February 27, 2020
Otra forma de aprender Física
A New Way of Learning Physics
Our 10th graders worked on the principle of the conservation of mechanical energy through an original but well-known context, which they will put into practice in their upcoming field trip to Madrid’s Amusement Park.
Febrero / February 27, 2020
Su sueño es…
His dream is...
Lucas Fernández is a 12th grader at Casvi, though he has been studying at our school since he was 3 years old. He loves hanging out with friends, however, what he likes the most is playing football. He reveals his dream to us in this video.
Febrero / February 27, 2020
A veces se gana, pero siempre se aprende
Sometimes you win, but you always learn
Our players have learned that in the matches played last weekend by the different teams of the Casvi Basketball Club, which have not always ended in victory, but where they have learned a great lesson to face the upcoming matches.
Febrero / February 26, 2020
Suma y sigue
Keep up the Good Work!
Marina Gerova, a 4th grader here at Casvi, continues to rack up trophies and titles. She has just brought home the champion trophy from the Wilson U10 Tournament held in Barcelona, after having won 4-0, 4-0.
Febrero / February 26, 2020
Un intercambio lingüístico de ida y vuelta
A Unique Experience
Lauren Cook is an exchange student from Annie Wright International School (Tacoma, USA) whose host sister is Jimena de Torres (10th grader).
Febrero / February 25, 2020
No todo es vestirse de…
Carnival Time
One of kindergarteners’ favorite games is to dress up, to put on make, to wear a mask, etc. These activities help them develop their psychomotricity and identify themselves with characters they admire.
Febrero / February 25, 2020
Su sueño es…
Her Dream is...
Laura Belizón is a 12th grader studying Diploma at our school. She has been at Casvi since she was 3 years old. She likes reading, travelling, and above all, she loves music.She reveals her dream to us in this video. Take a peek!
Febrero / February 25, 2020
Segunda vuelta con premio
Successful Second round
Our Casvi Soccer 7 team came out victorious (0-4) in their league commitment against Sporting Villa. First match of the second round that turned out to be perfect for our team from the very beginning.
Febrero / February 24, 2020
Mancharse tiene sus ventajas
Broadening Horizons
These types of initiatives help students to observe, explore and experiment; skills which are necessary to learn in a fun way.
Febrero / February 20, 2020
Prevención, prevención y prevención
asvi’s main objective is to fight against bullying in order to promote coexistence.
Febrero / February 19, 2020
Nuestro Alevín, imbatido, ¡a por el Campeonato liguero!
Beginners, unbeaten, on to the League Championship!
Eight matches and eight victories for our kids who, for the moment, have not found a opponent better than them. Thus, it was a good day for them and for the rest of the Casvi Basketball Club teams with the exception of the 1st Autonomica.
Febrero / February 18, 2020
Cartas de amor en tiempos de guerra
Love Letters in Times of War
Febrero / February 17, 2020
100 of our students ranging from 5th graders to 12th graders have participated in our Spring Mathematics contest which has been organized by our very own math teachers.
Febrero / February 14, 2020
Matemáticas a pie de puesto
Math skills going strong
Our 4th graders have put their math skills into practise with an activity with a fun interactive activity . During this activity they became vendors and clients and they learned how matter and energy affect our day to day lives.
Febrero / February 13, 2020
De alumno a árbitro de élite
From Casvi student to Elite Referee
Rafael Serrano lives and breaths CASVI. He was one of our students for six years and during this time he was an active participant in CASVI’s basketball club. Now, he is the father of one of our preschool students.
Febrero / February 13, 2020
Buen jugador, mejor persona
Great Player, Better Person
We are talking about Tyson Pérez, a player trained in the Casvi Basketball Club who has just qualified for Eurobasketball 2021.
Febrero / February 12, 2020
Han ganado todos, ¡otra vez!
They did it again!
Unbeaten for weeks, CB Casvi continues their winning streak. Great job! The weekend´s results are as follow.
Febrero / February 11, 2020
Las tecnologías no siempre perjudican
Technology is not Always Harmful
This is the case at our school, seeing as we use technology in our everyday classroom routines. For instance, third graders are currently working on an activity that mixes arts and new technologies.
Febrero / February 11, 2020
Tomando medidas a la ensaladera
Going to Great Lengths
Marina Gerova (4th grader) and Lidia González (10th grader) are not only great students but also excellent tennis players. Their talent has allowed them to achieve great results this weekend at the XI UEM Tournament.
Febrero / February 7, 2020
¡Vaya cuento el de nuestros mayores!
Our Storytellers!
During Spanish classes, our 9th graders became storytellers. They wrote their own stories and performed them to kindergarteners.
Febrero / February 5, 2020
¡En racha!
Winning streak!
CB Casvi teams are carrying on in the path of victory in all their league matches.allowing our teams to be placed in the top positions of their leaderboards. These have been the results of the weekend.
Febrero / February 5, 2020
Trabajo, coraje y sacrificio
Hard work, courage and sacrifice
This is what our kids from Soccer 7 Casvi showed in a great match in which, they could not come up on top (CD Móstoles URJC 5-3Eurocolegio Casvi).
Febrero / February 4, 2020
Pequeños grandes coaches
Mini Coaches
During the past weeks, our 9th graders have been taken over as coaches of Casvi ́s youngest students. They have been teaching kindergarteners how to play checkers. It is an activity included within the Creativity, and Service project (CAS).
Febrero / February 3, 2020
Nuestros profesores se convierten, de nuevo, en alumnos
Back to Being Students
As part of Casvi's training program, our PEP teachers (kindergarten and primary education) attended a two-session workshop aimed at adapting the school's methodology to the most recent IB updates.