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Marzo / March 31, 2020
Diario de clase (X): Maestros ‘youtubers’
Class Diary (X): Teachers as 'Youtubers'
The P.E. teachers are putting this practice into action by creating their own videos during the lockdown. These videos are tutorials showing kids how to practice sports without setting foot outside.
Marzo / March 30, 2020
Diario de clase (IX): Sencillos consejos para mejorar tus vídeos
Class Diary (IX): Simple tips to improve your videos
In this video you will be able to discover in a dynamic and enjoyable way, how to improve your videos effortlessly
Marzo / March 30, 2020
Diario de clase (VIII): Realidad virtual aumentada para aprender Física en Casvi
Class Diary (VIII): Learning Physics through Virtual Reality
Thanks to the online classes, 10th graders have taken advantage of ICTs to build molecules. Do you want to know how?
Marzo / March 27, 2020
Diario de clase VII: Dibuja tu propio 'bichito'
Class Diary (VII): Design your Own ‘Bug’
n art class, our 3rd graders had a chance to show off their creativity by drawing and designing two different versions of Covid-19: an educational one and an emotional one.
Marzo / March 26, 2020
Diario de clase (VI): Bleib zu Hause
Class Diary (VI): Bleib zu Hause
During the lockdown, the message 'Stay at home' is being used worldwide in different languages. It also happens to be the title of the project our 6th graders are currently working on in their German classes.
Marzo / March 24, 2020
Diario de clase (V): Preparados, listos, ¡ya!
Class Diary (V): Ready, Steady, Go!
Even though kids are confined in their houses, this does not keep them from practicing sports. P.E teachers give online classes using different audiovisual resources and tools for students to do exercise.
Marzo / March 23, 2020
Diario de clase (IV): Clases online también para nuestros alumnos de Infantil
Class Diary (IV): Online Classes for Kindergarteners Too
Kindergarteners also attend online classes as they are in need of the teachers’ and peers’ affection.
Marzo / March 19, 2020
Diario de clase (III): Hoy, programamos con scratch en Robótica
Class Diary (III): Programming with Scratch
In their online classes, 4th graders are programming using Scratch.
Marzo / March 18, 2020
Diario de clase (II): Continuamos aprendiendo Chino en Casvi
Class Diary (III): Continuing to Learn Chinese
The confinement situation we are going through does not prevent students from continuing to learn Chinese. They do so by having online classes with their Chinese teachers.
Marzo / March 16, 2020
Diario de clase (I):Trabajando online las emociones de nuestros alumnos
Class Diary (I): Working with Students’ Feelings online
Casvi teachers connect online with their students on a daily basis (from 1st to 4th grade) thanks to the use of ICTs and Teams (Microsoft tool). The aim is for them not only to review content, but also to stay busy.
Marzo / March 13, 2020
VÍDEO.- Escuela de Artes Casvi
VIDEO - School of Arts
It is of extreme importance for Casvi to detect students’ talents.Arts, Music and Theater are key elements of our educational curriculum.
Marzo / March 12, 2020
El compromiso y la vocación por encima de la incertidumbre
On-line Classes
As of yesterday, the classrooms, halls and playgrounds at Casvi are completely empty. Instead of having students attending classes at school, they are having their lessons online, following their corresponding timetable.
Marzo / March 11, 2020
Nuevo pleno de victorias para el CB Casvi
New winning streak for CB Casvi!
There was no truce this weekend for our rivals. None of them knew how to get a victory from their respective league commitments against CB Casvi. They could maintain the top spot in the leaderboard.
Marzo / March 11, 2020
Su sueño es…
Her Dream Is...
Marta Mora is a 12th grader studying Diploma at our school. He has been at Casvi since he was 3 years old. She loves to follow her passion: watching series in English and travelling. She reveals her dream to us in this video.
Marzo / March 10, 2020
Salvados por la campana
Saved by the Bell
Our team of Football 7 got a tough victory. It was achieved by a single goal difference which allowed us to take victory home (Eurocolegio Casvi 5-4 CD Estoril II).
Marzo / March 10, 2020
Arte en estado puro en el hall principal de Casvi
Art Exhibition at Casvi
Everybody can enjoy the projects our students from 8th and 9th grade have done in Arts and in the Arts club.
Marzo / March 9, 2020
Esto no es teatro
Theater in English
The Interactive Theatre Company is back this year with five new productions performed on our assembly hall stage at Casvi.
Marzo / March 6, 2020
Casvi sube nueve puestos en el Ranking de los Mejores Colegios 2020
Casvi is among the Top 100
Casvi is still ranked among the top 100 best schools in Spain. This exciting announcement has been published in El Mundo newspaper. In addition, our school has advanced nine places, the highest increase in the last 10 years.
Marzo / March 6, 2020
Un año más, taller de RCP
CPR Workshop
7th and 9th graders together with kindergarten and primary teachers participated in a CPR workshop, where they learned several live-saving techniques.
Marzo / March 5, 2020
Su sueño es…
His Dream is...
Álvaro Zamarro is a 12th grader studying Baccalaureate at our school. He has been at Casvi since he was 3 years old. He loves watching videos, specifically those which deal with scientific dissemination. He reveals his dream to us in this video.
Marzo / March 5, 2020
Robótica aplicada
Applied Robotics
Within their last unit of inquiry titled ‘Trivial Casvi’, 6th graders programmed with Scratch a classical game invented in 1979. In groups, they investigated topics related to Casvi.
Marzo / March 4, 2020
Mi proyecto personal
My Personal Project
10th graders have been working on their personal projects (e.g. books, blogs, videogames, models) since the beginning of the course, which they handed in last week. This allowed them to showcase the skills they have acquired during the MYP stage.
Marzo / March 4, 2020
Nuestro director, Juan Luis Yagüe, en Intereconomía
Casvi’s Headmaster, Juan Luis Yagüe, at Intereconomía
Does the Spanish educational system offer a strong foundation in regards to primary education? This, among other topics, has been discussed in a round table radio interview by our Headmaster, Juan Luis Yagüe.
Marzo / March 3, 2020
Mario Jiménez, clasificado para el Campeonato de España por autonomías
Mario Jiménez’s Ongoing Success
He is going to represent Madrid in the Spanish Community Tournament after placing 32nd in the Campeonato de España Clubes, and 5th in Madrid’s tournament. The latter was held just a few days ago in Soria.‘I am living a dream’, says 12th grader Mario.
Marzo / March 3, 2020
Su sueño es…
Her Dream is...
Laura Presa is a 12th grader studying Diploma at our school. She has been at Casvi since she was 3 years old. She loves watching films and TV series, listening to music... She reveals her dream to us in this video.
Marzo / March 3, 2020
Despertando vocaciones
Awakening Interests
Thanks to the talks given by parents, our kindergarteners have experienced first-hand the importance of education, teamwork, and values such as effort, perseverance and responsibility.