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Abril / April 30, 2020
Diario de Clase (XXV): ¡Llega la primavera a Primer Ciclo de Infantil!
Class Diary (XXV): Spring is Coming!
In their online classes, Kindergarteners are discovering new ways to experiment with the changing of the seasons. That is why they are participating in different workshops using a wide array of materials.
Abril / April 29, 2020
Diario de clase (XXIV): Comprometidos con la Educación
Class Diary (XXIV): Engaged with Education
Ever since the lockdown began on March 11th, Casvi teachers are holding online classes every single day. They keep their usual schedule and continue teaching as usual. In spite of everything that is happening, the school is always #engagedwitheducati
Abril / April 29, 2020
Orgullosos de vosotros (IX): Alexandra Salinas
Proud of You (IX): Alexandra Salinas
Alexandra is a Casi alumni from the class of 2013-14. She holds a degree in Psychology. She talks about her dreams in this video.
Abril / April 28, 2020
Diario de clase (XXIII): ¡Os echamos de menos!
Diario de clase (XXIII): We miss you!
Pablo Martín, Casvi Head of Studies, is proud of all the hard work and effort that our students are putting forth during the lockdown. Strength, perseverance and respect are some of the key factors that will help bring us together again. Take a look.
Abril / April 28, 2020
Orgullosos de vosotros (VIII): Víctor Jiménez
Proud of You (VIII): Víctor Jiménez
Víctor is a Casvi alumni. Currently, he is studying Audiovisual Systems Engineering. Do you want to know why we are so proud of him? Take a look!
Abril / April 27, 2020
Diario de clase (XXII): La nueva vida de nuestros maestros
Class Diary: Our Teacher’s Lives
Ever since the Covid-19 quarantine began and CASVI made the transition to online classes, the lives of our teachers have radically changed.
Abril / April 24, 2020
Diario de Clase (XXI): Así celebramos en Casvi el Día del Libro
Class Diary (XXI): How We Celebrate World Book Day at Casvi
World Book Day is such an important and cultural event that we wanted to celebrate it here at Casvi. Teachers from all grades organized different activities for the students to be able to enjoy it.
Abril / April 23, 2020
Orgullosos de vosotros (VII): Adriana Fernández
Proud of You (VII): Adriana Fernández
Adriana graduated from Casvi in 2017. She is studying Biology and in the following video she tells us about her experience at Casvi.
Abril / April 23, 2020
Diario de clase (XX): Acrósticos solidarios
Class Diary (XX): Being Supportive
1st graders, thanks to their online classes, students are able to offer up their solidarity (and showcase their creativity) by writing different messages of encouragement and support.
Abril / April 22, 2020
Orgullosos de vosotros (VI): Rodrigo Escolar
Proud of You (VI): Rodrigo Escolar
Rodrigo graduated from Casvi in 2016/17. Even though he is studying his last year of Aerospace Engineering in USA, he still has many dreams to fulfill. Do you want to know why we are so proud of him?
Abril / April 22, 2020
Diario de clase (XIX): ¡Invadidos por los animales!
Class Diary (XIX): Animal Invasion!
Two-year-old students continue to sharpen their investigative skills with their teachers in the online classes. Currently, they are learning about different aspects of the animal kingdom.
Abril / April 21, 2020
Orgullosos de vosotros (V): Álvaro Fernández
Proud of You (V): Álvaro Fernández
Álvaro graduated from Casvi in 2014/15. Currently, he is studying Physiotherapy and P.E. Do you want to know why we are so proud of him? Take a look!
Abril / April 21, 2020
Diario de clase (XVIII): En la EvAU, ¡a por el 10 en Inglés!
Class Diary (XVIII): Going for Gold in the EvAU
12th graders are studying hard for the Evau thanks to their online classes. Not only are they reviewing grammatical aspects and enhancing their conversation skills in English.
Abril / April 20, 2020
Orgullosos de vosotros (IV): Eva Xia
Proud of Her (IV): Eva Xia
Eva graduated from Casi 2015-2016. After graduation, she went to Manchester (England) to study International Management. Do you want to know why we are proud of her? Take a look!
Abril / April 17, 2020
Diario de clase (XVII): Estimulación de la lecto-escritura en E. Infantil
Class Diary (XVII): Promoting Literacy and Reading Comprehension
Kindergarteners continue to improve their reading and writing skills, thanks to their online classes. They do so by using different resources and materials.
Abril / April 16, 2020
Orgullosos de vosotros (III): Leticia Tejada
Proud of You (III): Leticia Tejada
Leticia graduated from Casvi in 2017-2018. Currently, she is studying hard in hopes of pursuing her dream career: Nursing. Do you want to know why we are so proud of her? Take a look!
Abril / April 16, 2020
Diario de clase (XVI): Creamos nuestro primer comic fotográfico
Class Diary (XVI): Our First Comic Book
As part of a fun activity in art class, 5th graders have investigated different aspects of photography. They had a chance to put their new-found knowledge into practice by creating their very own comic book using different image editing apps.
Abril / April 15, 2020
Orgullosos de vosotros (II): Rodrigo Bailez
Proud of You (II): Rodrigo Bailez
Rodrigo Bailez graduated from Casvi two years ago. He studies Industrial Engineering. Do you want to know why we are so proud of him!
Abril / April 15, 2020
Diario de clase (XV): Nuestra App Matemática para mejorar en cálculo mental
Class Diary (XV): An App to Improve Mental Calculation
6th graders are improving their mental calculation thanks to a Math app designed by Juan Manuel Gómez-Rico, a Chemistry and Physics teacher here at Casvi.
Abril / April 14, 2020
Orgullosos de vosotros (I): Miriam Fournon
We Are Proud of You (I): Miriam Fournon
Miriam was a Casvi alumni until 2014. She is now studying medicine. Do you want to know why we are so proud of her? Take a look!
Abril / April 14, 2020
Diario de clase (XIV): Talleres 'made in' Casvi en Semana Santa
Class Diary (XIV): Easter Workshops
Over the course of Easter vacation, Casvi teachers offered a wide variety of online activities for all educational levels. Students had the opportunity to take part in singing and dance classes, cooking classes...
Abril / April 3, 2020
Diario de clase (XIII): Easter activities at home
Class Diary (XIII): Easter activities at home
This week, we brougth Easter activities to our students at home. Stories, crafts, bunny hats and poems.
Abril / April 2, 2020
Diario de clase (XII): Nuestros alumnos de 1 año experimentan con los alimentos
Class Diary (XII): Experimenting With New Things!
Thanks to parents’ participation and to the online workshops organized by our teachers, kindergarteners had the chance to experiment with food without eating them.
Abril / April 1, 2020
Diario de clase (XI): Preparándonos para la EvAU
Class Diary (XI): Getting Set for the EvAU
Even this lockdown can’t stop our 12th graders from preparing to take the most important exams of their lives. They do so like the rest of the school’s students, that is, through online classes.