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Casvi Villaviciosa Casvi Villaviciosa
Junio / June 29, 2020
Diario de clase (LIX): La superación y el trabajo pueden con todo
Class Diary (LIX): Maximum Effort is the Key to Success
Carolina is the mom of two kindergarteners. The family has had a few difficulties adapting to some of the challenges that have arisen over the past year, partially due to the online classes, as well as not being proficient in the Spanish language.
Junio / June 26, 2020
Diario de clase (LVIII): Obra online de la Escuela de Teatro Casvi
School Diary (LVIII): Online Theater Performance
The “Magic Hat” is the title of the last performance of Casvi’s Drama Club. The play’s preparation and development was carried out online and was a great success, thanks to the pupils and teachers.
Junio / June 24, 2020
Diario de clase (LVII): Científicos desde su primer año de vida
School Diary (LVII): Scientists in Training
From the time they are one year old, our students work on developing critical thinking and acquisition of values, as well as learning through play.
Junio / June 23, 2020
Diario de clase (LVI): Una graduación de fábula
School Diary (LVI): A Fabled Graduation!
Covid-19 has caused Casvi to postpone the traditional graduation ceremony; however, this hasn’t prevented our teachers from sending them off with heartfelt messages in the form of fables.
Junio / June 22, 2020
Diario de clase (LV): Graduación Infantil Online
School Diary (55): Kindergartens’ Online Graduation
After three months of online classes, our kindergarteners also had an online graduation ceremony.
Junio / June 19, 2020
Diario de clase (LIV):Exposición PEP
Class Diary (LIV):PEP Exhibition
It has been their most special day: exhibition of their research project, putting an end to their way through Primary.
Junio / June 18, 2020
Diario de clase (LIII): Yo solo veo oportunidades
Class Diary (LIII): I only see opportunities
Juan Luis Yagüe, CEO of Casvi Schools, talks to us in the following video about what to expect after the confinement, on both an educational and a familiar level. He also tells us about the recent digital transformations.
Junio / June 16, 2020
Diario de clase (LII): Supervivientes en la Isla de Caster
School Diary (LII): Survivors
In their online classes, 3rd graders played “Survivors on Caster Island”. The objective is to become the Top Scholar. This is accomplished by acquiring as many points as possible through careful teamwork, and by vanquishing the challenges.
Junio / June 12, 2020
Diario de clase (LI): Tiempo de aprender a entrevistar en inglés
School Diary (LI): Learning How to Conduct an Interview in English
They put all these newly acquired skills into practice by interviewing their relatives, friends, and even pets. Take a look at the results!
Junio / June 10, 2020
Diario de clase (L): Nuestras instalaciones se están preparando para el regreso
School Diary (L): Our facilities are getting ready for students to come back!
Since the school lockdown due to the Covid-19, nothing has changed for our students. At Casvi, what we do best is providing the best education to your children, both face to face or online.
Junio / June 8, 2020
Diario de clase (XLIX): Pon un collage en tus clases online
Class Diary (XLIX): Being Creative
9th graders have designed a collage in their art classes as their final project. The online classes haven’t prevented them from creating real masterpieces, which were influenced by different avant-guard, artistic movements, like futurism, cubism...
Junio / June 5, 2020
Diario de clase (XLVIII): Periodistas en acción
Class Diary (XLVIII): Journalists in Action
Using the content learned from their online classes about mass media, our 8th graders have become genuine journalists.
Junio / June 4, 2020
Diario de clase (XLVII): La nueva vida de nuestros maestros
Class Diary (XLVII): The New Life of our Teachers
Pedro Guerrero is a science teacher here at Casvi. He has realized that due to the quarantine, his personal and professional life has changed completely. Do you want to know how? Take a look!
Junio / June 2, 2020
Diario de clase (XLVI): Retos Top 20 de E. Física
Class Diary (XLVI): Top 20 P.E. Challenges
High school students have faced 20 different challenges in their online P.E. classes. These activities have helped them work their physical endurance, enhanced their creativity and taught them new skills.
Junio / June 1, 2020
Diario de clase (XLV): La nueva vida de nuestros abuelos
Class Diary (XLV): Our Grandparents’ New Life
Margarita, grandmother of two of Casvi pupils, tells us in this video how the love for her granddaughters has helped her overcome Covid-19. She also explains how the confinement has made her even stronger than before. What an example to be followed!