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Casvi Villaviciosa Casvi Villaviciosa
Septiembre / September 28, 2020
La importancia del certificado de nivel de inglés
The Importance of Obtaining an English Level Certificate
In our school, we fully understand the advantages of obtaining a Cambridge Certificate. Cambridge English exams are much more than a level test. They are considered a turning point in our students’ academic and professional lives.
Septiembre / September 23, 2020
Extraescolares para el próximo curso, ¿cómo elegir?
Which Extracurricular Class to Choose
In this present course, our goal is the same as in previous years but with the logical limitations caused by the situation of ‘fight and prevention’ against the Covid19. Among the options that are ring considered are that of having lessons online.
Septiembre / September 22, 2020
Convocadas las becas y ayudas para alumnos con necesidad específica de apoyo educativo
Scholarships and Grants for Students in Need of Educational Support
The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training is the main organizer of these scholarships and the deadline to apply is September 30th. This is the period that the Casvi students will have to submit their applications.
Septiembre / September 17, 2020
El día más especial -Comuniones en Casvi 2020-
Communions at Casvi
The day children were waiting for has finally arrived. The ceremony was originally scheduled for May, but due to the months of confinement, it was inevitably postponed.
Septiembre / September 15, 2020
Actividades para niños: aprender con música
Activities for Children: Learning with Music
Music has a lot of positive benefits, as it helps children to develop their cognitive, creative, intellectual, and psychological skills. The musical activities are a very attractive resource in Kindergarten, as they improve learning in all areas.
Septiembre / September 4, 2020
Nuestros alumnos, ¡vuelven a clase!
Although we couldn't see it with their masks on, Kindergartners started their first day of school with a big smile. They jumped for joy at the chance to see their friends again, and they made sure to always follow the Covid-19 security protocol.
Septiembre / September 1, 2020
Nos va a tocar hacer alquimia educativa
The educative equation we will have to face
The situation we have been facing in Spain since last March has forced us to adapt to a huge number of changes. This situation is now repeated in what is perceived as the most challenging School Year beginning that we remember.