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News of Basketball Club
Marzo / March 11, 2020
Nuevo pleno de victorias para el CB Casvi
New winning streak for CB Casvi!
There was no truce this weekend for our rivals. None of them knew how to get a victory from their respective league commitments against CB Casvi. They could maintain the top spot in the leaderboard.
Febrero / February 27, 2020
A veces se gana, pero siempre se aprende
Sometimes you win, but you always learn
Our players have learned that in the matches played last weekend by the different teams of the Casvi Basketball Club, which have not always ended in victory, but where they have learned a great lesson to face the upcoming matches.
Febrero / February 19, 2020
Nuestro Alevín, imbatido, ¡a por el Campeonato liguero!
Beginners, unbeaten, on to the League Championship!
Eight matches and eight victories for our kids who, for the moment, have not found a opponent better than them. Thus, it was a good day for them and for the rest of the Casvi Basketball Club teams with the exception of the 1st Autonomica.
Febrero / February 13, 2020
De alumno a árbitro de élite
From Casvi student to Elite Referee
Rafael Serrano lives and breaths CASVI. He was one of our students for six years and during this time he was an active participant in CASVI’s basketball club. Now, he is the father of one of our preschool students.
Febrero / February 13, 2020
Buen jugador, mejor persona
Great Player, Better Person
We are talking about Tyson Pérez, a player trained in the Casvi Basketball Club who has just qualified for Eurobasketball 2021.
Febrero / February 12, 2020
Han ganado todos, ¡otra vez!
They did it again!
Unbeaten for weeks, CB Casvi continues their winning streak. Great job! The weekend´s results are as follow.
Febrero / February 5, 2020
¡En racha!
Winning streak!
CB Casvi teams are carrying on in the path of victory in all their league matches.allowing our teams to be placed in the top positions of their leaderboards. These have been the results of the weekend.
Enero / January 29, 2020
Rivales sin opción ante el CB Casvi
Fort he second consecutive day we achieved victory across the board. Both our senior team, as well as our junior teams, have shown that victory is hard won and requires effort and determination week after week.
Enero / January 24, 2020
100% de victorias para el CB Casvi
100% wins for the CB Casvi
Full of victories this weekend. All the Casvi Basketball Club teams got a win in their league commitments. The ALEVIN´s game was postponed. These are all of the results from the weekend.
Enero / January 15, 2020
Regreso a lo grande del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Big moment for Casvi Basketball Club
Full of victories on this first league day of the year 2020 after the Christmas break. With the exception of the Junior team, they all got victories.
Enero / January 9, 2020
Navidad triunfal para el CB Casvi
Triumphal Christmas for CB Casvi
Our Children's team has brought home two new trophies. The first trophy came after the success in the Getxo Christmas Championship (Vizcaya), and the second winning San Viator Tournament.
Diciembre / December 19, 2019
Infantiles y Alevines del CB Casvi, ¡líderes!
Infantile & Alevin of CB Casvi, leaders!
The Infantile team is the leader at the end of the 1st groups stage after a great victory in Rivas. Also a shout out to the leadership of our youth ones (Alevin), that beat Andel School.
Diciembre / December 4, 2019
Liderato para el 1ª Autonómica
1st place for the Regional Division this weekend
Good news for the Casvi Basketball Club. And above all, the leadership gained the weekend for the team of 1st for the Regional Division. These were the results of the weekend.
Noviembre / November 27, 2019
La ilusión vence a los resultados
The hope for the future outweighs the results
Whether they achieve independent of the team´s victory or defeat, we cannot stop valuing each and every one of the Casvi Basketball Club teams and the enthusiasm with which they face each of their league commitments.
Noviembre / November 20, 2019
Cuatro de cinco
Four out of five
The Casvi Basketball Club has won 4 out of their 5 competitions this weekend. Also we saw the debut of our Mixed Infantile team in competition. These are all of the results from the weekend.
Noviembre / November 13, 2019
Gran victoria del CB Casvi ante el Movistar Estudiantes
Great victory against Movistar Estudiantes
It was a great win against one of the best Spanish Madrid basketball teams, and it raises our Infantil team to share first in a very balanced league. These are all of the results from the weekend.
Octubre / October 30, 2019
Gran victoria entre vecinos
Great victory among neighbors
Exciting duel between the Casvi Basketball Club and the CB Móstoles that was decided at the end of the match, with a decisive score of our ex student Álvaro Godino. But there were more results this weekend.
Octubre / October 24, 2019
Líderes en categoría infantil
Leaders in Infantile's category
We shared leadership responsibilities with Movistar Estudiantes and Torrejón Basketball which left our boys of the Casvi Basketball Club in a great place. They have taught us that with effort and hard work, anything can be achieved.
Octubre / October 16, 2019
Mal inicio de liga para el Autonómica del CB Casvi
Tough league start for the CB Casvi (Autonómica)
Derrota en el debut de nuestro Autonómica contra un experto rival. A pesar de ir arriba en el descanso, el mal inicio del tercer cuarto se convirtió en un lastre insalvable.
Octubre / October 8, 2019
Una semana más, pleno de victorias
Full of victories one more week
For the second consecutive week, the two Casvi Basketball teams have achieved a victory in their corresponding league commitments.
Octubre / October 1, 2019
Trabajo + ilusión = victoria
Hard work + illusion = victory
After the defeats gained on the first day of the league, our children of the Infant and the Junior "have done their homework" and they have achieved excellent results in their weekend commitments with two very tough victories.
Septiembre / September 25, 2019
Mucho por mejorar
Much to improve
We have to continue to train hard. This is what the players of the two Casvi Basketball teams have to do now. They have started this season and they received their first defeats this weekend.
Julio / July 2, 2019
Nuestro Junior, campeón en el Torneo de Baloncesto en Parthenay
Our Junior Basketball team Tournament champion in Parthenay
Our Casvi Basketball Club players traveled France to take part in this championship in which they played against five French teams: Les Herbs, Pornichet, Sud Yon, P2b and Poitiers.
Junio / June 18, 2019
¡Convocado por la selección madrileña!
Called up by the National Team!
Casvi Basketball Club is on a winning streak! One of its players, Arturo Prieto, who is also a 7th grader at Casvi, has just been called up to play in the infantile category by the national team of Madrid. Congratulations!
Junio / June 17, 2019
Trofeo como subcampeones para los Infantiles del CB Casvi
Trophy as runners-up for Casvi BC players
New triumph for our Casvi Basketball Club Youth team. Our Infantile team played the last season in DEUCO League and achieved a deserved second position.
Junio / June 10, 2019
Los Cadetes del CB Casvi en el Top 3 de baloncesto madrileño
Casvi BC cadets Top 3 at Madrid basketball ranking
Final bronze for our cadet team in Preference League at their last victory in the final phase held in Alcalá de Henares. Result that leads them to be third in Madrid and promote to Group 3.
Junio / June 6, 2019
Broche de oro para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Grand finale given by Club Baloncesto Casvi
The crown jewel was achieved by our Junior and Preinfantil teams, with a couple of epic victories in their last matches of a season which, for both teams, has been excellent.
Mayo / May 30, 2019
¿Quieres jugar con nosotros?
Do You Want to Join Casvi’s Basketball Team?
Casvi’ Basketball Club is already preparing next season. If you want to play in any of its teams, take heed of the following trial dates.
Mayo / May 29, 2019
El Club Baloncesto Casvi “se come” al Estudiantes
Club Baloncesto CASVI “eats up” Estudiantes
And our team did it in their first match in 1ª Autonómica, and when it seemed to be even more difficult with only five players left. Good Job!!. Those were all the results for the Casvi Basketball Club.
Mayo / May 22, 2019
Épica sin premio
Prizeless epic
It couldn’t be. The victory of Preinfantil team of CB Casvi by five points wasn’t enough to pass the qualifying round. We weren’t lucky either in the confrontations of our Cadete and 1ª Autonómica teams.
Mayo / May 16, 2019
Los cadetes del Club Baloncesto Casvi ¡a semifinales!
C.B. CASVI Cadete Team got to semifinals!
Excellent match day for them, but for our Junior team too, which continues unbeaten in the last phase of the season. All added up with a new victory of our Alevin Team. Our youngbloods always doing their best!
Mayo / May 7, 2019
Adiós a Liga EBA 11 años después
Farewell to EBA League after 11 seasons
Very proud of our team despite of the last defeat against Globalcaja Quintanar in our last game this season. CB Casvi started leading the score the first quarter but the high out-of-the-paint scoring of our rival decided the result of the match.
Abril / April 30, 2019
Cal y arena
The bitter with the sweet
There had been every kind of results last weekend for our Club Baloncesto Casvi. Victories and defeats with something in common: the common effort of every single player. Those were all the results for the Casvi Basketball Club
Abril / April 10, 2019
Primera victoria a domicilio de nuestro EBA
First Home victory of our EBA team
Well-deserved victory in a great cooperative game of every player in our Club Baloncesto Casvi team. Victories too for our cadete, preinfantil and infantil teams. A great match day in which those were all the results for the Casvi Basketball Club.
Abril / April 2, 2019
Los más pequeños del CB Casvi disputan su primera competición
Our youngest players at CB Casvi playing their first competition
Friendly triangular tournament between the Prebenjamines teams of Casvi Boadilla, Liceo Sorolla and Casvi Villaviciosa. Its main objective, to encourage the practice of the game of basketball, within the healthy habits and transmission of values.
Marzo / March 27, 2019
Presumiendo de cantera
Showing off our youngbloods
We cannot do anything else if we take into account the extraordinary season that our Infantil and Preinfantil teams are doing, refusing to give up the leadership of their own divisions.
Marzo / March 21, 2019
A punto de la épica
One step away from epic
Our Liga EBA team was very close to get a decisive victory against the second team in the League classification, and we are talking about Real Madrid. We weren’t lucky enough at the end.
Marzo / March 14, 2019
Invictos desde octubre
Undefeated since last October
This is the presentation card of the Preinfantiles of our Casvi Basketball Club, which makes them retain the leadership of their group. Exactly the same situation for our Junior team, which has achieved another victory to their unbelievable season.
Marzo / March 6, 2019
No hay tropiezos para la cantera del CB Casvi
No setbacks for CB CASVI youngbloods
Both teams, cadete and junior, won their respective matches, allowing them to continue as leaders in their divisions. On the other hand, our EBA team had a double shift last weekend, and both matches ended in defeat.
Febrero / February 26, 2019
El momento más dulce de nuestro Preinfantil
Our Preinfantil team at their best!
Leader and unbeaten. Thats how our younbloods team is presented, in their best game momentum of the season. Those are all the results from the last match day for the Casvi Basketball Club.
Febrero / February 20, 2019
Pequeños en edad, pero grandes en resultados
Young, but great in results
Great match of our EBA team that wasn’t enough to beat the leader of the division. Meanwhile, our Cadete, Preinfantiles ans Alevines teams won easily their own matches. Those are all the results from the last match day.
Febrero / February 13, 2019
Nuestra cantera, suma y sigue
Our youngbloods keep scoring
Our Junior, Cadete and Infantil teams continue their unbeaten path, reinforcing their position as leaders after a new victory this weekend. Those are all the results from the last match day.
Febrero / February 6, 2019
Giant Slayers!
That’s the way we could define our EBA team, and our Cadete Team too, that continues with its victory strike of 8 matches in a row. Those are all the results from the last match day.
Enero / January 29, 2019
¡Y van siete!
Seven in a row!
Our Infaltil Team keeps on unstopable. Unbeaten up to date, despite of the absence of several players due to illnesses. Our Junior, Preinfantile and Cadete teams appear unrivaled too, while they continue with the winning strike.
Enero / January 23, 2019
Liderato de nuestra cantera
Young blood leadership!
Our Junior, Cadete, Infantil and Preinfantiles teams are standing on top of the qualifications of their own division. Great job and superb results too on the last match day that are summarized below.
Enero / January 16, 2019
This is how our PreInfantil Team of Casvi Basketball Club is presented, as it continues unbeaten this season. Those are all the results from the last match day.
Diciembre / December 17, 2018
Cinco de seis
Five out of six
Great weekend for our players. All the games turned out to be victories except for the one played by BC Casvi in ​​EBA League. These were the results.
Diciembre / December 4, 2018
That's it, amazing weekend for the different teams of Casvi Basketball Club. While the EBA and 1st Autonomic lost their respective derbies, our Junior, Cadet, Preinfantile and Infantile teams achieved victories.
Noviembre / November 26, 2018
Unos ganan, otros aprenden
Some players win, others learn
Playing in our Basketball Club is a lot more than competing. It is learning a series of values ​​such as companionship or teamwork, which is what makes them great players. Some of them won, others lost last weekend.
Noviembre / November 19, 2018
El CB Casvi cae ante Real Madrid en Liga EBA
Casvi BC falls against Real Madrid in EBA League
It was not possible. The defeat was overwhelming but our Basketball Club knows how to recover after falling, and with resilience, they will get back to work hard for a victory.There were more results last weekend.
Noviembre / November 12, 2018
Derroche de pundonor en el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Genuine display of honor at Casvi Basketball Club
Great weekend for Casvi BC teams. Mos if them victories as well as defeats, after a great display of determination and effort from them all. These are the results.
Octubre / October 30, 2018
Gran arranque de la cantera del CB Casvi
Great start for Casvi Basketball Club Reserve Team
The season began with an overwhelming victory for our beginners. The same happened to our Cadets achieving two consecutive victories. Our Juniors still unbeaten after five fixtures.
Octubre / October 23, 2018
… Y van cuatro
...And four more
These are the consecutive victories of our Junior team of Casvi Basketball Club that continues to be intractable, and of course, the only leader in the classification without a single defeat. The rest of the teams were not that lucky.
Octubre / October 15, 2018
Primera victoria para el Club Baloncesto Casvi de Liga EBA
First victory for Casvi Basketball Club EBA League
t took a while but they managed to succeed. It was, without a doubt, the best match this season. More than five players upgraded two digits in valuation.
Octubre / October 8, 2018
Líderes e imbatidos
Leaders and unbeaten
Our Junior team at Casvi Basketball Club on a winning streak. No defeat so far and three consecutive victories placing them as leaders in the classification. These are the results of last weekend.
Octubre / October 2, 2018
Derroche anotador para los Junior del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Superb scoring for our Juniors of Casvi Basketball Club.
Such circumstance enabled them to achieve their second victory this season, which places them as leaders in classification. But there were more league games last weekend for Casvi BC, although not with such good results.
Septiembre / September 27, 2018
Primer partido en EBA de la temporada para el CB Casvi
First encounter this season for EBA Casvi Basketball Club.
Exciting game, face to face decided at the very end of the match (Eurocolegio Casvi 61-64 Estudiantes). Our debut this season, in an official match in EBA category, and in Spain. In short, a vibrant match where defense overcame attack.
Agosto / August 28, 2018
Primer partido de la temporada para el CB Casvi
First match in the new season for BC Casvi
Victorious Premiere of a renewed Casvi against Minnesota BC, who were taken by surprise surprised with our superb outside shot. The final result denotes the leading team. EUROCOLEGIO CASVI 96-74 GUSTAVUS BASKETBALL.
Junio / June 25, 2018
Primeros días de Alfonso Ortiz en la selección española
First days of Alfonso Ortiz in the Spanish National Team
It is undoubtedly the best experience for Alfonso Ortiz, Casvi BC player, since he became a basketball player. And it is now been a week since he began his call with the Spanish basketball team U-20.
Junio / June 19, 2018
Alfonso Ortiz, a la selección española
Alfonso Ortiz, in the Spanish National Team
Alfonso, Casvi BC player in Eba League, as well as former student of Casvi Boadilla, is living one of the best moments in his career. He has been called up by the Spanish U-20 team where he will play the European Championship in July.
Junio / June 13, 2018
¿Quieres formar parte del Club Baloncesto Casvi?
Would you like to join Casvi Basketball Club?
If that is your dream for next season, you should know that the dates for selection tests are the following.
Junio / June 13, 2018
El Alevín del CB Casvi logra la gesta
Casvi BC beginners achieve the feat
The aim was to snatch the third final position to Majadahonda through defeat. And so it did with their best game in the season, in which all the players showed their evolution and a high level of commitment.
Junio / June 12, 2018
Entrega de trofeos para nuestros campeones del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Delivery of trophies for our champions of Casvi Basketball Club
Although it was already official, last weekend, all the trophies were awarded to the best teams in the League of Alcorcón. And again, two of our teams were at the top.
Junio / June 7, 2018
Todo o nada para los Alevines del CB Casvi
All or nothing for our Alevines CB Casvi
Not a good game for our beginners during Madrid Basketball Federation competition. However, the final draw was not so bad: SALESIANS SOTO PIRATAS 54-EUROCOLEGIO CASVI 54.
Mayo / May 28, 2018
Una de cal y otra de arena para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Ups and downs for Casvi Basketball Club
While the Young Preferential category obtained a victory, the 1st Autonomic category, second team of Casvi Basketball Club still competing, could not end the season with a victory, even though they did their best.
Mayo / May 24, 2018
Fin de semana intenso para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Intense weekend for Casvi Basketball Club
Only our Juniors won this weekend while our Cadet category had a happy ending as well. The league ended fulfilling the objective of keeping the category. These were the results.
Mayo / May 16, 2018
Lección de pundonor de los Cadetes del CB Casvi
Self-love lesson for Casvi BC cadet category
Our Casvi BC cadet category is currently living a great final stretch. Thanks to their second consecutive victory, it is up to them to keep the Preferential category. The rest of last weekend’s results were not that good.
Mayo / May 9, 2018
Medalla de bronce para nuestros Infantiles del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Bronze Medal for our children of Casvi’s Basketball Club
Great victory facing Villaeuropa team. Providing a final touch to the great effort made during the whole season. However, the result of our EBA team was not that good.
Mayo / May 4, 2018
El mejor baloncesto de cantera a partir de hoy en Casvi
The best reserve of young basketball players from today at Casvi
At 6 PM this afternoon, at our Casvi’s sports pavillion,a big basketball date for the Community of Madrid. LAST STAGE OF YOUNG PREFERENTIAL MASCULINE CADETS CATEGORY.
Abril / April 24, 2018
¡Campeones de Liga!
League Champions!
It's official. After the last victory for our Beginners of Casvi Basketball Club last weekend, we can already celebrate as champions of Alcorcón League. What’s more, undefeated!There were more results in the other categories.
Abril / April 18, 2018
El Alevín del C.B. Casvi, invicto y a punto de lograr el título de liga
Casvi Beginners Basketball Club invictus and on the verge of achieving the league title
Successful game of our children in competition last weekend, winning the match by 50 points. Other results from the rest of the teams are...
Abril / April 9, 2018
Un gran partido del Club Baloncesto Casvi
A great match of Casvi Basketball Club
Prestigious victory against a powerful Nautico de Tenerife, subsidiary from the Canary Islands ACB, consolidated by Mike’s defensive work, together with Deji and Alfonso’s offensive contribution.
Marzo / March 20, 2018
Gran triunfo del Club Baloncesto Casvi ante el Estudiantes
Great victory of Casvi Basketball Club against Estudiantes
It was a very important match for our EBA aiming to stay in the category. And the truth is that it met all expectations. These are all the results of the last match day.
Marzo / March 14, 2018
Una de cal y otra de arena para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Blowing hot and cold at the same time for Casvi Basketball Club
That is what our EBA players are getting us used to. After the great game of the previous day, we were surprised in the latter with a bad game that places us in twelfth position.
Marzo / March 6, 2018
Nuestros Alevines dan un paso más hacia el triunfo liguero
Our Beginners take a step towards victory league
Our children of Casvi Basketball Club continue unbeaten, and up to last weekend eight consecutive victories achieved.
Febrero / February 27, 2018
Gran victoria de nuestro Junior ante el líder de la categoría
Great victory of our Junior against the leader in category
Alcorcón Basket 'B' was unbeaten until last weekend. An extraordinary winning streak that broke thanks to the great encounter of Casvi Basketball Club.
Febrero / February 19, 2018
Dos y dos para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Two and two for the Casvi Basketball Club
Two victories won by our CB Casvi, in EBA and Junior category, as well as two defeats in the 1st Autonomic and Cadet.
Febrero / February 12, 2018
Nuestros alevines en lo más alto
Our beginners on top
Our players continue to be unrivalled, both Federated Beginners and those who play in Alcorcón League, at the top of their respective classifications. Our Junior and Infantile teams also put a brave face on it during such good game.
Febrero / February 6, 2018
Partidazo del Club Baloncesto Casvi en Liga EBA
Fantastic game of our Basketball Club Casvi in EBA League
Important victory against a direct rival in a match in which our player Alfonso Ortiz stood out, MVP during this match- 34 score rate.
Enero / January 30, 2018
Matrícula para los Alevines del CB Casvi
Honors for our Beginners Casvi BC
Superb match of our players from the reserve team, in which we achieved an overwhelming victory by 50 points up.
Enero / January 23, 2018
El Club Baloncesto Casvi se reencuentra con la victoria
Casvi Basketball Club achieves victory agai
Great weekend for our teams. Above all, for the EBA League with an important and soothing victory against a direct rival in the competition, against which, we also achieved an advantage in average.
Enero / January 15, 2018
Nuestro Junior da el DO de pecho
Our Junior did their very best
They could not have done it any better. After their best game this season, they are placed as leaders of their category.
Diciembre / December 19, 2017
Luces y sombras para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Lights and shadows for Casvi Basketball Club
While our reserve teams continue bringing us great joy, our EBA team continues an irregular period.
Diciembre / December 5, 2017
Gran esfuerzo sin premio
A great effort with no reward
Only two of our teams achieved victory this weekend. The effort of others did not end in victory.
Noviembre / November 27, 2017
Las lesiones marcan el derbi entre Real Madrid y CB Casvi
The injuries mark the derby between Real Madrid and CB Casvi
It could not be and the absence of three of his players tipped the balance towards the side of Real Madrid. In the rest of the encounters, we must highlight the victories of our Junior, 1st Autonomic, Infant and Beginners Federated teams.
Noviembre / November 21, 2017
La cantera del CB Casvi entra en juego
The reserve team of CB Casvi comes into play
All the entire teams of the Casvi Basketball Club have already entered the competition. The Beginner and Infant have done it, in addition, with respective victories.
Noviembre / November 13, 2017
Segunda victoria en EBA para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Noviembre / November 6, 2017
El Alevín del CB Casvi se coloca 2º en la clasificación
Octubre / October 30, 2017
Llegó lo inevitable para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
No podía ser de otra manera. Trabajando tan bien como lo estaban haciendo tarde o temprano tenía que llegar la primera victoria en Liga EBA. Triunfo que llegó este domingo ante el Liceo Francés.
Octubre / October 23, 2017
Continúa sin suerte el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Casvi Basketball Club continues with its bad luck
Another Weekend and another defeat for our CB Casvi, but this is not an excuse for our players to demonstrate their talent and the quality of their team. The victories will arrive soon.
Octubre / October 16, 2017
Lucha hasta el final
Fight until the end
Our basketball team suffers another defeat during EBA league this weekend, although, there was a good attitude among the players and give their best during the game.
Octubre / October 10, 2017
Tercera jornada para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Third round for the Casvi Basketball Club
This wasn’t a good weekend for CB Casvi Basketball Team. All the matches are counted by defeat, eventhough all team members putted all their effort to avoid it.
Octubre / October 2, 2017
Segunda jornada de liga para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Septiembre / September 25, 2017
Primera jornada de liga para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Septiembre / September 19, 2017
El C.B Casvi subcampeón del Torneo de Liga EBA
C.B. Casvi is the runner-up of the IX League EBA Championship.
The Basketball Casvi Club was the runner-up of the IX League EBA Championship facing the Movistar Estudiantes.
Septiembre / September 15, 2017
El C.B. Casvi se clasifica para la final
C.B. Casvi wins a place in the final
The Basketball Casvi Club wins a place in the final, even if it lost before the Liceo Francés for 4 points (76-80).
Septiembre / September 13, 2017
El C.B. Casvi impresiona en su debut
C.B. Casvi impresses in his debut.
The Basketball Casvi Club, demolished the competition facing the Estudio team and ending with 94-75 in the scoreboard. In such a way that our team has a foot in the final of next Sunday.
Septiembre / September 11, 2017
Arranca en Casvi el IX Torneo Liga EBA
IX League EBA Championship has begun!
The sports pavillion of one of the centers of Casvi Schools Group, will be the host, till next Sunday, of the prestigious League EBA IX Championship.
Agosto / August 31, 2017
La Copa de EBA se jugará en Casvi
EBA CUP will be held at CASVI
Amazing news for our School! After an agreement made with the Federación Madrileña de Baloncesto, the championship for the IX EBA CUP will be held at home.
Agosto / August 30, 2017
Toda una promesa de 2,02 metros para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
An aspiring youth of 2,02 m. for the Basketball Casvi Club
This is the height of the new athlete who has signed for the season 2017-2018. Fernando Revilla Val, with just sixteen years old, will balance the CB CASVI in the junior category
Julio / July 21, 2017
La forja de un nuevo equipo en el C. B. Casvi
Junio / June 13, 2017
La cantera del CB Casvi en el Top 3 de la Liga de Alcorcón
Junio / June 9, 2017
Los Casvi de Villaviciosa y Boadilla unidos por el baloncesto
Junio / June 5, 2017
Pasos a seguir para triunfar en el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Mayo / May 30, 2017
El Alevín Federado del CB Casvi concluye invicto y campeón
Mayo / May 22, 2017
A punto de la gesta
Mayo / May 19, 2017
Arranca hoy la Fase de Ascenso a LEB Plata
Mayo / May 15, 2017
El Club Baloncesto Casvi os necesita
Mayo / May 8, 2017
Campeones de Liga
Mayo / May 3, 2017
Increíble gesta la lograda por el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Abril / April 25, 2017
A un paso de jugar la Liga de Ascenso a LEB Plata
Abril / April 4, 2017
Hazaña del Club Baloncesto Casvi: ya somos líderes en EBA
Marzo / March 27, 2017
La cantera del CB Casvi en alza: el Infantil y el Alevín Federado líderes
Marzo / March 21, 2017
Suma y sigue...Y ya son once
Marzo / March 13, 2017
...Y ya van diez....
Marzo / March 9, 2017
Imparable el Club Baloncesto Casvi en Liga EBA
Marzo / March 1, 2017
Octava victoria consecutiva para el CB Casvi en una temporada de ensueño en Liga EBA
Febrero / February 21, 2017
Nuevo triunfo del CB Casvi y ya son quince en total
Febrero / February 13, 2017
Nos consolidamos segundos en la clasificación de Liga EBA
Febrero / February 9, 2017
El Club Baloncesto Casvi protagonista en 10 Radio
Febrero / February 7, 2017
Palizón del Club Baloncesto Casvi en Liga EBA
Enero / January 31, 2017
Nueva gesta para el matagigantes C.B. Casvi en Liga EBA
Enero / January 26, 2017
Pleno de victorias para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Enero / January 17, 2017
El Club Baloncesto Casvi, el matagigantes de Liga EBA
Enero / January 9, 2017
Gran victoria del Club Baloncesto Casvi ante el Real Madrid
Diciembre / December 20, 2016
Gran fin de semana para la cantera del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Diciembre / December 5, 2016
Continúa el liderato para nuestro equipo Infantil del C.B. Casvi
Noviembre / November 28, 2016
Ya somos segundos en Liga Eba
Noviembre / November 22, 2016
Nuevo paso de gigante en EBA para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Noviembre / November 14, 2016
Matrícula para el C.B. Casvi en su mejor partido de la temporada en EBA
Noviembre / November 9, 2016
Triplete de victorias para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Octubre / October 25, 2016
Nuestros Junior se consolidan como líderes de su categoría
Octubre / October 21, 2016
A por un fin de semana de buen baloncesto para el C.B. Casvi
Octubre / October 10, 2016
Los mayores del C.B. Casvi recuperan los galones
Octubre / October 4, 2016
Los Junior del C.B. Casvi salvan los muebles de los mayores
Septiembre / September 27, 2016
Pleno de victorias para el C.B. Casvi en su primera jornada de liga
Septiembre / September 23, 2016
Comienza la liga para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Septiembre / September 20, 2016
El C.B. Casvi subcampeón del VIII Torneo Liga EBA
Junio / June 15, 2016
Vídeo homenaje a 25 años de historia del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Junio / June 8, 2016
Nuevas pruebas de selección para nuestro equipo de baloncesto
Mayo / May 30, 2016
¡Gracias chicos! Vuestro esfuerzo nos mantendrá un año más en Liga EBA
Mayo / May 27, 2016
El CB Casvi a por todas en la Final Four de Primera Nacional
Mayo / May 13, 2016
La esperanza es lo último que se pierde
Abril / April 27, 2016
Nuestro Nacional vence y sigue soñando con el ascenso a EBA
Abril / April 21, 2016
Campeones de Liga por partida doble
Abril / April 14, 2016
Continúa el trabajo intenso para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Abril / April 8, 2016
Nueva jornada de gran baloncesto en Casvi
Abril / April 1, 2016
Próxima jornada para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Marzo / March 3, 2016
Hoy, emocionante partido en Liga EBA del CB Casvi y Estudiantes
Febrero / February 26, 2016
Próxima jornada para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Febrero / February 23, 2016
Resultados de la última jornada para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Febrero / February 19, 2016
Fin de semana de pasión por el baloncesto
Febrero / February 17, 2016
Resultados última jornada del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Febrero / February 12, 2016
Fin de semana de emoción y buen baloncesto
Febrero / February 10, 2016
Resultados última jornada del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Febrero / February 3, 2016
Resultados última jornada del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Enero / January 28, 2016
Gran partido hoy del Club Baloncesto Casvi ante el Canoe
Enero / January 23, 2016
Próxima jornada para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Enero / January 19, 2016
Más lágrimas que sonrisas para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Enero / January 14, 2016
Resultados de la última jornada para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Diciembre / December 18, 2015
Enfrentamientos del fin de semana para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Diciembre / December 17, 2015
Resultados de la última jornada para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Diciembre / December 1, 2015
Emocionante triunfo en Liga EBA del CB Casvi ante el Real Madrid
Noviembre / November 28, 2015
CB Casvi Vs Real Madrid, duelo por todo lo alto en EBA
Noviembre / November 24, 2015
Resultados de la última jornada para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Noviembre / November 20, 2015
Enfrentamientos del fin de semana para el CB Casvi
Noviembre / November 18, 2015
Resultados de la última jornada para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Noviembre / November 13, 2015
Próxima jornada para el C.B. Casvi
Noviembre / November 11, 2015
Resultados de la última jornada para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Noviembre / November 6, 2015
Mañana, primer derbi de la temporada en EBA para el CB Casvi
Octubre / October 28, 2015
Suerte dispar en una nueva jornada de baloncesto para el CB Casvi
Octubre / October 22, 2015
Buen arranque de la temporada para el CB Casvi
Agosto / August 21, 2015
El CB Casvi calienta motores
Junio / June 10, 2015
Éxito de las Escuelas Deportivas Casvi
Junio / June 9, 2015
Infantil Masculino
Junio / June 8, 2015
El Alevín Mixto del CB Casvi subcampeones de Liga
Junio / June 2, 2015
 Pruebas de selección de Baloncesto - Temporada 2015-2016
Junio / June 1, 2015
Infantil Femenino
Mayo / May 26, 2015
Mayo / May 19, 2015
Mayo / May 11, 2015
¡Otro año más en Liga EBA!
Mayo / May 11, 2015
Mayo / May 9, 2015
Este sábado, el CB Casvi necesita de todo vuestro apoyo
Mayo / May 4, 2015
Abril / April 27, 2015
Abril / April 20, 2015
1ª Nacional
Marzo / March 6, 2015
 Eurocolegio Casvi
Octubre / October 10, 2014
CB Casvi-Real Madrid, primer partido de la temporada en Liga EBA
Septiembre / September 30, 2014
La élite del baloncesto madrileño en Casvi