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News of International Baccalaureate
Noviembre / November 18, 2020
Juegos para aprender Matemáticas
Games for using play to learn mathematics
In 10th grade, students reviewed operations with radicals by playing a very special game of bingo. It was designed especially for the occasion by our Math teacher, José Manuel Baena and followed the International Baccalaureate methodology.
Noviembre / November 17, 2020
Cómo acceder a la Universidad
University Entry Exams
DP students who wish to study in Technical Universities or Colleges, are not obliged to do the Spanish university entrance exams. A conversion formula would be used to obtain their final mark.
Noviembre / November 5, 2020
¿Qué Bachillerato elegir?
Which Baccalaureate to choose?
After completing 10th grade, students of the International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi can study either the national baccalaureate or the diploma programme (IB). They will do so based on their maturity, skills, commitment and study habits.
Noviembre / November 4, 2020
¿Comemos lo que debemos?
Do we eat what we should?
3rd graders became scientists for a day by visiting the lab in order to learn more about different types of fats and how to identify unhealthy foods.
Octubre / October 13, 2020
¿Qué ofrece un Colegio Privado Internacional?
What does an International Private School have to offer?
As parents, we have the responsibility to offer our children the best education. A quality education that meets the needs of the globalized, changing and dynamic world in which we develop as individuals.
Octubre / October 6, 2020
¿Qué es el Bachillerato Internacional?
What is the International Baccalaureate?
The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is more than its educational programmes and certificates. At our heart we are motivated by a mission to create a better world through education.
Marzo / March 5, 2020
Su sueño es…
His Dream is...
Álvaro Zamarro is a 12th grader studying Baccalaureate at our school. He has been at Casvi since he was 3 years old. He loves watching videos, specifically those which deal with scientific dissemination. He reveals his dream to us in this video.
Marzo / March 4, 2020
Mi proyecto personal
My Personal Project
10th graders have been working on their personal projects (e.g. books, blogs, videogames, models) since the beginning of the course, which they handed in last week. This allowed them to showcase the skills they have acquired during the MYP stage.
Febrero / February 27, 2020
Otra forma de aprender Física
A New Way of Learning Physics
Our 10th graders worked on the principle of the conservation of mechanical energy through an original but well-known context, which they will put into practice in their upcoming field trip to Madrid’s Amusement Park.
Febrero / February 24, 2020
Mancharse tiene sus ventajas
Broadening Horizons
These types of initiatives help students to observe, explore and experiment; skills which are necessary to learn in a fun way.
Febrero / February 4, 2020
Pequeños grandes coaches
Mini Coaches
During the past weeks, our 9th graders have been taken over as coaches of Casvi ́s youngest students. They have been teaching kindergarteners how to play checkers. It is an activity included within the Creativity, and Service project (CAS).
Febrero / February 3, 2020
Nuestros profesores se convierten, de nuevo, en alumnos
Back to Being Students
As part of Casvi's training program, our PEP teachers (kindergarten and primary education) attended a two-session workshop aimed at adapting the school's methodology to the most recent IB updates.
Enero / January 29, 2020
Así aprendemos Geometría y Trigonometría de una forma divertida
Learning Geometry and Trigonometry in a Fun Way
Thanks to an interdisciplinary activity carried out between the subjects of Maths and Chemestry, 10th graders are learning in a fun and engaging way contents of both subjects in order to apply them to a specific context.
Enero / January 27, 2020
Vídeo.- Todo un ejemplo para nuestros alumnos
Video.- An Example to Follow
Casvi alumni came back to their second home to talk about how their professional and academic lives have turned out after graduating from school.
Diciembre / December 16, 2019
Indagando de excursión en 3º E. Primaria
What a field trip!
Last week, 3rd graders had the opportunity to go on two different field trips. First, they headed to Torrejón de Ardoz, where they visited Parque Europa.
Diciembre / December 16, 2019
Los alumnos de 2º E. Primaria se marchan de compras
2nd Graders Go on a Shopping Spree
The 2nd graders headed to a shopping mall near the school.8th graders helped them with the development of the task as part of the Social Action Project within the MYP (IB).
Diciembre / December 13, 2019
Alumnos del Programa Diploma, de Intercambio cultural con Grecia
Cultural Exchange
IB Students from Geitonas School, located in Athens, paid a visit to CASVI. For one whole morning they exchanged their experiences and shared their views on different topics with Casvi students.
Diciembre / December 12, 2019
Inteligencia emocional desde 1 año
Emotional Intelligence
What am I? What do I feel? Answering these questions from an early age will help kids not only to express their feelings better, but will also help them to be able to manage in different situations when in contact with others.
Diciembre / December 11, 2019
Alumnos internacionales en Casvi
Promoting a Global Mindset
Many of the students studying at Casvi have been born abroad and they have come to Casvi.What is that they love most about Spain? About our school?We talked to them and received some interesting as well as surprising answers.
Noviembre / November 22, 2019
¡Qué bonito es mi colegio!
How beautiful is my school!
Apart from being the title of the unit of inquiry in which they were immersed, probably this is also what our students of 2nd grade of Preschool thought while visiting the different buildings of our school to experience what is done in each of them.
Noviembre / November 15, 2019
Profesores de toda España se forman en Casvi
Teachers from all over Spain trained at Casvi
Our school has been in charge of organizing a series of workshops on methodology of the International Baccalaureate. Workshops offered by the Association of International Baccalaureate Centers of Spain (ACBIE).
Noviembre / November 11, 2019
Yincanas como Proyecto de Acción Social en 2º ESO
Scavenger Hunts as a Social Action Project
Our students, thanks to the Diploma activity included within the Creativity, Activity and Service project (CAS), were able to put their skills and acquired knowledge to good use by carrying out projects that have a positive and beneficial effect.
Noviembre / November 8, 2019
Lapbooks para aprender biología en inglés
Lapbooks to Learn Biology in English
A lapbook is a hands-on, creatively designed portfolio that allows students to organize their learning into a small, keepsake “book”. It is a very engaging tool that motivates them to learn. And this is precisely what 2nd graders did.
Noviembre / November 6, 2019
Nuestros papás nos ayudan a indagar
Parents Also Help Students Inquire About Their Surroundings
Our students use numerous resources to complete their investigations, including parental assistance. In fact, it is common to see them in the classrooms giving talks to help pupils complete their tasks.
Octubre / October 25, 2019
Dulces a cambio de juguetes
Sweets in Exchange for Toys
As part of an activity included within the Creativity, Activity and Service project (CAS), a group of 8th grade girls came up with the idea to make and exchange homemade sweets in return for toys, which will be given to NGO.
Octubre / October 21, 2019
¡Qué divertido es aprender!
Learning is Fun
Our two-year-old students discover what surrounds them in a fun way. They do so by using different techniques and materials which help them develop their creativity, self-esteem and enthusiasm.
Octubre / October 18, 2019
Eurocolegio Casvi se tiñe hoy de rosa
Today, Eurocolegio Casvi turns pink for breast cancer awareness
Thanks to the breast cancer awareness campaign carried out by a group of students from the first year of Diploma Programme (IB) Casvi turns pink. Since early morning, they were distributing more than 800 pink bows.
Octubre / October 17, 2019
“Rincones de trabajo” para indagar sobre “Tu cuerpo y el mío”
Displaying our Work
1st graders last unit of inquiry, titled ‘Your Body and Mine’, allowed them find answers to the question ‘Who are we?’. It also helped them have a better understanding of the concepts function, perspective and shape.
Octubre / October 16, 2019
¡Mucho más que una excursión!
More than a Field Trip!
All our students, regardless of their educational stage, are already working on their Units of Inquiry. One way for them to put into practice what they learn in class is by going on field trips.
Octubre / October 2, 2019
El esfuerzo siempre tiene recompensa
Hard Work is Always Rewarded
Every single 11th grader received the Diploma for having successfully passed last year’s Personal Project. It is a capstone (end-of-program) assignment undertaken by 10th graders that indicates the completion of the Middle Years Program (MYP).
Junio / June 26, 2019
Nuestros alumnos de 6º exponen su proyecto final PEP
Our 6th grade students display their final PYP Project
Great teamwork which reflects attributes such as: bold or reflective, as well as communication and social skills, which they have developed throughout the PYP Programme.
Junio / June 18, 2019
Y ahora...¡al laboratorio!
Now, let's go to the lab!
Our preschoolers took a trip to the lab to carry out a scientific procedure, filled with emotions, as experimentation will be the base of their learning process during their entire educational stage.
Junio / June 14, 2019
Pequeños cirujanos
Young Pathologists
During this week, and thanks to the Biology teacher, 7th graders got first-hand experience of what the inside of an animal looks like by carrying out a dissection.
Junio / June 11, 2019
Un proyecto muy personal
A Very Personal Project
Our 10th graders have completed their MYP personal project. It has helped them to consolidate, practice and strengthen the ATL skills acquired and learnt throughout the school year.
Abril / April 8, 2019
Un paseo por el tiempo
A Walk Through Time
Our 3rd graders have carried out different activities within their last unit of inquiry titled “A Walk Through Time.” This unit is included under the transdisciplinary topic “How we organize ourselves.”
Marzo / March 27, 2019
Aprendiendo Física jugando
Learning Physics by Playing
Through traditional games like “Capture the flag” (“El pañuelo”), 10th graders reviewed many core concepts of science such as kinetics, dynamics, energy, and waves.
Marzo / March 18, 2019
Going Green
Thanks to their last unit of inquiry, our 1st graders have learned the importance of recycling in order to protect the environment.
Marzo / March 13, 2019
Una despedida muy especial
A Very Special Farewell
Over the last two months, 6 year old Pan Haiyang has been studying here as a Casvi student. He came all the way from China to our country to study here with us.
Febrero / February 22, 2019
Casvi, epicentro hoy de la formación IB
IB Training at Casvi
Casvi today became the host school for various different IB Diploma Programme workshops. These workshops tackled a wide range of subjects, such as Maths, Language and Theory of Knowledge.
Febrero / February 19, 2019
Empresarios por un día
Entrepreneurs for a day
The 4th graders have become entrepreneurs by creating their own businesses. They have produced quite an original market for buying and selling various products as a way to review the different systems of measuring goods.
Febrero / February 14, 2019
Estoy cambiando…
I Am Changing...
This is the name of the unit of inquiry carried out by our 6th graders. The purpose was to investigate all parts of the human body. An activity which parents also participated in.
Febrero / February 12, 2019
Aprendiendo a ser ecológicos
Learning How to be eco-friendly
Custards, chorizos, marmalades, candles, aloe vera cream, potpourri bags...These are all the handmade and completely eco-friendly products that our 3rd graders have learned to make within their last unit of inquiry.
Febrero / February 11, 2019
Un viaje muy espacial
A Trip to Outerspace
This was the unit of inquiry done by our 2nd graders. It helped them learn about the solar system, spaceships, the first men to walk on the moon, etc. And in order to broaden their knowledge, they visited the Moon Museum.
Febrero / February 4, 2019
Máquinas vs humanos
Machines vs. Humans
The unit of inquiry, titled “How Does the World Work? I Experiment and I Create”, allowed our 4th graders to respond to the following question: How have machines improved our daily life?
Febrero / February 4, 2019
 “No sueñes con el éxito, trabaja para conseguirlo”
“Work to achieve your goals”
This was the inspiring message given by Enrique Blanco, the Global Chief Technology Innovation Officer (CTIO) for Telefonica, to our Baccalaureate and Diploma students.
Enero / January 28, 2019
Nuestros alumnos del Programa Diploma, profesores por un día
Teachers for a day
hanks to our 1st year Diploma students’ talk, 5th graders learnt about the different ecosystems. It was a theoretical and practical class given in the school’s assembly hall.
Diciembre / December 12, 2018
Más cerca de lo que crees
Really close to us
Gender violence should not be seen from afar in the news. It can be found really close to us as the number of adolescents affected has soared.
Noviembre / November 21, 2018
Our teachers at Casvi seek to promote it among our students. For this purpose, our first year students of Diploma Programme BI have been offered a talk during which our librarian laid the foundations on how to correctly cite bibliographical sources.
Noviembre / November 16, 2018
Formándonos para formar
Getting trained to train
Our school has been in charge of organizing a series or workshops on methodology of the International Baccalaureate. Teachers from schools throughout Spain, including those from Casvi, have attended these workshops.
Noviembre / November 8, 2018
My dream is…
My dream is...
Loads of future dreams for our students. They would like to be Researchers, Human Rights Activists... They are trained for that in our classrooms under the methodology of International Baccalaureate, which provides them with educational benefits.
Septiembre / September 4, 2018
Reconocimiento para nuestros alumnos del Programa Diploma
Recognition for our students of Diploma Programme.
Beaming with joy, they were awarded the Diploma of the International Baccalaureate with their final marks. A pass rate that places us above the global average.
Julio / July 5, 2018
Casvi recibe la visita del colegio chino Shenzhen Baihe Foreingn Language School
Casvi welcomes Shenzhen Baihe Foreingn Language School from China
The director and teachers of this school have visited Eurocolegio Casvi to see our educational model around the International Baccalaureate Program, Languages ​​and New Technologies.
Junio / June 27, 2018
Experimentar para aprender en E. Infantil y Primaria
Learning through experimentation in Kindergarten and Primary
From an early age, we provide our students with an education where they can develop the ability to think and understand everything that surrounds them. A methodology based on experimentation is the best tool to do so.
Junio / June 25, 2018
Nuestros alumnos de 6º exponen su proyecto final PEP
Our 6th grade students display their final PYP Project
It has been their most special day: exhibition of their research project, putting an end to their way through Primary. Great teamwork which reflects attributes such as: bold or reflective.
Marzo / March 16, 2018
Cómo evitar enfermedades
It is so important for everyone that our class tutors of 4th Primary School have dedicated a Unit of Inquiry not only to health, but also to diseases, healthy habits and the importance of emotional health through a wide variety of activities.
Marzo / March 12, 2018
Profesores de toda España se forman en Casvi
Teachers from all over Spain trained at Casvi
Our school has been in charge of organizing a series of workshops on methodology of the International Baccalaureate and two of its programs: PYP (Primary Years Programme) and DP (Diploma Programme).
Marzo / March 9, 2018
Aprendiendo química de generación en generación
Learning Chemistry from generation to generation
This is what happened in Casvi among our students of 1st Secondary and Kindergarten to boost our section of "Action and Service".
Marzo / March 7, 2018
La máquina del tiempo
The time machine
Our 2nd Primary students have travelled through time to study the technological evolution; from Gutenberg´s press to digital screens.
Febrero / February 26, 2018
Experimentando en dos años
Experimenting at the age of two
The objective of the activity was to learn how to differentiate the changes of state of matter. On this occasion, between solid and liquid.
Febrero / February 22, 2018
El antiguo Egipto más joven que nunca
Ancient Egypt younger than ever
Gods of Egypt have returned to life thanks to our 5-year-old students. These young students of Eurocolegio Casvi have studied beliefs and customs of this ancient civilization.
Febrero / February 20, 2018
Aprendemos Matemáticas en el Supermercado Casvi
Let’s learn Mathematics at Casvi Supermarket
Our Assembly Hall has become SuperCasvi for a day. Supermarket in which our students from 4th Primary have put into practice everything they have learned about the different ways of measuring matter.
Febrero / February 19, 2018
Aprender y jugar con 3 años
Learning and playing at the age of 3
This is what our students of 1st Kindergarten have done. Interacting with their peers, through symbolic game, to dramatize habits and customs that will help them in their daily lives.
Febrero / February 14, 2018
El buzón del amor en Casvi
Love Mailbox at Casvi
Created by a group of students from International Baccalaureate Diploma Program to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Febrero / February 12, 2018
New reflection for this month of December. Do we act correctly when we walk along the street with our pets? Do we know how we should do it?
Febrero / February 8, 2018
¿De la vaca o del tetrabrik?
Cow or Carton?
The students of 3rd grade of Primary have experimented with raw materials of animal and vegetal origin to create products that we find in our day to day: hand cream, jam, candles, even sausages...
Enero / January 16, 2018
Los alumnos de 4º E. Primaria en el Concurso
Students or 4th Elementary School in the contest "Figures and letters"
An initiative of their 4th Primary tutors in which it was sought to encourage teamwork, acquisition of social skills and, of course, improvement of important aspects such as spelling and calculation among their students.
Diciembre / December 21, 2017
Reposteras por un día con fines solidarios
Bakers for a day with solidarity purposes
A group of students of 2nd Secondary became bakers, for their class solidarity Project during which they prepared a workshop to make cakes. Workshop that took place with a group of young people with disabilities.
Diciembre / December 19, 2017
New reflection for this month of December. Are we aware that our erratic driving behavior can influence the behavior of our children in the future..., that there is a need to be PRINCIPLED in our behaviors?
Noviembre / November 30, 2017
Rompiendo fronteras en las aulas de Casvi
Breaking boundaries at Casvi Classrooms
The digital newspaper reflects in a video the internationality that is breathed in Eurocolegio Casvi thanks to its students from other countries, its educational project or its Linguistic Exchanges.
Noviembre / November 30, 2017
Video.- Balanced
Are we aware of the time we waste abusing New Technologies? In this second installment of our campaign to promote values "10 months, 10 BI attributes", we reflected on this, and the importance of being balanced.
Octubre / October 26, 2017
Our second video of our campaign to promote values called"10 months, 10 IB attributes" is here. In this original short film, we talk about one of them, how to be CARING.
Octubre / October 20, 2017
Descubrimos sensaciones sin ver
We discover sensations without seeing
During the Unit of Inquiry of the senses, our students received a very special visit. Sara de Piniés, a blind woman.
Octubre / October 19, 2017
Paseo disFRUTO
The Fruity Road
Our 5th graders have inquired about plants & their sexual reproductive system through a walking in our backyard.
Septiembre / September 28, 2017
Vídeo.- Pensadores
Video.- Thinkers
At last, the premiere, for all the Casvi educational community, of this new project that, through, short videos presenting quotidian situations, we want to express the perfect attributes of the International Baccalaureate profile.
Julio / July 21, 2017
Para los que vais a Egipto de vacaciones
Junio / June 30, 2017
Nuestros mejores momentos en 2º E. Infantil
Junio / June 28, 2017
Los alumnos de 5º E. Primaria se convierten en pequeños científicos
Junio / June 13, 2017
Nuestros alumnos de 1º E.Primaria nos dan toda una lección
Mayo / May 18, 2017
Nuestros alumnos de 1º E.Primaria construyen su propia ciudad
Abril / April 21, 2017
Todos quieren nuestra sangre
Marzo / March 29, 2017
Nos vamos de compras...
Marzo / March 23, 2017
Viaje en el tiempo para nuestros alumnos de 2º E. Primaria
Marzo / March 2, 2017
De “matanza” en Casvi
Febrero / February 14, 2017
El buzón del amor en Casvi
Febrero / February 6, 2017
Ex alumnos del Programa Diploma del BI profesores por un día
Febrero / February 3, 2017
Indagamos sobre los sentidos en 3º E. Primaria
Diciembre / December 2, 2016
Los alumnos Casvi del Programa Diploma enseñan Física a los más pequeños
Octubre / October 11, 2016
Talentos en estado puro
Septiembre / September 22, 2016
Letra, música, arreglos y voces, made in alumnos Casvi
Julio / July 20, 2016
Experimentación para aprender los cambios en la materia
Julio / July 20, 2016
De cómo los alumnos de E. Infantil indagaron para descubrir el mundo de los animales
Julio / July 12, 2016
C.S.I. Casvi
Julio / July 8, 2016
Los papis de Infantil nos ayudaron a indagar sobre las profesiones
Junio / June 29, 2016
Nuestros alumnos de 5º maestros por un día
Mayo / May 10, 2016
Indagamos para descubrir
Febrero / February 11, 2016
Desvelada la fórmula secreta para ser un joven emprendedor
Enero / January 21, 2016
Emboscada india a la letra
Diciembre / December 18, 2015
Indagación con forma de felicitación navideña
Octubre / October 7, 2015
Beca de Excelencia Académica para nuestra ex alumna Maya Novak
Septiembre / September 15, 2015
¿Qué es indagar?
Julio / July 10, 2015
Descubriendo los sentidos
Julio / July 8, 2015
Pequeños exploradores
Junio / June 29, 2015
El pequeño museo de las indagaciones
Junio / June 16, 2015
¿Cómo mejoran la expresión oral nuestros alumnos?
Junio / June 13, 2015
Indagamos sobre los transportes con aviones y barcos de papel
Abril / April 15, 2015
Medir, medir, medir
Abril / April 9, 2015
II CosmoCasvi
Marzo / March 24, 2015
La ciudad creada por los niños
Marzo / March 21, 2015
Luz en el eclipse solar en Casvi
Marzo / March 4, 2015
Bachillerato Internacional.-