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News of New Technologys
Noviembre / November 24, 2020
Beneficios de las Nuevas Tecnologías en Educación
ICT Benefits in Education
Casvi uses ICT as an educational tool on a daily basis as it has done so for three decades, since its foundation. Due to the pandemic, ICT have gained even more importance and has proven to be an essential tool to improve students’ learning.
Abril / April 15, 2020
Diario de clase (XV): Nuestra App Matemática para mejorar en cálculo mental
Class Diary (XV): An App to Improve Mental Calculation
6th graders are improving their mental calculation thanks to a Math app designed by Juan Manuel Gómez-Rico, a Chemistry and Physics teacher here at Casvi.
Marzo / March 30, 2020
Diario de clase (VIII): Realidad virtual aumentada para aprender Física en Casvi
Class Diary (VIII): Learning Physics through Virtual Reality
Thanks to the online classes, 10th graders have taken advantage of ICTs to build molecules. Do you want to know how?
Marzo / March 23, 2020
Diario de clase (IV): Clases online también para nuestros alumnos de Infantil
Class Diary (IV): Online Classes for Kindergarteners Too
Kindergarteners also attend online classes as they are in need of the teachers’ and peers’ affection.
Marzo / March 19, 2020
Diario de clase (III): Hoy, programamos con scratch en Robótica
Class Diary (III): Programming with Scratch
In their online classes, 4th graders are programming using Scratch.
Marzo / March 16, 2020
Diario de clase (I):Trabajando online las emociones de nuestros alumnos
Class Diary (I): Working with Students’ Feelings online
Casvi teachers connect online with their students on a daily basis (from 1st to 4th grade) thanks to the use of ICTs and Teams (Microsoft tool). The aim is for them not only to review content, but also to stay busy.
Marzo / March 12, 2020
El compromiso y la vocación por encima de la incertidumbre
On-line Classes
As of yesterday, the classrooms, halls and playgrounds at Casvi are completely empty. Instead of having students attending classes at school, they are having their lessons online, following their corresponding timetable.
Marzo / March 5, 2020
Robótica aplicada
Applied Robotics
Within their last unit of inquiry titled ‘Trivial Casvi’, 6th graders programmed with Scratch a classical game invented in 1979. In groups, they investigated topics related to Casvi.
Enero / January 17, 2020
Los Reyes Magos también saben de Robótica
The Three Wise Men also Know about Robotics
The Wise Men’s knowledge on robotics has been evident in this year’s presents to our students. This 4th grader took their great gifts and shared them with their classmates.
Junio / June 20, 2019
Sin miedo ante el “cocodrilo hambriento”
Leaving Fear Aside
In robotics class, our 4th graders built with LEGO WeDo a “hungry crocodile”. Its construction was possible thanks to Scratch and through Hub, which is an engine and a distance sensor.
Junio / June 13, 2019
En 4º E. Primaria construimos nuestro primer Robot Beam
Our First Robot
4th graders built their first robot in robotics class. Its aim was to foster students’ interest for science and technology. It also helped them to sharpen their logical thinking, to improve their fine motor skills and to develop their patience.
Mayo / May 6, 2019
Pequeños ingenieros
Little engineers
Put Your Nose to the Grindstone! This is the name of the last unit of inquiry developed for our 3rd graders in robotics class. The students learned to build an electric circuit with home-made play dough.
Marzo / March 28, 2019
Los robots invaden 2º E. Primaria
Robots Invade 2nd Grade
The aim of one the activities developed within the unit of inquiry, titled “The Time Machine,” was for students to help them have a complete view of the technological advances throughout history.
Enero / January 9, 2019
Nuevas Tecnologías en Casvi
New Technologies at Casvi
Always pioneers in New Technologies in the classroom to improve academic performance. Its importance in our educational project will be shown in this video.
Diciembre / December 14, 2018
Buscamos ingenieros
We are looking for engineers
In our TPR lessons we boost the acquisition of necessary skills for the future of our students, such as creativity, work, open mindedness... Skills developed by our students of 1st E.S.O. while building a bridge with recycled paper.
Octubre / October 4, 2018
Aprendemos el buen uso de la tecnología en Casvi
Learning about the good use of technology at Casvi
New technologies can be a great tool in education. However, abusing can threaten their personal development.That is why, we have offered our students and families some talks about a correct use.
Mayo / May 18, 2018
Creando robots en 6º E. Primaria
Creating robots in 6th grade of Primary Education
And they did it in Robotics class from a simple toothbrush. Apart from its use as a dental higiene tool, they shaped it is as an insect and made it move.
Abril / April 25, 2018
Aprender a programar con 6 años
Learning to programme at 6
That is what our students of 1st of Primary Education do in their Robotics class. This time, they did it creating their own characters. A fish called Fígaro, that even sings opera.