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‘Mens sana in corpore sano’, or ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ would be our slogan with regard to our concept of sports at Casvi. This Latin phrase fits within the context of Greek philosophy on cultivating the mind, the body and the soul to reach balance. In order to achieve it, at Casvi we encourage playing sports, both during and outside of the school day.

Sports and exercise have clear educational benefits, and for the well-rounded development of children that go beyond health and physical condition. The development of the three Ps stand out in this area: practice, patience and persistence. Constant practice to improve; patience to gradually be able to see the results; and persistence to not feel defeated by failure. They are life lessons that are important for adulthood.

Moreover, sports foster leadership skills, stimulate teamwork, reduce stress levels, improve self-esteem and social relations and even help us be more productive.


Thus at Casvi in the Physical Education classes that our students have every week, there are also two swimming classes during the school day.

They will also promote playing and knowledge of different sports disciplines. From the most traditional to the most new and innovative from different sites around the world. Clear examples of this are the disciplines like these that we work on with our students every day: lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, kin-ball, korfball, ripela, Gaelic football, colpbol…

To sum it up, detecting students’ athletic talent is persued as one more Multiple Intelligence. This is a prevailing influence at all of our sport clubs.