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Octubre / October 6, 2017
Diario de Tulsa (IV): Naturaleza y arte en el Gilcrease Museum

Tulsa diaries (IV): Nature and art in the Gilcrease Museum

5th graders Language Exchange students in Tulsa (USA), have had a very interesting week, they have been able to visit a museum about Native American Indian art which houses the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of art and artifacts of the American West.   


Our students were delighted with the collections of art and culture from the Indians.


Indian native culture and art really surprised our students. They were enchanted.  


The museum had a space called Discovery Center in which our students learned many things in a very fun way.


They were able to walk along a river in a birch bark canoe and learn animal vocabulary. The most original walk!


Just out of curiosity, does anyone here get confused with the American measurement? Well, our students don't have that problem anymore, they are all experts in the American system!


A very entertaining time in the interactive exhibition of collections related to America history. Using tablets they immersed themselves in the history and cultures of the origins of the continent.


To finish the week, our students returned to show their talent! This time, was Raúl Rodríguez who win a prize at the school after running six miles. 



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