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Octubre / October 16, 2017
Diario de Tulsa (V): ¡De cumple en Oklahoma!

Tulsa diaries (V): An American birthday!

As you already know, our 5th degree of Primary Education students are involved in a Language Exchange in Oklahoma, and this week they lived a really special moment: to celebrate a birthday in the United States. Our student, Raul Rodríguez, had turned ten there. So, Happy Birthday! 


Time flies, especially when you are having a great time and you are living awesome experiences. Who would say that they have already fulfilled five weeks from their arrival in Tulsa!


They are collecting a lot of special moments, as much in Eisenhower International School, as with their host families. In Science class, for example, they work and research every day.


They share the weekends with their families, doing different activities to improve their English and to go deeper into the American culture.   


Some of them really enjoyed in the Tulsa State Fair...


Others participated in the famous race of Tulsa called "Zoo Run"...


Going through the well-known 66 Route and have the opportunity to see the blue whale in Catoosa,  has been an original cultural activity. 


Our students are living unique experiences: such as being co-captain of an American soccer player and having the honour of flipping a coin to decide which team start the game. 


There were also funny activities like face-painting...


In summary, our students are living an unforgettable experience!

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