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Septiembre / September 28, 2017
Diario de Tulsa (III): Premio para nuestro alumno Mario Rivas

Tulsa diaries (III): Our student Mario Rivas receives an award!

This week, the undeniable protagonist, has been our student Mario Rivas, who received a prize by the Eisenhower International School because his sports merits. He led a six miles race with success.

Look how happy he was holding his prize. 

Alumno de Eurocolegio Casvi premiado en el Eisenhower International School


In this week, that is the third one, our students returned to enjoy awesome experiences and they learnt a lot of new things.




Our students work very hard daily to improve and have a better writing and punctuation in english. For example, every day, within their scholar schedule, they have to correct the mistakes in a sentence.  




The library is one of their most favourite places and they love working there.  




They have found, the reading about the first american civilizations, fascinating; as an important basis of the country they are discovering.    



In maths, working with fractions and decimals in the american system is quite a newness! 




See how their good job and effort are being rewarded with the best results, congratulations!   




And finally, Friday has come, the funniest day in the week for our students! It’s called the Siprit Friday, where they can wear the shcool t-shirts and they love it! 




More photos HERE.