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Mayo / May 24, 2018
El Fútbol Sala Casvi, a cuartos de final de Copa

Casvi five- a -side football, to cup quarterfinals

A very difficult match against a hard and complicated rival that ended up in a tie: F.S. CASVI 1 - C.D.E PINAR SAN JOSÉ B 1. After the penaltis period, and a 2 to 1 favoring us in the scoreboard, we assured the pass to the following round in Alcorcón’s Cup.

In the first part there were several opportunities to score in the two goals, eventhough our opponent was the one who led the scoreboard. Our players, however, achieved the tie due to a great play.

In the second half, the opposite team put us in several tight spots, but our team could stand it and managed to get to the end of the match in a tie. Next Saturday 26th of May, we will play the quarterfinals.

Congratulations to the players and thanks to the supporters.