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Noviembre / November 20, 2018
Una de cal y otra de arena para el F.S. Casvi

Blowing hot and cold for our Casvi Five-a-side Soccer team

On the one hand, our team A finally got their first victory this season, but on the other hand, our Casvi Five-a-side soccer team B lost against Trinitarios Alcorcón.Match whose  result, does not reflect the good game displayed by ours.


During the first part, the team did not succeed in goals, despite the numerous occasions, and reached the break without scoring. A more successful second part, scoring two goals provided us with a hard-worked victory.

Partido del Fútbol Sala Casvi en la Liga de Alcorcón



There were two totally different parts. During  the first one, our players lost by 4 goals behind due to two defensive errors and two situations where chance did not play in our favor.

Partido del Fútbol Sala Casvi en la Liga de Alcorcón


In the second part, our players did not lose their nerves or enthusiasm and continued to offer good soccer, while getting three consecutive chances to score. We feel that we are on the right path.

Partido del Fútbol Sala Casvi en la Liga de Alcorcón


Next games: November 24
09.00 Eurocolegio Casvi "A" -College Alkor "B".
09.00 Eurocolegio Casvi "B" - CDE Dawn "B". This game will be held in our pavilion.