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Marzo / March 20, 2019
Victorias con dedicatoria especial

Victories with special dedication

Great success was obtained by the two Casvi Indoor Football teams that play in the Alcorcón League. Both with dedication for our student Pelayo, player from Alevín "A", who was injured in a training.

Las Artes "B" 3-7 F. Sala Casvi "A"

Formal match of our team from beginning to end, with great combative actions in attack, and constant aids in guard.

Partido en la Liga de Alcorcón del Fútbol Sala Casvi


CD San José Valderas "B"2-3 F. Sala Casvi "B"

Victory in its last match of league, with the same dynamics used in the previous match. A good and controlled first half that made us lead 3 to 1. Then we had to stand strong after the push of a good rival in the 2nd half.

Partido en la Liga de Alcorcón del Fútbol Sala Casvi


Next matches (Cup):

Saturday, March 23rd
Fs Blas de Otero - F. Sala "A" 10.00h.
Colegio Alkor "C"- F. Sala "B" 13.00h.