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Diciembre / December 3, 2019
No hubo rendición para el Fútbol 7 Casvi

There was no surrender for Football 7 Casvi

It was an exciting game from the beginning to the end, which ended with Sporting Villa victory  (4-3). However, our boys never gave up thanks to their commitment, strength and eagerness to overcome.

The game development was all the time the same. The opponent team, always ahead on the scoreboard and our team fighting against the score. But far from giving up, they managed to tie the game, but two actions of the opposing team set them with two goals in advantage. In the last minutes our kids scored the third goal, but they couldn´t balance the match.

Partido del Fútbol 7 Casvi en la Liga de Móstoles


Next match: Friday, December 13 (8:00 p.m.) -Eurocolegio Casvi - ASD Móstoles 8:00 p.m.