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Diciembre / December 5, 2019
Casvi, finalista en el II Concurso de Ideas Innovadoras

Finalist in the II Innovative Ideas Contest

Casvi, which partnered with IES Velázquez school, was named as one of the finalists of the II Innovative Ideas Contest, which was organized by Altran and Club de Excelencia en Gestión. This contest allowed students to present their ideas with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 
The first project, carried out by our 7th graders, is titled “Virtual Education”. Their main objective was to look for ways to favor education among the most disadvantaged areas of society.  

Alumnos de Casvi finalistas del Concurso de Ideas Innovadoras

The second one, developed by our 8th graders, is titled ‘E-Move’. In this case, the students designed very special sneakers that helped reuse the static energy that they generate. 

Alumnos de Casvi finalistas del Concurso de Ideas Innovadoras


To sum up, 70 projects have been presented by different schools from the Community of Madrid. 10 of them will advance to the finals, which will be held December the 18th at Camilo José Cela University.