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Enero / January 31, 2019
Lidia González, alumna de 4º E.S.O., representará a España en la Winter Cup de Tenis
Lidia González will represent Spain in the Winter Cup
Our 10th grader has been chosen to represent our country in the trial phase for the Winter Tennis Cup, which will be held between the 1st and the 3rd of February in Lousada (Portugal).
Enero / January 30, 2019
Feliz Día de la Paz en Casvi
Happy Peace Day in Casvi
With more than hugs and smiles, our students from kindergarten has been celebrating “The Nonviolence and Peace Day”, multiple activities such as songs, stories and crafts have taking part of this celebration...
Enero / January 29, 2019
¡Y van siete!
Seven in a row!
Our Infaltil Team keeps on unstopable. Unbeaten up to date, despite of the absence of several players due to illnesses. Our Junior, Preinfantile and Cadete teams appear unrivaled too, while they continue with the winning strike.
Enero / January 28, 2019
Nuestros alumnos del Programa Diploma, profesores por un día
Teachers for a day
hanks to our 1st year Diploma students’ talk, 5th graders learnt about the different ecosystems. It was a theoretical and practical class given in the school’s assembly hall.
Enero / January 28, 2019
Ganamos en ilusión
Winning was an illusion!
Defeat, against the leader of the classification, that found a Indoor Football Casvi team full of courage and enthusiasm for what they do. With only 5 players, our guys struggled until the end.
Enero / January 23, 2019
Liderato de nuestra cantera
Young blood leadership!
Our Junior, Cadete, Infantil and Preinfantiles teams are standing on top of the qualifications of their own division. Great job and superb results too on the last match day that are summarized below.
Enero / January 23, 2019
Jornada agridulce para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Bittersweet day for our indoor football Casvi teams
No luck, despite the good game, and none of the two Casvi teams in Alcorcón League got a victory in their respective matches.
Enero / January 22, 2019
Este sábado, nueva Jornada de Puertas Abiertas en Casvi
Next Saturday, once again Open Day at Casvi
You will be welcome to our Open Day which will take place next Saturday, January 26th at 11:30 am.
Enero / January 18, 2019
Alumnos de Casvi en el epicentro de la investigación científica mundial
A trip to remember
Our 2nd Baccalaureate students have travelled to Geneva, Switzerland, to visit CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), home to the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator.
Enero / January 17, 2019
Casvi, hoy, en La Mañana de La 1 de TVE
Casvi in the News
Our 5th graders have given their opinion on the responsible use of New Technologies, topic which has been treated in the TV program La Mañana, hosted by the journalist María Casado.
Enero / January 17, 2019
Casvi, punto de encuentro de las mejores universidades del mundo
University School Fair at Casvi
The VII University School Fair has taken place today at Casvi’s Sports Pavilion. Its aim was to inform firsthand 10th graders and 1st and 2nd Baccalaureate students of the wide range of options they have regarding their university future.
Enero / January 16, 2019
This is how our PreInfantil Team of Casvi Basketball Club is presented, as it continues unbeaten this season. Those are all the results from the last match day.
Enero / January 16, 2019
Derrota injusta para comenzar el año
Unfair defeat to start the new year
The score, Amanecer 3-1 Eurocolegio Casvi, does not show what happened in the field. Our team arrived in numerous occasions to the rival goal, but for the success of the rival goalkeeper and others for the goal post, only managed to score a goal.
Enero / January 11, 2019
Ganadores del Torneo de Tenis de Mesa Casvi de Navidad
Winners at our Casvi Table Tennis Christmas Tournament
Waiting for the final but after the vacation break, the names of the first classified in this sport competition organized by the Department of Physical Education of Eurocolegio Casvi are revealed.
Enero / January 10, 2019
Su primera Navidad en España
Their first Christmas in Spain
This is the way our new Language Exchange students from Tacoma (USA) have enjoyed Christmas. From Annie Wright International School.
Enero / January 9, 2019
Nuevas Tecnologías en Casvi
New Technologies at Casvi
Always pioneers in New Technologies in the classroom to improve academic performance. Its importance in our educational project will be shown in this video.
Enero / January 8, 2019
Eurocolegio Casvi protagonista en la Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos
Eurocolegio Casvi participates at the Three Wise Men parade
A group of students and parents from our school enjoyed the best experiences during these Christmas Festivities. They participated in the “Three Wise Men Parade” that took place in Villaviciosa de Odón last Saturday.