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Eurocolegio CASVI
Octubre / October 31, 2018
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!
Throughout the week, our children from kindergarten have been celebrating Halloween in a fun, as well as instructive way. It has been in English and working different skills that, undoubtedly, will improve their learning process.
Octubre / October 31, 2018
A terrorific and healthy Halloween snack
A terrorific and healthy Halloween snack
It is vital that our children know the importance of eating fruit and vegetables. Activities like these deal with it while they acquire new vocabulary in English. Halloween enables us to eat in a fun way.
Octubre / October 31, 2018
Debut en liga del Fútbol Sala Casvi
Debut for Casvi Five-a-side Football League
No luck for our two Beginner teams after achieving defeat. The first one, against CD San ​​José Valderas 4-0. The second one, against Alkor "C" 3-0.
Octubre / October 30, 2018
Gran arranque de la cantera del CB Casvi
Great start for Casvi Basketball Club Reserve Team
The season began with an overwhelming victory for our beginners. The same happened to our Cadets achieving two consecutive victories. Our Juniors still unbeaten after five fixtures.
Octubre / October 26, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (VI): Un Fall Break inolvidable
Tulsa Journal (VI): Unforgettable Fall Break
Traveling, further exploring the USA and enjoying with their host families ... This is the way our 5 th Primary School students spent their Fall Break holidays.
Octubre / October 25, 2018
Casvi en las III Jornadas sobre Educación de Madridiario
Casvi in ​​the III Conference on Education Madridiario
"Madrid educates in social inclusion" was the central topic in the conference which gathered representatives of social entities in both education and politics. Among them, the coordinator of our Guidance and Counselling Department, Marta Alonso.
Octubre / October 24, 2018
Alumnos de Casvi en el I Concurso de Ideas Socialmente Innovadoras
Casvi students in ​​the First Competition on Socially Innovative Ideas.
Promoted by the Excellence Management Club and Altran Foundation, this contest seeks to promote technological vocation.It is aimed at students of 1st and 2nd E.S.O.
Octubre / October 23, 2018
… Y van cuatro
...And four more
These are the consecutive victories of our Junior team of Casvi Basketball Club that continues to be intractable, and of course, the only leader in the classification without a single defeat. The rest of the teams were not that lucky.
Octubre / October 23, 2018
De vuelta a casa
Back home
Our Language Exchange students in Tacoma (USA) are already at home and immersed in their routine at Casvi. They spent six weeks over there, living a unique experience of linguistic and cultural immersion.
Octubre / October 22, 2018
Convocado el III Concurso de Creatividad Casvi
Call for Casvi Creativity Contest III
Seeking "Harmony" and willing students, parents and teachers to find it with their artistic works. For them, the III Casvi Creativity Contest has just been announced.
Octubre / October 15, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (V): De viaje por el espacio
Diary of Tulsa (V): On tour by the space
It seems like only yesterday when our 5th grade students arrived at Eisenhower International School.It's been 5 weeks since that day.Moreover, they visited the Air & Space Museum and Planetarium.
Octubre / October 15, 2018
Primera victoria para el Club Baloncesto Casvi de Liga EBA
First victory for Casvi Basketball Club EBA League
t took a while but they managed to succeed. It was, without a doubt, the best match this season. More than five players upgraded two digits in valuation.
Octubre / October 11, 2018
Un intercambio de ida y vuelta
A mutual student exchange
This is what is happening in the Language Exchange program with Minnesota. Our 2nd ESO students returned from their experience there and the students of Lakes International Language Academy are here to live that same adventure.
Octubre / October 10, 2018
De paseo por Europa
On a tour thoughout Europe
The Eiffel Tower, The Brandenburg Gate, The Trevi Fountain ... These are some of the European landmarks visited by our 5th graders from Tulsa (USA), from the Linguistic Exchange at Casvi.
Octubre / October 10, 2018
Diario de Tacoma (IV): Preparando Halloween
Diary of Minnesota (IV): Ready for Halloween
Still three weeks left to celebrate this traditional festival in the US, our Language Exchange students in Tacoma are already making the first arrangements. Pumpkin search and decoration afterwards.
Octubre / October 9, 2018
Nuestros alumnos de 4º E.Primaria se convierten en geólogos
Our 4th Primary students become geologists
It has been possible thanks to their experience in “Museo Geominero”, Madrid. Once there, they could investigate on a wide variety of minerals and rocks.
Octubre / October 8, 2018
Líderes e imbatidos
Leaders and unbeaten
Our Junior team at Casvi Basketball Club on a winning streak. No defeat so far and three consecutive victories placing them as leaders in the classification. These are the results of last weekend.
Octubre / October 5, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (IV): Inventando civilizaciones en inglés
Diary of Tulsa (IV). Creating a new civilization
Halfway point of the exchange program and a month has passed since our 5th graders stepped into Eisenhower International School for the first time. We can state that our students are fully integrated and enjoying their American experience.
Octubre / October 4, 2018
Diario de Minnesota (V).- Comienza la cuenta atrás
Diary of Minnesota (V) .- Final countdown
Last week of cultural and linguistic immersion at Lakes International Language Academy, for our 8 graders. They are, without a doubt, making the most of their time over there.
Octubre / October 4, 2018
Aprendemos el buen uso de la tecnología en Casvi
Learning about the good use of technology at Casvi
New technologies can be a great tool in education. However, abusing can threaten their personal development.That is why, we have offered our students and families some talks about a correct use.
Octubre / October 2, 2018
Diario de Tacoma (III): una semana 100% estilo americano
Diary of Tacoma (III): 100% American style week
It’s been three weeks since our 10th graders departed for Tacoma (USA), to live a linguistic exchange with students from Annie Wright International School. Over there, they are now familiar with teachers and classmates.
Octubre / October 2, 2018
Derroche anotador para los Junior del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Superb scoring for our Juniors of Casvi Basketball Club.
Such circumstance enabled them to achieve their second victory this season, which places them as leaders in classification. But there were more league games last weekend for Casvi BC, although not with such good results.