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Octubre / October 30, 2019
Diario de Tulsa (VII): Un thanksgiving por adelantado
Diary of Tulsa (VII): Celebrating Thanskgiving in Advance
Our students celebrated Thanksgiving in advance with their host families. They experienced first-hand this typical American holiday enjoying for the first time its tasty and traditional food.
Octubre / October 30, 2019
Gran victoria entre vecinos
Great victory among neighbors
Exciting duel between the Casvi Basketball Club and the CB Móstoles that was decided at the end of the match, with a decisive score of our ex student Álvaro Godino. But there were more results this weekend.
Octubre / October 29, 2019
Siempre en nuestros corazones
A Moving Farewell
The German exchange students from Max-Planck school spent one week together and recently bid farewell to their host brothers and sisters.
Octubre / October 28, 2019
Casvi, récord en internacionalidad
Fostering a Global Mindset
For the last few weeks, our classes have welcomed the greatest number of exchange students ever. In total 40 students from Tulsa (USA), Minnesota (USA) and Delmenhorst (Germany).
Octubre / October 25, 2019
Dulces a cambio de juguetes
Sweets in Exchange for Toys
As part of an activity included within the Creativity, Activity and Service project (CAS), a group of 8th grade girls came up with the idea to make and exchange homemade sweets in return for toys, which will be given to NGO.
Octubre / October 24, 2019
Líderes en categoría infantil
Leaders in Infantile's category
We shared leadership responsibilities with Movistar Estudiantes and Torrejón Basketball which left our boys of the Casvi Basketball Club in a great place. They have taught us that with effort and hard work, anything can be achieved.
Octubre / October 23, 2019
Delmenhorst + Tulsa + Forest Lake = Internacionalidad
Delmenhorst + Tulsa + Forest Lake = Internationality
Our lower and middle school classes are welcoming students from United States and Germany as part of a cultural and language exchange. In fact, seven German pupils arrived yesterday from Max-Planck Gymnasium.
Octubre / October 23, 2019
Diario de Tulsa (VI): Un Fall Break inolvidable
Diary of Tulsa (VI): An Unforgettable Fall Break
Our 5th graders spent their Fall Break vacations travelling, visiting new places and enjoying the time they have left with their host families.
Octubre / October 22, 2019
Un paseo desde la Torre Eiffel hasta la Fontana di Trevi
From the Eiffel Tower to the Trevi Fountain
In just one day, Tulsa exchange students had the change to visit the main monuments and sculptures of the European continent. They did so in Parque Europa, home to Europe’s principal replicas.
Octubre / October 21, 2019
¡Qué divertido es aprender!
Learning is Fun
Our two-year-old students discover what surrounds them in a fun way. They do so by using different techniques and materials which help them develop their creativity, self-esteem and enthusiasm.
Octubre / October 18, 2019
Eurocolegio Casvi se tiñe hoy de rosa
Today, Eurocolegio Casvi turns pink for breast cancer awareness
Thanks to the breast cancer awareness campaign carried out by a group of students from the first year of Diploma Programme (IB) Casvi turns pink. Since early morning, they were distributing more than 800 pink bows.
Octubre / October 18, 2019
Taller del proyecto Alerta Bullying para padres
Bullying Workshop for Parents
For the second year in a row, we are working hard in order to improve the school's environment. Therefore, to prevent bullying, our center has organized for Thursday the 24th of October a talk to inform parents about this issue.
Octubre / October 17, 2019
“Rincones de trabajo” para indagar sobre “Tu cuerpo y el mío”
Displaying our Work
1st graders last unit of inquiry, titled ‘Your Body and Mine’, allowed them find answers to the question ‘Who are we?’. It also helped them have a better understanding of the concepts function, perspective and shape.
Octubre / October 17, 2019
Hoy, charla para padres sobre “Uso de las NNTT”
The Use of New Technologies
A talk about the ‘Use of New Technologies’, organized by Educalike, will take place today at 18:00 in the school’s assembly hall. 5th to 12th graders have already received information on how to use technology wisely.
Octubre / October 16, 2019
¡Mucho más que una excursión!
More than a Field Trip!
All our students, regardless of their educational stage, are already working on their Units of Inquiry. One way for them to put into practice what they learn in class is by going on field trips.
Octubre / October 16, 2019
Nuestros alumnos de Infantil descubren nuevas culturas
Becoming Familiar with Other Cultures
Kindergarteners are becoming familiar with other cultures as part of an activity organized by the English Department. Already within the first week, kids travelled to India, Japan, Australia, China or Kenya, among other countries.
Octubre / October 16, 2019
Mal inicio de liga para el Autonómica del CB Casvi
Tough league start for the CB Casvi (Autonómica)
Derrota en el debut de nuestro Autonómica contra un experto rival. A pesar de ir arriba en el descanso, el mal inicio del tercer cuarto se convirtió en un lastre insalvable.
Octubre / October 11, 2019
Diario de Tulsa (V): Indagando en el pasado de Oklahoma
Diary of Tulsa (V): Oklahoma, searching into the Past!
Time has gone by so quickly for our exchange students at Eisenhower International School that it looks like it was yesterday that they landed in Tulsa! Our 5th graders are enjoying every single second of the experience in Oklahoma to the fullest.
Octubre / October 10, 2019
Alumnos de ESO de Casvi en el II Concurso de Ideas Innovadoras
II Innovative Ideas Contest
The main objective of this contest, organized by Altran and Club de Excelencia en Gestión, is to promote among students their desire to work on the field of technology.
Octubre / October 9, 2019
Un intercambio de ida y vuelta
What an Experience, Getting Forward Back!
Our exchange students, after 6 unforgettable weeks in Minnesota, are already back! They landed at Barajas’ airport today as well as their host sisters and brothers coming from the Lakes International Language Academy.
Octubre / October 8, 2019
Gran fiesta de la Gimnasia Rítmica en Casvi
Big Fat Rhythmic Gymnastics Party at Casvi’s Sport Center
Last Friday the best of Villaviciosa de Odon’s gymnasts, including a great number of our students, gathered at Casvi. Their first exhibition of the season took place at our school's sports center.
Octubre / October 8, 2019
Una semana más, pleno de victorias
Full of victories one more week
For the second consecutive week, the two Casvi Basketball teams have achieved a victory in their corresponding league commitments.
Octubre / October 7, 2019
Juegos de cartas para aprender Matemáticas
Using Card Games to Learn Math
The Math teacher at our school has developed a very clever card game for 10th graders to learn in a fun and engaging way how to rationalize radicals.
Octubre / October 7, 2019
La “marea azul” llega a Casvi
“Blue tide” at Casvi
Today, our students have dressed in blue to support the campaign promoted by the organization "Stop out bullying", which has planned this action worldwide to make fight against bullying visible.
Octubre / October 4, 2019
Diario de Tulsa (IV).- Indagando sobre las colonias americanas
Diary of Tulsa (IV): Investigating the American Colonies
A month has already gone by since our 5th graders started their American adventure at the Eisenhower International School. So far, it has been a great experience which our kids are enjoying to the fullest.
Octubre / October 4, 2019
Hoy, en Casvi, las mejores gimnastas de Villaviciosa de Odón
The Best Gymnasts Today at Casvi!
Sponsored by Casvi, the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Villaviciosa de Odón starts the new season with lots of scheduled competitions and full of new challenges and excitement.
Octubre / October 3, 2019
Cómo elaborar acuarelas artesanales
How to Make Homemade Watercolor Paint
During class, they experimented with the different techniques in order to make their own paintings instead of buying them. Not only has this activity helped students to have a deeper understanding of their nature.
Octubre / October 2, 2019
El esfuerzo siempre tiene recompensa
Hard Work is Always Rewarded
Every single 11th grader received the Diploma for having successfully passed last year’s Personal Project. It is a capstone (end-of-program) assignment undertaken by 10th graders that indicates the completion of the Middle Years Program (MYP).
Octubre / October 1, 2019
Trabajo + ilusión = victoria
Hard work + illusion = victory
After the defeats gained on the first day of the league, our children of the Infant and the Junior "have done their homework" and they have achieved excellent results in their weekend commitments with two very tough victories.
Octubre / October 1, 2019
Diario de Minessota (IV): Comienza la cuenta atrás
Diary of Minnesota (IV): Final countdown
Last week of cultural and linguistic immersion at Lakes International Language Academy, for our 8 graders. They are, without a doubt, making the most of their time over there. Both in their classrooms and with friends and families.