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Eurocolegio CASVI
Eurocolegio CASVI
Noviembre / November 28, 2018
Un día en Educación Infantil en Casvi
A day in Infant Education at Casvi
Daily learning, lots of fun ... close relationship with their teachers, feeling happy while they acquire knowledge. English is the core, a constant in their school routine.
Noviembre / November 27, 2018
Pleno para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Full victory for Futsal Casvi
Double victory for our two teams in Alcorcón League. Especially, great success for our "A" team in the goal. Nine goals that improved their mood.
Noviembre / November 26, 2018
Unos ganan, otros aprenden
Some players win, others learn
Playing in our Basketball Club is a lot more than competing. It is learning a series of values ​​such as companionship or teamwork, which is what makes them great players. Some of them won, others lost last weekend.
Noviembre / November 23, 2018
Un mundo lleno de colores
A world full of colors
Exploring and investigating with different techniques, textures and materials improves our 2-year-old students’ attitude to boost their enthusiasm when it comes to learning that the world around them is full of colors.
Noviembre / November 22, 2018
Mi primer Skype
My first Skype
Our five-year-old students have lived their first international experience in English, in a Skype conversation with girls of the same age at St. Catherine's School in Richmond (USA).
Noviembre / November 21, 2018
Our teachers at Casvi seek to promote it among our students. For this purpose, our first year students of Diploma Programme BI have been offered a talk during which our librarian laid the foundations on how to correctly cite bibliographical sources.
Noviembre / November 20, 2018
Solo un hasta luego
See you later!
Not a single "goodbye" to bid farewell to the group of students from Lakes International Language Academy in Minnesota (USA).For the last six weeks, they have enjoyed an unforgettable linguistic exchange at Casvi.
Noviembre / November 20, 2018
Una de cal y otra de arena para el F.S. Casvi
Blowing hot and cold for our Casvi Five-a-side Soccer team
On the one hand, our team A finally got their first victory this season, but on the other hand, our Casvi Five-a-side soccer team B lost against Trinitarios Alcorcón. Match whose result, does not reflect the good game displayed by ours.
Noviembre / November 19, 2018
El CB Casvi cae ante Real Madrid en Liga EBA
Casvi BC falls against Real Madrid in EBA League
It was not possible. The defeat was overwhelming but our Basketball Club knows how to recover after falling, and with resilience, they will get back to work hard for a victory.There were more results last weekend.
Noviembre / November 16, 2018
Formándonos para formar
Getting trained to train
Our school has been in charge of organizing a series or workshops on methodology of the International Baccalaureate. Teachers from schools throughout Spain, including those from Casvi, have attended these workshops.
Noviembre / November 14, 2018
Jugar, competir, aprender
Playing, competing, learning
Radical numbers are no longer a struggle for our 3º E.S.O students. Thanks to an innovative activity created by your Mathematics teacher: creation of a very special cards game "One", learning while playing as well as boosting their mental agility.
Noviembre / November 13, 2018
Mario y las brujas
Mario and the witches
This the name of the first play this school year by our Casvi Drama Group. It was released for the celebration of Halloween in front of the youngest students in Infant Education, with plenty advantages for them all.
Noviembre / November 12, 2018
Derroche de pundonor en el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Genuine display of honor at Casvi Basketball Club
Great weekend for Casvi BC teams. Mos if them victories as well as defeats, after a great display of determination and effort from them all. These are the results.
Noviembre / November 12, 2018
Duro inicio liguero del Fútbol Sala Casvi
Hard season start for Casvi five-a-side football league
Defeated 1-7 F.S. Casvi "B" against Fernando de los Ríos. Despite the fact that starting the league is always hard, they put all their effort and enthusiasm to show that their objectives are the right ones: enjoy and learn.
Noviembre / November 9, 2018
Una despedida muy dulce
A very sweet farewell
Lived by our students from Tulsa (USA), on a Language Exchange at Casvi during the last two months. They were offered a yummy “chocolate with churros” to sweeten this emotional farewell with their host families.
Noviembre / November 8, 2018
My dream is…
My dream is...
Loads of future dreams for our students. They would like to be Researchers, Human Rights Activists... They are trained for that in our classrooms under the methodology of International Baccalaureate, which provides them with educational benefits.
Noviembre / November 7, 2018
Concluye la temporada para el Club de Gimnasia Rítmica
End of season for our Rhythmic Gymnastics Club
Made up of a large number of students from Eurocolegio Casvi, the competition has temporarily concluded for them. In fact, they will keep training hard as they will be back next February.
Noviembre / November 7, 2018
Nuestros primeros experimentos de Física
Our first Physics experiments.
Our 4-year-old students have visited the laboratory for first time this year, to experiment and inquire about changes in the state of matter. They have carried out different experiments, helped by their older colleagues of 4th of E.S.O.
Noviembre / November 6, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (VII): ¡En casa!
Tulsa Journal (VII): Back home!
The great linguistic and cultural experience lived by our 5th graders in Tulsa (USA) is over. A Language Exchange with Eisenhower International School that ended with their arrival, last Saturday at Barajas Airport.