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Diciembre / December 21, 2018
Pequeños reporteros en Navidad
Young reporters at Christmas
They are the protagonists of our traditional Christmas Festival, those who will be telling us, microphone in hand about the preparations and what the fantastic show offered, once again, by our students of 1st and 2nd Primary.
Diciembre / December 20, 2018
Casvi renueva el Sello de Excelencia Europea EFQM 500+
Casvi renews its european EFQM 500+ stamp of quality and excellence
The highest recognition granted by the Club of Excellence in Management to excellent organizations, oriented to continuous improvement, to achievement of results and in particular, to the client.
Diciembre / December 20, 2018
Vídeo.- Navidad en Educación Infantil
Video.- Christmas at Pre-school
These endearing days also bring many educational benefits to our students. Thanks to them, we develop skills such as creativity, teamwork, fine motor dexterity... boost English learning and even musical skills.
Diciembre / December 20, 2018
Escritores de 5 años
Five-year-old writers
Our 3rd year pre-schoolers have created their first story thanks to a household-named author; the writer Jordi Ninot, author of "Elves in the garden", one of the books that our students have read this year.
Diciembre / December 20, 2018
Su primera competición
First swimming competition
Our youngest at Early Competition Swimming School Casvi have experienced their first swimming competition. Held at M-86 Swimming Center, in the traditional Christmas Trophy for prebenjamin category swimmers.
Diciembre / December 19, 2018
Los mejores cuentos de Papá Noel
The best stories of Santa Claus
Our Pre-school students enjoyed them and best of all, told by Santa Claus himself, who visited their classrooms to encourage reading habits among our pre-schoolers.
Diciembre / December 19, 2018
Adriana Orcoyen, primera en el III Trofeo de Navidad de Móstoles
Adriana Orcoyen, 1st position in the III Christmas Trophy in Móstoles.
he got it once again. Our 6th grade student, Adriana Orcoyen, could prove to be the best in 100m backstroke and 4th position in 100m breaststroke.
Diciembre / December 18, 2018
Minuto de silencio solidario
Solidary one minute of silence
Condemning the death of the young teacher, Laura Luelmo in Huelva, students, teachers and Management team of Eurocolegio Casvi have gathered in our school playground to hold a minute of silence.
Diciembre / December 18, 2018
Nuestros alumnos de 1º E.S.O. finalistas en el Concurso S.I.M.
Our 1st E.S.O students finalists in the S.I.M.
S.I.M. is a Socially Innovative Ideas Contest, aimed at students of 1st and 2nd E.S.O.Pilot project of Be TalentSTEAM, a collaboration platform developed by Altran Foundation for Innovation and the Club on Excellence in Management.
Diciembre / December 18, 2018
Alba González, alumna de Casvi, entre los 25 finalistas de MasterChef Junior
Alba González, Casvi student, among the 25 finalists of MasterChef Junior
This way, she will be able to show her talent in front of the jury in the last casting test that will take place, on set, in the first culinary talent show next Sunday, December 23rd.
Diciembre / December 18, 2018
El Deporte en Casvi
Sports at Casvi
At Casvi, we consider Physical Education as part of our students Integral Education. Hence, psychomotor activities are offered within and out of the school timetable, that will help them develop different skills.
Diciembre / December 17, 2018
Cinco de seis
Five out of six
Great weekend for our players. All the games turned out to be victories except for the one played by BC Casvi in ​​EBA League. These were the results.
Diciembre / December 17, 2018
III Recital Solidario Casvi
III Casvi Solidarity Recital
Over 70 Casvi students, among them, our Choir and Music School members, participated in the different sessions offered to parents and students of the III Solidarity Christmas Carol Recital.
Diciembre / December 17, 2018
Adiós al 2018 con pleno de victorias
Goodbye 2018 full of victories
Futsal Casvi says goodbye to this year celebrating with two clear victories that show the good game of our guys, game after game, in Alcorcón League. These were the results.
Diciembre / December 14, 2018
Buscamos ingenieros
We are looking for engineers
In our TPR lessons we boost the acquisition of necessary skills for the future of our students, such as creativity, work, open mindedness... Skills developed by our students of 1st E.S.O. while building a bridge with recycled paper.
Diciembre / December 13, 2018
Niños, Musicales y Broadway (Making of)
Kids, Musical Shows and Broadway (Making of)
It has been three months of hard work for our students, teachers, parents and grandparents who, once again, have been involved in the development of our IV Solidarity Calendar Casvi breaking the record in participation.
Diciembre / December 12, 2018
Más cerca de lo que crees
Really close to us
Gender violence should not be seen from afar in the news. It can be found really close to us as the number of adolescents affected has soared.
Diciembre / December 11, 2018
13 profesiones
13 professions
Our 3rd year Infant Education students have got to know them thanks to the talks offered during a whole month by some of their parents. This way, they have identified the work involved, among other things, of experts in Robotics,engineers, dentists.
Diciembre / December 11, 2018
¿Has terminado tu microrrelato?
Is your Short Story ready?
Well, if it is not, hurry up. Next Friday, December 14, the deadline to participate in our III Creativity Contest, Literature category concludes.
Diciembre / December 10, 2018
Media tonelada de juguetes, ropa y libros
Half a ton of toys, clothes and books
500 kilos of aid collected in a campaign organized by a group of students of International Baccalaureate Diploma Program within their CAS activities (Creativity, Activity and Service).
Diciembre / December 5, 2018
Sentido y sensibilidad
Sense and Sensibility
Through different workshops, our 1-year-old students have been working, not only their multiple intelligences, but also their first affective relationships and feelings, using different elements: paint, leaves, autumn fruits, feathers...
Diciembre / December 5, 2018
Belén en familia
Our Nativity scene
to learn and develop creativity, no better way than create this craft together with our families boosting skills like teamwork. This is the result.Our Nativity scene .
Diciembre / December 5, 2018
Celebramos la Constitución
Celebrating our Constitution Day.
Our 6 Primary students have visited Teresa Berganza Auditorium in Villaviciosa de Odón, to take part in the XL Anniversary of our Constitution.
Diciembre / December 4, 2018
That's it, amazing weekend for the different teams of Casvi Basketball Club. While the EBA and 1st Autonomic lost their respective derbies, our Junior, Cadet, Preinfantile and Infantile teams achieved victories.
Diciembre / December 3, 2018
Strugglers to the limit.This is how our Casvi Futsal players achieved victory and draw during the last matches in Alcorcón League.