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Febrero / February 28, 2019
Feliz Carnaval en Casvi
Happy Carnival at Casvi
Fun for sure at the great Carnival party celebrated today at Eurocolegio Casvi International Private School for our infants.
Febrero / February 28, 2019
¡Ciao Italia!
Ciao Italy!
Our 11th graders set off on their Cultural Trip to Italy full of enthusiasm and desire to have fun and explore a different country. There was an exciting atmosphere at Barajas airport right before boarding.
Febrero / February 28, 2019
Nadie tiene derecho a ser feliz a solas
How to Work Towards Collective Happiness
This is the message that Juan Yagüe, Casvi’s school founder, wanted to convey, in his welcome speech, to 120 business owners from Segovia who afterwards ate a delicious cocido in the school’s cafeteria.
Febrero / February 26, 2019
El momento más dulce de nuestro Preinfantil
Our Preinfantil team at their best!
Leader and unbeaten. Thats how our younbloods team is presented, in their best game momentum of the season. Those are all the results from the last match day for the Casvi Basketball Club.
Febrero / February 25, 2019
Casvi celebra el Día de la Mujer en la Ciencia en IMDEA
International Day of Women and Girls in Science
The 9th graders went to IMDEA (acronym for Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies) to listen to various different talks, given by female scientists, about innovation and nutrition.
Febrero / February 25, 2019
El Fútbol Sala Casvi nunca se rinde
Casvi Football indoor team does not give up
Neither seeking victory nor avoiding defeat. It is a fact that our guys show courage. They always show it on the field even though it does not always bring a reward.
Febrero / February 22, 2019
Casvi, epicentro hoy de la formación IB
IB Training at Casvi
Casvi today became the host school for various different IB Diploma Programme workshops. These workshops tackled a wide range of subjects, such as Maths, Language and Theory of Knowledge.
Febrero / February 21, 2019
¿Quién ha dicho que estudiar Historia es aburrido?
Who Said Studying History Was Boring?
Our 2nd year Baccalaureate students together with the Diploma students reviewed their final history test by doing a politicial role playing game.
Febrero / February 20, 2019
Pequeños en edad, pero grandes en resultados
Young, but great in results
Great match of our EBA team that wasn’t enough to beat the leader of the division. Meanwhile, our Cadete, Preinfantiles ans Alevines teams won easily their own matches. Those are all the results from the last match day.
Febrero / February 19, 2019
Empresarios por un día
Entrepreneurs for a day
The 4th graders have become entrepreneurs by creating their own businesses. They have produced quite an original market for buying and selling various products as a way to review the different systems of measuring goods.
Febrero / February 19, 2019
La mejor cara y la peor cruz
The best and the worst side
Great game of Casvi team "A", with a first half in which they were up by six goals at halftime. Quite the opposite happened in the Casvi team "B" that ended with the score Amanecer B 7-3 F.S. Casvi "B".
Febrero / February 18, 2019
Concienciando sobre el consumo sostenible del agua
Raising Awareness About Sustainable Water Consumption
The aim of Canal Educa’s different workshops was to raise awareness about water sustainability. These workshops turned out to be very interesting and practical.
Febrero / February 15, 2019
Medallas para arrancar la temporada de Gimnasia Rítmica
What a Great Start!
Sponsored by Casvi, the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Villaviciosa de Odón has gotten off a good start.A great number of Casvi students, who are part of the team.
Febrero / February 14, 2019
Mensajeros del amor
Messengers of Love!
Our IB Diploma students have acted as messengers of love. They have been in charge of picking up and delivering the love letters that students at Casvi have written for Valentine’s day to their own school partners and to teachers as well.
Febrero / February 14, 2019
Estoy cambiando…
I Am Changing...
This is the name of the unit of inquiry carried out by our 6th graders. The purpose was to investigate all parts of the human body. An activity which parents also participated in.
Febrero / February 13, 2019
Nuestra cantera, suma y sigue
Our youngbloods keep scoring
Our Junior, Cadete and Infantil teams continue their unbeaten path, reinforcing their position as leaders after a new victory this weekend. Those are all the results from the last match day.
Febrero / February 13, 2019
Mal inicio de Copa para el F.S. Casvi
Bad start of the League Cup for F.S. Casvi.
Big loss for our team (Cyara F.S. 7-1 Eurocolegio Casvi "B") against a second-year team, which led our boys to play with "fear".
Febrero / February 12, 2019
Aprendiendo a ser ecológicos
Learning How to be eco-friendly
Custards, chorizos, marmalades, candles, aloe vera cream, potpourri bags...These are all the handmade and completely eco-friendly products that our 3rd graders have learned to make within their last unit of inquiry.
Febrero / February 12, 2019
Cómo desarrollar los 5 sentidos en Primer Ciclo E. Infantil
First year of kindergarten: how to develop the 5 senses
Through various fun and engaging workshops, Casvi’'s littlest learners have investigated and experienced the five senses (hearing, taste, touch, feel, smell).
Febrero / February 11, 2019
Un viaje muy espacial
A Trip to Outerspace
This was the unit of inquiry done by our 2nd graders. It helped them learn about the solar system, spaceships, the first men to walk on the moon, etc. And in order to broaden their knowledge, they visited the Moon Museum.
Febrero / February 11, 2019
Este sábado, última Jornada de Puertas Abiertas en Casvi
Next Saturday, last Open Day at Casvi
You will be welcome to our Open Day which will take place next Saturday, February 16th at 11:30 am.
Febrero / February 8, 2019
Concluye el plazo para participar en el III Concurso de Creatividad Casvi
ENDING: Deadline to participate in The Third Annual Casvi Creativity Contest
Only one week left to meet deadline for submitting projects. Remember that you can still participate until February 14th within the following areas: Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Video, and Music.
Febrero / February 7, 2019
Aprendiendo a ser artistas en el Programa Diploma (IB)
Learning How to Become Artists in Diploma (IB)
Our visual arts students had the great pleasure of receiving a visit from Elena Martí. She is licensed in fine arts, is decorated with awards, and has been the featured artist of many exhibitions.
Febrero / February 7, 2019
Teatro en Inglés para todos sin salir del colegio
Theater in English Without Having to Leave School
Interacting Theatre Company is back this year with five new productions performed on the stage of our assembly hall at Casvi. Thanks to the interactive approach the students were able to enjoy putting into practice what they have learned in class.
Febrero / February 6, 2019
El Año Nuevo Chino en Casvi
Chinese New Year at Casvi
Here at Casvi, our students learn Chinese from 5th Primary to 4º E.S.O., so naturally our native Chinese teachers celebrated the Chinese New Year with them.
Febrero / February 6, 2019
Giant Slayers!
That’s the way we could define our EBA team, and our Cadete Team too, that continues with its victory strike of 8 matches in a row. Those are all the results from the last match day.
Febrero / February 6, 2019
Pleno de victorias para la Escuela de Fútbol Sala Casvi
Full of victories for the Casvi School indoor football teams
Great attitude displayed this weekend by our guys, waiting for the first Cup matches next weekend.These were the scores.
Febrero / February 5, 2019
Una mochila cargada de emociones
A backpack filled with emotions
Bitter and sweet emotions. Bitter due to the tears shed. Sweet after the delicious “chocolate with churros” tasted for the occasion. Right at the farewell party for our students from the Annie Wright International School, in Tacoma (USA.
Febrero / February 4, 2019
Máquinas vs humanos
Machines vs. Humans
The unit of inquiry, titled “How Does the World Work? I Experiment and I Create”, allowed our 4th graders to respond to the following question: How have machines improved our daily life?
Febrero / February 4, 2019
 “No sueñes con el éxito, trabaja para conseguirlo”
“Work to achieve your goals”
This was the inspiring message given by Enrique Blanco, the Global Chief Technology Innovation Officer (CTIO) for Telefonica, to our Baccalaureate and Diploma students.
Febrero / February 1, 2019
Repasamos álgebra jugando
Learning algebra through games
The use of legos help 9th graders review in a fun way binomial products.