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Marzo / March 29, 2019
Aprendiendo Arte con Sorolla
Learning About Art with Sorolla
Yesterday, our 4-year-old students visited the Sorolla Museum. The aim of the activity is to promote their artistic curiosity and talent from an early stage.
Marzo / March 28, 2019
Los robots invaden 2º E. Primaria
Robots Invade 2nd Grade
The aim of one the activities developed within the unit of inquiry, titled “The Time Machine,” was for students to help them have a complete view of the technological advances throughout history.
Marzo / March 28, 2019
Aprendemos en Inglés el uso responsable del agua
Learning In English About Water Sustainability
Thanks to a program brought to us by Canal Educa, our Kindergarteners learned all about the importance of water, its cycles and how to care for it.
Marzo / March 27, 2019
Aprendiendo Física jugando
Learning Physics by Playing
Through traditional games like “Capture the flag” (“El pañuelo”), 10th graders reviewed many core concepts of science such as kinetics, dynamics, energy, and waves.
Marzo / March 27, 2019
Mala jornada de Copa para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Bad day of Cup for Casvi teams
Two defeats this weekend for the F.S. Casvi. Despite this, team "A" still has open options in the qualifying round for the two remaining games.
Marzo / March 27, 2019
Presumiendo de cantera
Showing off our youngbloods
We cannot do anything else if we take into account the extraordinary season that our Infantil and Preinfantil teams are doing, refusing to give up the leadership of their own divisions.
Marzo / March 26, 2019
Arranca un nuevo Intercambio Lingüístico con Alemania
Our New Language Exchange with Germany Has Begun
A new language exchange program is taking place at Casvi. Three German students from Christophorusschule Berechtesgaden, a school located in Schönau am Königsee, arrived at our school where their host families were waiting for them.
Marzo / March 26, 2019
Más medallas para el Club de Gimnasia Rítmica de Villaviciosa de Odón
More Medals for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Villaviciosa de Odón
The last few weeks have been full of intense competitions for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Villaviciosa de Odón, sponsored by our school.
Marzo / March 25, 2019
Historia del dinero
The History of Money
Herodotus, a Greek historian, claimed that money was invented in the VIII century (B.C.) by the inhabitants of Lydia.The 10th grade business students learned this interesting fact, among others, during their visit to the Mint and Stamp Factory.
Marzo / March 25, 2019
Alerta Bullying
Anti-Bullying Program
Casvi is developing an anti-bullying program in conjunction with our counseling department which focuses on conflict resolution. Several groups of students have been created which have different roles in working to prevent bullying at our school.
Marzo / March 22, 2019
Deporte y equilibrio en el último día de su Semana Blanca
Sports and Being Balanced on Their Last Day in Andorra
During this winter sports week in Andorra, students have not only enjoyed skiing, but they have also shown how to be balanced in the ways they have coped with the various situations that have come up.
Marzo / March 22, 2019
Entre chinos y alemanes
Learning Languages: Chinese and German
Our 5th graders are advancing very well in both Chinese and German. Their ability to speak the languages is so good that they were motivated to teach the vocabulary they have learned to Casvi’s kindergarteners.
Marzo / March 21, 2019
Esquiadores audaces en las pistas de Andorra
Risk-Taking Skiers on the Andorran Slopes
This ski week in Grandvalira, Andorra, our students have been able to put into practice the attributes of an IB learner.
Marzo / March 21, 2019
Tercero en Absoluta y campeón en Juvenil
Big Wins
Big wins for our kids in Aldovea’s track competition. 11th grader, Mario Jiménez, won third place overall; an amazing victory considering he ran with professional athletes.
Marzo / March 21, 2019
A punto de la épica
One step away from epic
Our Liga EBA team was very close to get a decisive victory against the second team in the League classification, and we are talking about Real Madrid. We weren’t lucky enough at the end.
Marzo / March 20, 2019
Alumnos solidarios en nuestra Semana Blanca
Caring Students in Andorra
Being caring is another of the 10 attributes of an IB learner, and Casvi students are putting it into practice this week in Andorra.
Marzo / March 20, 2019
Victorias con dedicatoria especial
Victories with special dedication
Great success was obtained by the two Casvi Indoor Football teams that play in the Alcorcón League. Both with dedication for our student Pelayo, player from Alevín "A", who was injured in a training.
Marzo / March 19, 2019
Alumnos de mentalidad abierta en Andorra
Open-Minded Students in Andorra
Being open-minded is one of the 10 attributes of an IB learner, and the Casvi students are putting it into practice this week during the ski trip to Grandvalira, Andorra.
Marzo / March 19, 2019
Vídeo.- Hoy te voy a regalar...
Video.- Today’s present...
With lots of love and enthusiasm, our kindergarteners made gifts for their dads to celebrate this very special day.
Marzo / March 18, 2019
Más que una Semana Blanca
Lots of Fun During Winter Sports Week in Andorra 2019
Over 200 students will enjoy a whole week skiing in the Andorran slopes of Grandvalira. The trip there was already a party in itself!
Marzo / March 18, 2019
Going Green
Thanks to their last unit of inquiry, our 1st graders have learned the importance of recycling in order to protect the environment.
Marzo / March 15, 2019
Becas para Primer Ciclo de E. Infantil
Application Period for Kindergarten Scholarships Open Now
The parents of the Kindergarteners can now submit the application to apply for next school year´s scholarships (2019-2020). These are offered by the Regional Ministry of Education and Research of the Community of Madrid.
Marzo / March 15, 2019
La historia de Roma, desde otro punto de vista
Rome’s History from a Different Perspective
Pedro Guerrero, a physics teacher, together with Fernando González, Casvi’s librarian, gave a talk to 5th graders dressed as Romans. The aim of recreating Roman history like this was to introduce the subject in a fun and different way.
Marzo / March 14, 2019
Invictos desde octubre
Undefeated since last October
This is the presentation card of the Preinfantiles of our Casvi Basketball Club, which makes them retain the leadership of their group. Exactly the same situation for our Junior team, which has achieved another victory to their unbelievable season.
Marzo / March 14, 2019
Tablas para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Tie for Casvi football indoor team
We only managed to get one point in the two games played in Alcorcón League by both our A and B teams. Despite this, great work was done by our boys who stood out in effort, cooperation and overcoming obstacles.
Marzo / March 13, 2019
Una despedida muy especial
A Very Special Farewell
Over the last two months, 6 year old Pan Haiyang has been studying here as a Casvi student. He came all the way from China to our country to study here with us.
Marzo / March 12, 2019
Pequeños coaches
Young Coaches
Over the last few weeks, our 10th graders have been coaching some of Casvi's youngest students from 3rd of Infantil how to play checkers.
Marzo / March 11, 2019
Vídeo.- Día de los Abuelos 2019
Video.- Grandparents Day 2019
Once more, our 2, 3, and 4 year old students were the protagonists of the different shows created to celebrate Grandparents Day last Saturday. This year the theme was the world of emotions.
Marzo / March 11, 2019
Arrivederci Italia
Arrivederci Italy!
Our 11th graders have just returned from Italy where their 10 day trip became an unforgettable cultural experience.
Marzo / March 7, 2019
Alumnos y profesores de Casvi hablan en RNE del papel de la mujer en la sociedad
Women’s Role in Society
To celebrate International Women’s Day, a group of 3rd graders participated in a fun and interesting get-togehter on the Spanish radio program “Las Mañanas de RNE” hosted by Iñigo Alfonso.
Marzo / March 7, 2019
Emotivo reencuentro de la “Promoción del 75”
Emotional High School Reunion of 1975
Our school years are always the happiest years of our lives, just as they are when we find ourselves back in the company of our old school friends. This is exactly what just happened with our students from the year of 92-93.
Marzo / March 7, 2019
Pleno de pódiums para el Club de Gimnasia Rítmica de Villaviciosa de Odón
Big Wins for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Villaviciosa de Odón
Sponsored by Casvi, the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Villaviciosa de Odón won several medals in the Goldiam Trophy celebrated last weekend in Boadilla del Monte.
Marzo / March 7, 2019
Don Juan, invitado de honor de un nuevo “Escuela de Periodistas”
Mr. Yagüe guest of honour at the “School of Journalism”
Ana Martín (3rd grader), Álvaro Collado (4th grader) and Alejandra Briz (5th grader) have displayed their expertise as astute reporters in the first program of the season. They interviewed Juan Yagüe, the founder of Casvi school.
Marzo / March 6, 2019
No hay tropiezos para la cantera del CB Casvi
No setbacks for CB CASVI youngbloods
Both teams, cadete and junior, won their respective matches, allowing them to continue as leaders in their divisions. On the other hand, our EBA team had a double shift last weekend, and both matches ended in defeat.
Marzo / March 6, 2019
Triste entierro de la Sardina en Casvi
Sardine Burial at Casvi
Our Kindergarten students have lived with great sorrow the "Burial of the Sardine”, a closure act to say goodbye to our Carnival.
Marzo / March 5, 2019
Protagonistas de hábitos saludables en TVE
Casvi in The News
The cameras from the Spanish TV program “Saber Vivir” came to Casvi to interview our students and kitchen staff about healthy eating habits. You can see the news report next Sunday at 12:00 on La 2.