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Abril / April 30, 2019
Cal y arena
The bitter with the sweet
There had been every kind of results last weekend for our Club Baloncesto Casvi. Victories and defeats with something in common: the common effort of every single player. Those were all the results for the Casvi Basketball Club
Abril / April 29, 2019
Casvi celebra hoy el Día de la Danza
Casvi Dance Day
Dancing outdoors; this time in the school playground. Thus, during the whole school day, over 70 students, from grade 1 to grade 12 have been performing their choreographies in front of their classmates.
Abril / April 29, 2019
¿Todos los Campamentos de Verano son iguales?
Are All Summer Camps the Same?
If they are not the same, at least they are quite similar. Indeed not all of them have an impact on one’s life, but those offered in English at our school certainly do Casvi Nature Camp and Casvi Urban Camp give students an unforgettable experience.
Abril / April 26, 2019
Padres y profesores se unen contra el bullying en Casvi
Parents and teachers take action against bullying at Casvi.
Training workshops held in our school within the programme “Alert Bullying”. One among the various activities carried out at Casvi to fight against bullying at school, in collaboration with our Guidance Department.
Abril / April 25, 2019
Viaje en el tiempo en Arqueopinto
Traveling Back in Time at Arqueopinto Prehistoric Park
Our 3rd graders went on a field trip to Arquepinto, where they enjoyed a hands-on learning experience about different eras in history. This activity formed part of a unit of inquiry they have been working on titled “How the World Works.”
Abril / April 24, 2019
Nuestra apuesta por la cultura científica tiene premio
Casvi’s Award from UCM
The Complutense University has given Casvi a commemorative plaque for the school‘s work in promoting the culture of science with our junior high and high school students.
Abril / April 23, 2019
Así celebramos en Casvi el Día del Libro
How We Celebrate World Book Day at Casvi
World Book Day is such an important and cultural event that we wanted to celebrate it here at Casvi. Teachers from all grades organized different activities for the students to be able to enjoy it.
Abril / April 12, 2019
Vídeo.- Días de naturaleza e inglés en Casvi Camp
Vídeo.- Nature Days in English at Casvi Camp
Our 6th graders have enjoyed 4 days of intense activity in Sierra de Gredos. They practiced their English, shared unforgettable moments with their friends and classmates, and continue developing the different IB learner profile attributes.
Abril / April 11, 2019
Easter Bunny, de nuevo en Eurocolegio Casvi
Easter Bunny, once again at Eurocolegio Casvi
Indeed, the well-known "Easter Bunny" visited our students of Kindergarten hiding hundreds of chocolate eggs all over their classrooms.
Abril / April 11, 2019
Vídeo.- Una Semana Blanca inolvidable en Grandvalira (Andorra)
Video.- Unforgettable Snow Week in Grandvalira (Andorra)
Over there, our students could practice their favourite sport, but they also fostered their personal skills, self-development and coexisted with the rest of their classmates. You can witness this in this video.
Abril / April 10, 2019
Simply Amazing!
12th graders in the Arts Diploma Program have been creating incredible works of art over the last two years. They exhibited their projects in Casvi’s assembly hall for all of us to see and enjoy.
Abril / April 10, 2019
Primera victoria a domicilio de nuestro EBA
First Home victory of our EBA team
Well-deserved victory in a great cooperative game of every player in our Club Baloncesto Casvi team. Victories too for our cadete, preinfantil and infantil teams. A great match day in which those were all the results for the Casvi Basketball Club.
Abril / April 10, 2019
El F.S. Casvi “B” también tercero en la Liga de Alcorcón
The F.S. Casvi "B" also third in the Alcorcón League
Last week we announced the good news of the third place of the team "A" in Group 2, now we are announcing the same for team "B" in Group 3.
Abril / April 9, 2019
Vídeo.- Aprendizajes y experiencias en la primera infancia
Video.- Early Childhood Education
At an early age, a child’s brain and body develop quicker than in any other moment of their lives. That is why at Casvi we prepare an array of activities to help kindergarteners advance through their developmental stages with ease.
Abril / April 9, 2019
Ciencia a la carta para nuestros alumnos de 2º Bachillerato
Science à la Carte
Our 12th graders participated in an activity organized by Rey Juan Carlos University, where they attended different workshops, talks, and presentations related to science and technology taught at these facilities.
Abril / April 9, 2019
Éxito rotundo en la Gym Cup Madrid
Success at the Gym Cup Madrid
The girls of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Villaviciosa de Odón won four medals in the Gym Cup Madrid, an event sponsored by Casvi.
Abril / April 8, 2019
Nuestros alumnos de 6º de aventura en Gredos
Our Primary 6th students on adventure in Gredos
A new Casvi Camp at our Casvi Nature Center in Sierra de Gredos (Ávila). They set off gleaming with joy, and with backpacks full of good intentions, as well as all their clothes necessary to spend the next four days.
Abril / April 8, 2019
Un paseo por el tiempo
A Walk Through Time
Our 3rd graders have carried out different activities within their last unit of inquiry titled “A Walk Through Time.” This unit is included under the transdisciplinary topic “How we organize ourselves.”
Abril / April 5, 2019
Nuestra alumna, Lucía Porcar, en el Mundial de Patinaje
Lucía Porcar at the World Figure Skating Championship
After Lucía Porcar, a 12th grade diploma student, won the Spanish Championship with her team, Team Mirum, she travelled last month to Neuchâtel (Switzerland) to represent our country in the World Synchronized Ice Skating Championship.
Abril / April 3, 2019
Laboratorio de Física al aire libre
Outdoor Physics Lab
Our 10th graders went to the amusement park and usded it as an outdoor physics lab in order to test and to better comprehension of the core principles of physics.
Abril / April 2, 2019
Todo el Arte de Bachillerato Internacional en nuestro Salón de Actos
Art Exhibition in the Assembly Hall
The students in the Arts Diploma Program are exhibiting their projects in Casvi’s assembly hall where you can find many types of paintings and sculptures. These were created using various techniques which show the great talent the students possess.
Abril / April 2, 2019
El F.S. Casvi finaliza 3º en la Liga de Alcorcón
The F.S. Casvi finishes 3rd in the Alcorcón League
Great position has been possible thanks to the team last 4-1 victory against the CDE Amanecer "A". In fact, they played a focused game against a opponent which was ahead in the rating.
Abril / April 2, 2019
Los más pequeños del CB Casvi disputan su primera competición
Our youngest players at CB Casvi playing their first competition
Friendly triangular tournament between the Prebenjamines teams of Casvi Boadilla, Liceo Sorolla and Casvi Villaviciosa. Its main objective, to encourage the practice of the game of basketball, within the healthy habits and transmission of values.
Abril / April 1, 2019
Dos premios para Ana Boullón, alumna de Casvi de 2º Bachillerato, en la Olimpiada de Química
Chemistry Olympics
Ana Buollon, a 12th grader, won two awards at the Chemistry Olympics: second place in the Periodic Table of Elements and honorable mention.