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Mayo / May 31, 2018
Ganadores del II Concurso de Creatividad Casvi
II Casvi Creativity Contest Winners
The jury decided. Art professionals (Elena Martí, painter and Luis de Pablos, photographer) were the ones in charge of choosing the works deserving the final prizes.
Mayo / May 31, 2018
¿Por qué Casvi Camp? Lección 5
Why Casvi Camp? Lesson 5
Our English Summer Camp is held in a small village called La Parra, close to Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila). A circumstance that makes the fifth reason to attend our Casvi Camp in July easier: OUTDOOR GAMES AND SPORTS.
Mayo / May 30, 2018
Cómo estimular las inteligencias múltiples en 1 año
How to encourage multiple intelligences at the age of 1
That can be achieved through early stimulation, using different games as the main tool. The objective is to have fun learning, and that is what our 1-year-old children do at Casvi.
Mayo / May 30, 2018
Nuestros alumnos a debate
Our students up for debate
"Stereotypes associated to women, do they hamper their access to work positions traditionally thought for men?" This is the topic our students of 1st grade of International Baccalaureate (IB), had to discuss about in the IX School Debate Tournament.
Mayo / May 29, 2018
Teatro en inglés protagonizado por los más pequeños
Drama play in English starring our youngest students
Dramatization provides lots of benefits, above all, at early ages. That is why our teachers of 1st grade of Pre-School Education started up this initiative which our students of Early Years took advantage of.
Mayo / May 29, 2018
Nuestros alumnos de 3º E. Primaria celebran el Día del Árbol
Our 3rd grade Primary Education students celebrate Arbor Day
Organized by Villaviciosa de Odón City Council, Environment councillorship. Thanks to it, 100 trees were planted.They did it with the participation of students from different schools in the town, among which our school was included.
Mayo / May 28, 2018
Una de cal y otra de arena para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Ups and downs for Casvi Basketball Club
While the Young Preferential category obtained a victory, the 1st Autonomic category, second team of Casvi Basketball Club still competing, could not end the season with a victory, even though they did their best.
Mayo / May 28, 2018
El Fútbol Sala Casvi pasa a semifinales de la Copa de Alcorcón
Five-a-side football Casvi to Alcorcón Cup Semi-finals
Once again, the penalties’ period was a key factor for our players, as the quarterfinals ended in a tie: Euroschool Casvi 2 – C.D.E. Pinar San José A 2.
Mayo / May 28, 2018
Nuestros alumnos de 4º en Casvi Camp Gredos
Our students of 4th grade Primary Education in Casvi Camp Gredos
Our students of 4th grade of Primary Education set off happily to spend five days in the incomparable natural environment of Sierra de Gredos.
Mayo / May 24, 2018
El Fútbol Sala Casvi, a cuartos de final de Copa
Casvi five- a -side football, to cup quarterfinals
A difficult match against a hard and complicated rival that ended up in a tie: F.S. Casvi 2 C.D.E PINAR SAN JOSÉ B 1. After the penaltis period, and a 2 to 1 favoring us in the scoreboard, we assured the pass to the following round in Alcorcón’s Cup.
Mayo / May 24, 2018
Fin de semana intenso para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Intense weekend for Casvi Basketball Club
Only our Juniors won this weekend while our Cadet category had a happy ending as well. The league ended fulfilling the objective of keeping the category. These were the results.
Mayo / May 24, 2018
Diversión en inglés para nuestros alumnos de 5º en Gredos
Fun in English for our students of 5th grade of Primary Education in Gredos
They are halfway through this Casvi Camp. We confirm that our students of 5th grade are having a great time in Casvi's Nature Centre Gredos. They are the ones in charge of telling us how this great experience that will be over tomorrow,is developing.
Mayo / May 23, 2018
Vídeo.- La Bella y la Bestia
Video.- Beauty and the Beast
Resounding success during the five performances of the play ‘Beauty and the Beast’ offered by our students of Casvi Drama Groups. Faithful adaptation of the well-known Disney movie.
Mayo / May 22, 2018
Comuniones en Casvi
First Communions at Casvi
Students of 4th grade of Primary Education willing to do so, had their First Communion at Euroschool Casvi last 19th and 20th of May. Great celebration that gathered our whole Educational Community of Casvi both during preparations and celebration.
Mayo / May 21, 2018
Emoción en su despedida de las aulas de Bachillerato
Emotional Good-bye to their Baccalaureate classrooms
They pass the most difficult part, EvAU examinations, but before that, our students of 2nd grade Baccalaureate (XXXII class) and IB Diploma Programme (VIII Class), deserved a big farewell celebration from their school and teachers.
Mayo / May 21, 2018
Nuestros alumnos de 5º en Casvi Camp Gredos
Our students of 5th grade Primary Education in Casvi Camp Gredos
A new adventure in our Nature Center Casvi in La Parra (Ávila) has started. Our students of 5th grade of Primary Education set off happily to spend five days in the incomparable natural environment of Sierra de Gredos.
Mayo / May 18, 2018
Creando robots en 6º E. Primaria
Creating robots in 6th grade of Primary Education
And they did it in Robotics class from a simple toothbrush. Apart from its use as a dental higiene tool, they shaped it is as an insect and made it move.
Mayo / May 17, 2018
Hermanamiento deportivo entre los tres colegios Casvi
Sports partnership among our three Casvi schools
Our students had a key role in the Triangular celebrated in Casvi International American School, organized with the purpose of encouraging sport values among all our students at Casvi Schools.
Mayo / May 17, 2018
¿Por qué Casvi Camp? Lección 4
Why Casvi Camp? Lesson 4
Fourth reason why Casvi Camp Nature is the best option for next summer. PRACTISING SPORT IN A NATURAL ENVIRONMENT like Sierra of Gredos (Ávila).
Mayo / May 17, 2018
XI Jornadas Deportivas Escolares con protagonismo de Casvi
XI School Sports Day starring Casvi
Organized by Villaviciosa of Odón City Council in the municipal football fields, with participation of our students at Casvi International Private Euroschool, from 2nd grade of Primary Education to 1st grade of Secondary Education.
Mayo / May 16, 2018
¡Gran yincana literaria en Casvi!
Literary gymkhana at Casvi!
Clear objective. To boost the habit of reading among our students. Concretely, among our students of 5th and 6th grade of Primary Education. They had real fun with all the ingenious and general knowledge tests planned by Fernando, our librarian.
Mayo / May 16, 2018
Lección de pundonor de los Cadetes del CB Casvi
Self-love lesson for Casvi BC cadet category
Our Casvi BC cadet category is currently living a great final stretch. Thanks to their second consecutive victory, it is up to them to keep the Preferential category. The rest of last weekend’s results were not that good.
Mayo / May 15, 2018
Abierto el plazo para apuntarse a Casvi Camp
Abierto el plazo para apuntarse a Casvi Camp
Lo pueden hacer en la doble modalidad de este Campamento de Verano en Inglés. El Urbano, que tendrá lugar en el Colegio Concertado Casvi Boadilla, y el de Naturaleza, en el Centro de la Naturaleza Casvi en la Sierra de Gredos (Ávila).
Mayo / May 15, 2018
Reinventarse es tener sed de triunfar
Reinventing yourself is having a thirst for success
This is the message that Mr. Juan Yagüe, founder of Euroschool Casvi, transmitted the more than 120 entrepreneurs from Segovia attending his welcome speech, followed by a tasty ‘Cocido’ in our facilities.
Mayo / May 15, 2018
Final de liga con broche de oro para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
The end of the league with a final touch for Casvi’s Indoor Football
There is no better way to close the season than a great match and victory facing the team in the second place. Euroschool Casvi 3 – 1 Villalkor ‘A’ School, in a very serious match for our team, in attack and defensive positions.
Mayo / May 11, 2018
Últimas entradas para ver La Bella y la Bestia
Last tickets for Beauty and the Beast
New and last production of our Casvi Drama Group. Next Friday 11th May, at 6 PM, last performance that all our families of Eurocolegio Casvi will enjoy.
Mayo / May 11, 2018
Nueva producción de nuestro Grupo de Teatro en Inglés
New production of our Drama Group in English
‘’The shiny pearl’’ is the title of the new play starred by our Casvi Drama Group in English. Performed in front of our students of Pre-School Education , together with students from other Pre-Schools of the area invited to the performance.
Mayo / May 10, 2018
¿Por qué Casvi Camp? Lección 3
Why Casvi Camp? Lesson 3
Third reason to join our new English Summer Camp next July, at Casvi’s Nature Center in Gredos: REFRESHING AQUATIC ACTIVITIES IN THE POOL.
Mayo / May 10, 2018
11 medallas para nuestros chicos en el Cross de Torrevilano
11 medals for our students in Torrevilano’s Cross
Resounding success for Casvi Athletics, established as one of the best schools in the competition. Once again, we can stand out the first positions of Mario Jiménez, Laura Fernández and Diego Gabaldón, who was the big winner of the day.
Mayo / May 9, 2018
Medalla de bronce para nuestros Infantiles del Club Baloncesto Casvi
Bronze Medal for our children of Casvi’s Basketball Club
Great victory facing Villaeuropa team. Providing a final touch to the great effort made during the whole season. However, the result of our EBA team was not that good.
Mayo / May 9, 2018
Finalistas del II Concurso de Creatividad Casvi
Finalists of the II Creativity Contest at Casvi
A jury comprising Art teachers of our school made the decision. It was hard due to the big talent shown by the candidates and the great quality of their art works.
Mayo / May 9, 2018
El Fútbol Sala Casvi, finaliza tercero en la Liga de Alcorcón
Five-a-side football Casvi, third position in Alcorcón League
Exciting match last Saturday that ended in a tie with ‘Amanecer B’ School. After this result, Casvi’s five-a-side football obtained the third position in the league, trophy that will be picked up at the end of the season.
Mayo / May 8, 2018
Vídeo.- VI Recital “Puzle de recuerdos”
Video.- VI Recital ‘’Puzzle of memories’’
Almost 100 students of Eurocolegio Casvi have been protagonists in this recital that gathered in the same place, our Assembly room, different musical, dance performances and dramatic scenes.
Mayo / May 7, 2018
Nuestros alumnos de 3º en Casvi Camp Gredos
Our students of 3rd grade Primary Education in Casvi Camp Gredos
A new adventure in our Nature Center Casvi in Ávila has started. Our students of 3rd grade of Primary Education set off happily to spend five days in the incomparable natural environment of Sierra de Gredos.
Mayo / May 6, 2018
¡Feliz Día de la Madre!
Happy Mother’s Day!
Our students make it clear. Their mums are the best in the world for many reasons which they explain to us in this video, while they show us the gifts they have been making during the last few days.
Mayo / May 4, 2018
El mejor baloncesto de cantera a partir de hoy en Casvi
The best reserve of young basketball players from today at Casvi
At 6 PM this afternoon, at our Casvi’s sports pavillion,a big basketball date for the Community of Madrid. LAST STAGE OF YOUNG PREFERENTIAL MASCULINE CADETS CATEGORY.
Mayo / May 3, 2018
¿Por qué Casvi Casvi Camp? Lección 2
Why Casvi Camp? Lesson 2
Second reason why Casvi Nature Camp is the best option for this summer. CLIMBING AS A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE FOR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Performed at the climbing wall of Casvi´s Nature Center in Sierra de Gredos (Ávila).
Mayo / May 3, 2018
Primeros trabajos de nuestro Concurso de Abanicos
First works of our Fan Contest
Such amazing things we are doing in our fan contest ! Under the theme ‘’ Spring’’, our students of Pre-school Education, Primary Education, E.S.O. and Baccalaureate are now creating their drawings to participate in this contest