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Junio / June 28, 2019
Diario de nuestros peregrinos.- Etapa 5 y final
Diary of our pilgrims: stage 5 and end
At last, the most emotional moment of our Camino de Santiago 2019 arrived. The entrance to the city feeling absolutely moved, accelerated heartbeat and aching feet. Together with a mixture of great joy.
Junio / June 28, 2019
Uniendo Arte  y Música
Art and Music merge
Both departments got it by promoting an activity that closed the school year. Thanks to it, our students of Primary 4th composed their own musical theme, accompanying them with instruments and body expression.
Junio / June 27, 2019
Diario de nuestros peregrinos.- Etapa 4
Diary of our pilgrims: stage 4
Penultimate stage from Arzúa to Pedrouzo. Our pilgrims are feeling very excited as they can feel that their arrival in Santiago is close.
Junio / June 27, 2019
Iniciación musical para nuestros alumnos de Primer Ciclo E. Infantil
Music Classes for Preschoolers
Music is an extremely important subject for our preschoolers because it helps them with their cognitive growth, language development, gross motor skills, social interaction, among others.
Junio / June 27, 2019
Una aventura lectora en inglés
An english reading adventure
Our 4 year olds students practiced their reading skills learned through the Jolly Phonics methodology. They used this knowledge to become graphic designers for the "Casvi Summer Camp".
Junio / June 27, 2019
Profes vs alumn@s
Teachers Vs. Students
Sport is a great way to bring people closer together. A clear example of it are the football and volleyball matches carried out during this week.
Junio / June 26, 2019
Diario de nuestros peregrinos.- Etapa 3
Diary of our pilgrims: stage 3
Today, a beautiful stage in terms of landscapes, but hard due to a total of 30 km that have been left behind with great effort and feeling of accomplishment. The final destination was Arzúa.
Junio / June 26, 2019
Se amplía el plazo para participar en la II Carrera contra el Cáncer
Extended deadline to participate in the 2nd Race against Cancer.
June 28 is the deadline to enrol this sporting event that will be taking place in Villaviciosa de Odón next Sunday, aiming at raising funds for the Spanish Association Against Cancer.
Junio / June 26, 2019
Nuestros alumnos de 6º exponen su proyecto final PEP
Our 6th grade students display their final PYP Project
Great teamwork which reflects attributes such as: bold or reflective, as well as communication and social skills, which they have developed throughout the PYP Programme.
Junio / June 26, 2019
Los hermanos Saquicoray Pozuelo, ¡a por el Campeonato de España!
Saquicoray Pozuelo siblings go for the Spanish Championship !
Our two students, Martín and Lorena, 6th and 8th graders, will be participating, the following June 26, 27 and 28 in the Spanish Championship which will be taking place in Tarragona, representing Madrid and their club.
Junio / June 25, 2019
Diario de nuestros peregrinos.- Etapa 2
Diary of our pilgrims: stage 2
25 km - stage that has taken our MIDDLE 4th students who are participating in "El Camino de Santiago", to walk from Portomarín to Palas de Rey.
Junio / June 25, 2019
En Alemania para disfrutar de un nuevo Intercambio Lingüístico
In Germany on a new Language Exchange
Two Bachillerato students set off on their trip to Schönau am Königssee, a town in Bavaria.
Junio / June 25, 2019
Vídeo.-Solidaridad y diversión en nuestra fiesta solidaria de fin de curso
Video.- Solidarity and fun in our End-of-school year Festival
Great solidarity party held last Saturday for Casvi Foundation. An artistic exhibition, cross, dance contest, musical performances, a solidarity market, raffles, auctions, bouncy castles...
Junio / June 25, 2019
Casvi Factor 2019
Casvi Factor 2019
For months, our students from 3rd to 6th grade, have been preparing with effort and dedication, the different choreographies to participate in this “Dance Contest” organized by our English Department.
Junio / June 24, 2019
Recompensa en forma de premio para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Five-A-Side Football Trophies
During this season, both five-a-side football teams have been courageous and persistent. Both teams have gotten 3rd place in their respective groups in the Alcorcón League and, therefore, been awarded a trophy.
Junio / June 24, 2019
Diario de nuestros peregrinos.- Etapa 1
Diary of our pilgrims: Stage 1
Up to 55 Secondary 4th students from Casvi Schools in Villaviciosa de Odón and Boadilla del Monte set off for the “Camino de Santiago”, a total of 111 kilometers starting today Monday.
Junio / June 24, 2019
Números premiados en la Rifa Solidaria
Winning numbers in the Solidary Raffle
These are the winning numbers for the prizes offered in the Solidary Raffle held during the End of Year Party organised last June 22 by Eurocolegio Casvi. Aiming for collaboration with the Aid project that Casvi Foundation is developing in Piura.
Junio / June 24, 2019
 X Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
School Sports Days
This year the School Sports Days were held in Casvi Boadilla del Monte. That is why for six consecutive days our primary education students used their facilities.
Junio / June 21, 2019
Piura significa ayudar a los que lo necesitan
Helping the Ones in Need
Piura is the main solidarity project of Casvi Foundation. That is why all three Casvi schools help with its funding. And what better way to raise funds than at the end of school year party which will take place tomorrow at 18:00.
Junio / June 21, 2019
Conciertos de la Escuela de Música Casvi
Casvi Music School Concerts
The students of our school, members of Casvi School of Music, have delighted us for the last weeks with five masterful concerts in which we all could see their great progress during the school year which is about to finish.
Junio / June 20, 2019
Excelentes resultados en la EvAU de los alumnos de Casvi
Excellent results in the EvAU for our Casvi students
In fact, our students of 2nd Bachillerato are among the highest average scores in the Community of Madrid with a provisional average of 7.31 in the mandatory block.
Junio / June 20, 2019
Sin miedo ante el “cocodrilo hambriento”
Leaving Fear Aside
In robotics class, our 4th graders built with LEGO WeDo a “hungry crocodile”. Its construction was possible thanks to Scratch and through Hub, which is an engine and a distance sensor.
Junio / June 20, 2019
Taller de canto y expresión corporal para nuestra Escuela de Música
Singing and Body Language Workshops
Students of Casvi School of Music had the honour of learning from Maite García Heres, director not only of the infantile choir of the Real Grupo Covadonga of Gijón, but also of the Performing Arts Centre 440.
Junio / June 20, 2019
Sobre ruedas para aprender E. Vial
Road-safety Education
In order to raise students’ awareness about road-safety education, Kindergarteners put on their helmets and hopped on their bikes and scooters.
Junio / June 19, 2019
Su primer Casvi Camp
Their first Casvi Camp
Heading for our Casvi Nature Center in Sierra de Gredos, our students from Primary 1st are ready to enjoy their first camp in English today.
Junio / June 19, 2019
Actuación final de las Escuelas de Baile y Gimnasia Rítmica
Final performance of Dance and Rhythmic Gymnastic Schools.
Outstanding performance of our students, members of both schools, at the end of year performance that filled parents who gathered for the occasion in our Sports Pavilion with pride and enthusiasm.
Junio / June 19, 2019
Vídeo.- 11 aniversario de la Fundación Casvi en Piura
Video.- Celebrating the 11th Anniversary of Casvi Foundation in Piura
Eleven years ago, Casvi Foundation started helping the Peruvian city of Piura by building a school that now offers a great variety of vocational training workshops.
Junio / June 18, 2019
¡Convocado por la selección madrileña!
Called up by the National Team!
Casvi Basketball Club is on a winning streak! One of its players, Arturo Prieto, who is also a 7th grader at Casvi, has just been called up to play in the infantile category by the national team of Madrid. Congratulations!
Junio / June 18, 2019
Y ahora...¡al laboratorio!
Now, let's go to the lab!
Our preschoolers took a trip to the lab to carry out a scientific procedure, filled with emotions, as experimentation will be the base of their learning process during their entire educational stage.
Junio / June 18, 2019
Los padres vuelven al cole
Parents return to school
They shared their knowledge with their own kids, and their classmates. Thus, they offered talks on science, music, robotics...
Junio / June 17, 2019
Un cocido para recordar
“Cocido” to remember
Around 50 Casvi 2nd Bachillerato families and teachers gathered last Friday to taste a delicious and unforgettable “cocido” in our dining room along with cherished memories of a lifetime at school dating from Infant Education.
Junio / June 17, 2019
Trofeo como subcampeones para los Infantiles del CB Casvi
Trophy as runners-up for Casvi BC players
New triumph for our Casvi Basketball Club Youth team. Our Infantile team played the last season in DEUCO League and achieved a deserved second position.
Junio / June 17, 2019
Emoción por la lectura
Getting Students Excited about Reading
Several activities are carried out during the school year to encourage students to read for pleasure.
Junio / June 17, 2019
Nueva aventura en Gredos
A New Adventure is About to Begin in Gredos!
Our 2nd graders left this morning to Sierra de Gredos filled with excitement. They are going to be there enjoying the new Casvi Camp until next Wednesday.
Junio / June 14, 2019
Pequeños cirujanos
Young Pathologists
During this week, and thanks to the Biology teacher, 7th graders got first-hand experience of what the inside of an animal looks like by carrying out a dissection.
Junio / June 14, 2019
Premios increíbles para nuestra rifa solidaria con la Fundación Casvi
Amazing prizes in our Casvi Foundation solidarity raffle
It will take place in Eurocolegio Casvi, End of School year festival next Saturday June 22.Just a quick reminder: Raffle tickets on sale at 3€ aimed at our Solidarity Project in Piura (Peru).
Junio / June 14, 2019
Al ritmo de los mejores ciclistas
At the best cyclists' pace
This is the way our Primary 6º students enrolled their first great cycling route last week. A 25-kilometer route that took them to Ciudad de la Imagen.
Junio / June 13, 2019
III Torneo Natación Casvi
III Swimming Tournament Casvi
Developed during playground breaks, our students have participated from Primary 1st to 6th. Activity that aimed to promote interest and enthusiasm for this beautiful sport.
Junio / June 13, 2019
En 4º E. Primaria construimos nuestro primer Robot Beam
Our First Robot
4th graders built their first robot in robotics class. Its aim was to foster students’ interest for science and technology. It also helped them to sharpen their logical thinking, to improve their fine motor skills and to develop their patience.
Junio / June 13, 2019
Nuestro colegio, campeón en la II Jornada Deportiva Casvi
Our school, champion of Casvi Sports Day II
Remarkable performance of our students in the triangular held at Casvi International American School, organized with the aim of promoting sport values ​​among students from Casvi Schools group (Villaviciosa, Boadilla and Tres Cantos).
Junio / June 12, 2019
Casvi, salida y meta de la II Carrera contra el Cáncer
Race Against Cancer
This year Casvi is the race’s starting point for runners participating in the Second Race against Cancer which will take place June 30th.
Junio / June 12, 2019
Pasión por la Historia
Passion for History
During this third term, Fernando González, Casvi’s librarian, has given our students several talks about history.
Junio / June 12, 2019
Vídeo.- La Sirenita
Vídeo. - ‘The Little Mermaid’
The performance of ‘The Little Mermaid’ was a resounding success. It was performed four different times by Casvi’s Drama Group students, who made an extremely faithful adaptation of the well-known Disney film.
Junio / June 11, 2019
Un proyecto muy personal
A Very Personal Project
Our 10th graders have completed their MYP personal project. It has helped them to consolidate, practice and strengthen the ATL skills acquired and learnt throughout the school year.
Junio / June 11, 2019
Teatro en inglés protagonizado por los más pequeños
Theater in English Starring Our Youngest Learners
Performing arts can have many benefits, above all, at an early age. This is why pre-school teachers organized and developed a very engaging activity within their last unit of inquiry titled “Learning about the Animal Kingdom”.
Junio / June 11, 2019
Vídeo.- Graduación de E. Infantil
Video.- Infant education Graduation
Filled with excitement, our 3º year Kindergarten on June 8 after their Graduation Event.
Junio / June 10, 2019
Los Cadetes del CB Casvi en el Top 3 de baloncesto madrileño
Casvi BC cadets Top 3 at Madrid basketball ranking
Final bronze for our cadet team in Preference League at their last victory in the final phase held in Alcalá de Henares. Result that leads them to be third in Madrid and promote to Group 3.
Junio / June 10, 2019
¿Cómo ser grandes artistas desde pequeños?
How to Become Artists from an Early Age?
Our program to encourage reading and writing skills allows students, from three years upwards, to develop spatial awareness.
Junio / June 8, 2019
¿Quieres formar parte de nuestra Escuela de Música?
Do You Want to Join the Music Club?
The enrollment period is open now and everybody can participate, from pre-school to Baccalaureate students, alumni and parents. The Music club allows the technical and interpretive specialization of different instruments as well as of singing.
Junio / June 7, 2019
¿Debe la ingeniería genética tener límites?
Where Should We Draw the Line With Genetic Engineering?
10th graders learned the art of debating opposing positions as an interdisciplinary activity between their Biology and Spanish Language classes.
Junio / June 7, 2019
Gran concierto de flauta dulce: 1º, 2º y 3º E. Primaria
Recorder Concert
Music is indeed a universal language because it inspires and moves people’s hearts. This is why it is such an important school subject at Casvi. One of the most commonly used instruments in music class is the recorder.
Junio / June 6, 2019
Al teatro con “Tres sombreros de copa”
‘Three Top Hats’
Our 10th graders went to María Guerrero Theater, located in Madrid, to see Tres Sombreros de Copa (‘Three Top Hats’), which is a well-known comedy written by Miguel Mihura.
Junio / June 6, 2019
La Escuela de Música Casvi baja el telón
Our School of Music lowers the curtain
In the forthcoming days, our Music Club students will delight us with 5 magnificent concerts, where they will show not only how talented they are, but also the spectacular progress they have achieved during this school year.
Junio / June 6, 2019
Broche de oro para el Club Baloncesto Casvi
Grand finale given by Club Baloncesto Casvi
The crown jewel was achieved by our Junior and Preinfantil teams, with a couple of epic victories in their last matches of a season which, for both teams, has been excellent.
Junio / June 5, 2019
Los más pequeños de Casvi celebran hoy el Día del Medio Ambiente
Our youngest students celebrate World Environment Day at Casvi
Doing research on the products of their daily routine which are biodegradable or not, they have been looking into environmentally friendly alternatives.
Junio / June 5, 2019
Una visita muy especial
A Very Special Visit
Jackson Franic Day, a student from the Eisenhower International School (Tulsa-USA) who participated in Casvi’s language exchange program last year, paid us a visit.
Junio / June 4, 2019
Pleno de medallas
Full of medals
Achieved at Loreto Achaerandio Tournament III by the teams of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Villaviciosa de Odón, both beginners and schools. Sponsored by our school, with a number of Casvi students involved.
Junio / June 4, 2019
Taller de repostería saludable para 3º E. Infantil
Healthy Baking Workshop
Silvia Saavedra, mom of two students from Casvi, explained to kindergarteners that cooking and eating handmade biscuits could be extremely healthy.
Junio / June 3, 2019
Vídeo.- Días de naturaleza e inglés en Casvi Camp
Our 4th graders have enjoyed 5 days of intense activity in Sierra de Gredos. They practiced their English, shared unforgettable moments with their friends and classmates.