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Julio / July 20, 2018
Safari fotográfico por la sabana africana
Photographic safari through the African savanna
Today at Casvi Day Camp, throughout the facilities of our school, animals and ancient wild tribes have been running and playing.
Julio / July 19, 2018
Adquirimos hábitos saludables en Casvi Camp Urbano
Developing healthy habits at Casvi Day Camp
In addition, at the same time they learn to easily develop the necessary independence for their day to day routine, both in the campus and later on in their daily life.
Julio / July 18, 2018
Viajamos hasta Rusia en Casvi Camp Urbano
Travelling to Russia at Casvi Day Camp
Matrioska dolls have been mostly recognized, but also lots of other things about the Soviet culture have been discovered by children who attend our Summer Day Camp in English.
Julio / July 17, 2018
Aprendemos a orientarnos en la piscina de Casvi Camp Urbano
Learning to orientate ourselves at Casvi Day Camp in the pool
The participants in our Summer Camp in English enjoy, every single day, games and circuits programmed by their swimming teachers in our pool at Casvi.
Julio / July 16, 2018
Nuevas emociones en la segunda quincena de Casvi Camp Urbano
New emotions in the second half of Casvi Day Camp
Two new weeks for our Summer Camp in English, with new participants, who will enjoy activities, games and surprises prepared by our instructors.
Julio / July 13, 2018
“Fiesta del agua” para terminar Casvi Camp Urbano
"Water Festival" to finish our Casvi Day Camp
We say goodbye to the first fortnight of this Summer Camp in English with the traditional "water battle". Their weapons ... very special pistols loaded with such a refreshing element.
Julio / July 13, 2018
Inmersión en Inglés a través del teatro en Casvi Camp Naturaleza
Immersion in English through Drama at Casvi Nature Camp
English is the usual language used by all the participants in this Summer Camp. Bilingual monitors and native teachers encourage them to use it continuously. But the activity that contributes the most to it, is the Drama Workshop in English.
Julio / July 12, 2018
Nueva ruta senderista en Casvi Camp Naturaleza
New hiking route at Casvi Nature Camp
They set off from La Parra (where our Casvi Nature Center is located) to Arenas de San Pedro, going through paradisiacal paths of Sierra de Gredos.
Julio / July 12, 2018
Creatividad y curiosidad en Casvi Camp Urbano
Creativity and curiosity at Casvi Day Camp
At Casvi Day Camp, we deal with creativity through proposals that awaken their curiosity and enable them to learn by playing.
Julio / July 11, 2018
Vídeo.- Visita de Casvi Camp Urbano a Faunia
Video.- Casvi Day Camp visiting Faunia
Having a whale of a time! The participants of our Summer Camp enjoyed an outing to this Nature Theme Park which provided them with great cultural knowledge, since Faunia is both a botanical garden and a zoo.
Julio / July 11, 2018
“Hasta el cielo y más allá” en Casvi Camp Naturaleza
"Up to heaven and beyond" at Casvi Nature Camp.
All the participants in this English Summer Camp in Gredos, dared this time to perform fun capers and pirouettes during their climbing exercises taking place in the climbing center at Casvi Nature Center.
Julio / July 10, 2018
Egipto en Casvi Camp Urbano
Egypt in Casvi Day Camp
From the pharaohs to the hieroglyphics or pyramids, the Egyptian civilization has been the new stop of our trip around the world during this Summer Camp in English.
Julio / July 10, 2018
Los Juegos Olímpicos también se disputan en Casvi Camp Naturaleza
Olympic Games taking place in Casvi Nature Camp
Promoting sport as a healthy habit as well as fun, is the goal of our traditional "Olympic Games" celebrated, year after year, in this Summer Camp in English.
Julio / July 9, 2018
San Fermín en Casvi Camp Urbano
San Fermín at Casvi Day Camp
Last Saturday, San Fermín began in Pamplona and this morning, to start with energy, at Casvi.
Julio / July 9, 2018
Senderismo y aventura en Casvi Camp Naturaleza
Hiking and Adventure at Casvi Nature Camp
At Casvi Camp, thanks to its unique location in Sierra de Gredos, all the participants have been able to go on a fantastic hiking route to Playas Blancas.
Julio / July 6, 2018
Manualidades para mejorar la coordinación en Casvi Camp Naturaleza
Crafts to improve coordination skills at Casvi Nature Camp
Plenty of benefits in workshops like this, in order to create a piggy bank and improve manual dexterity,creativity as well as build social relations and boost cooperative learning.
Julio / July 6, 2018
Los vikingos desembarcan en Casvi Camp Urbano
The Vikings disembark at Casvi Day Camp.
First week in our Summer Camp in English which involved traveling without leaving school. Our participants could go through the Arabic culture, to eventually disembark in the Viking civilization.
Julio / July 5, 2018
"Piggy games" at Casvi Nature Camp
Great gymkhana which aims at getting as dirty as possible. So, this way, our Summer Camp in English participants worked out their senses.
Julio / July 5, 2018
Felices en la piscina durante Casvi Camp Urbano
Happily in the pool at Casvi Day Camp
t is time to go to the swimming pool, one of the favourite moments of our participants in this Summer Day Camp in English. And of course, absolutely energising. Water games and fun guaranteed in full sight of our instructors.
Julio / July 5, 2018
Casvi recibe la visita del colegio chino Shenzhen Baihe Foreingn Language School
Casvi welcomes Shenzhen Baihe Foreingn Language School from China
The director and teachers of this school have visited Eurocolegio Casvi to see our educational model around the International Baccalaureate Program, Languages ​​and New Technologies.
Julio / July 4, 2018
Civilizaciones (Parte I)
Civilizations (Part I)
From the 2-year-old youngest to the oldest, all participants at Casvi Day Camp have been learning a lot about Arabian culture during these first days at the camp.
Julio / July 4, 2018
¡Todos al Parque de Aventura de Navarredonda en Casvi Camp Naturaleza!
Let’s go to Navarredonda Adventure Park with Casvi Camp Nature!
That's where all the participants in this Summer Camp in English spent an awesome day feeling like "Tarzan", from tree to tree.
Julio / July 3, 2018
La cultura árabe protagonista hoy de Casvi Camp Urbano
Arabian culture, main topic in our Day Casvi Camp
This is the way they have made dough brochettes, painted t-shirts with Arabic letters; or learned to dance typical dances of this culture. So much fun!!
Julio / July 3, 2018
Conociendo la historia y cultura de la zona en Casvi Camp Gredos
Finding out about the history and culture of the area surrounding Casvi Camp Gredos
It is one of the most loved activities by the participants in this Summer Camp in English, known as "Discovered".
Julio / July 2, 2018
Sonrisas y diversión en el primer día de Casvi Camp Urbano
Joy and fun on the first day of Casvi Urban Camp
A hundred children have returned to school this morning, this time to enjoy our Summer Camp in English, which, on this occasion, will take place in our Casvi Boadilla campus.
Julio / July 2, 2018
Ruta BTT en Casvi Camp Gredos
MTB Route at Casvi Camp Gredos
Easy aim : to enjoy the landscape of Sierra de Gredos in a different way; on a bicycle and while practising sports.