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Julio / July 25, 2019
Desde Miami hasta China en Casvi Camp Urbano
From Miami to China at Casvi Urban Camp
In the English Summer Camp today we have travelled to China. Sole Amián and her team of Chinese teachers who have taught us some words of the most spoken language in the world.
Julio / July 23, 2019
¡De la playa a los humedales!
From the beach to the wetlands!
We travel so fast from one place to another at Casvi Urban Camp. Yesterday, we went to the beach to make sandcastles. Today, we are at the wetlands, swamps and ponds.
Julio / July 18, 2019
¡Todos al océano!
Everybody to the ocean!
Our students from Urban Casvi Camp have been visiting the depth of the oceans.That´s because the ocean is being the protagonist during the early days of the English Summer Camp. They are working wildlife and flora and how to respect this ecosystem.
Julio / July 16, 2019
Vídeo.- Casvi Camp Naturaleza en primera persona
Vídeo.- Nature Casvi Camp in first-person
After returning from this English summer camp in Gredos, which will remain in their memory forever, the protagonists tell us how well they have spent the vacations during these last two weeks.
Julio / July 16, 2019
Nuevas experiencias en la segunda quincena de Casvi Camp Urbano
New experiences in the second half of Casvi Day Camp
Two new weeks for our Summer Camp in English, with new participants, who will enjoy activities, games and surprises prepared by our instructors. Everything under the topic: Let's take care of the land, it's our home!
Julio / July 15, 2019
Emociones intensas en su regreso de Casvi Camp Naturaleza
Intense emotions on their return from the Casvi Nature Camp.
With a backpack full of memories and unforgettable experiences our children have returned today from the Casvi Nature camp held this last fortnight in our Nature Centre in the Sierra de Gredos.
Julio / July 15, 2019
Vídeo.- Un adiós pasado por agua
Video.- A farewell with water!
We say goodbye to the first fortnight of the Urban Casvi Camp , our teachers and children enjoyed a great "water party" in which everyone was left soaking wet! Also there were many games played in our heated pool.
Julio / July 12, 2019
“Hasta el cielo y más allá” en Casvi Camp Naturaleza
"Up to heaven and beyond" at Casvi Nature Camp
All the participants in this English Summer Camp in Gredos, dared this time to perform fun capers and pirouettes during their climbing exercises taking place in the climbing center at Casvi Nature Center.
Julio / July 12, 2019
Casvi Camp Urbano pasa el día en el Zoo de Madrid
Casvi Camp Urbano spends the day at the Madrid Zoo
The Zoo/Aquarium in Madrid has been the destination today for the attendees at our English Summer Camp and as usual, the photos of the entire day can already be seen in our Photo Gallery.
Julio / July 11, 2019
Nueva ruta senderista en Casvi Camp Naturaleza
New hiking route at Casvi Nature Camp
They set off from La Parra (where our Casvi Nature Center is located) to Arenas de San Pedro, going through paradisiacal paths of Sierra de Gredos.
Julio / July 11, 2019
¡Cuidemos nuestra tierra, es nuestro hogar!
Let's take care of the land, it's our home!
This is the motto of Casvi Urban Camp.Therefore, during the last two days, the activities have been aimed at raising awareness among our little ones about the need to preserve the environment and to provide them with the tools for them to do so.
Julio / July 11, 2019
Casvi comprometido con la lucha contra el cáncer
Casvi committed to the fight against cancer
Yesterday 6,706 euros was donated to the local Cancer Association in Villaviciosa De Odón. The money was raised in the second edition of the 'Race against Cancer' that was held on June 30th.
Julio / July 9, 2019
¡Todos al Parque de Aventura de Navarredonda en Casvi Camp Naturaleza!
Let’s go to Navarredonda Adventure Park with Casvi Camp Nature!
That's where all the participants in this Summer Camp in English spent an awesome day feeling like "Tarzan", from tree to tree.
Julio / July 9, 2019
Yincanas para estimular la mente en Casvi Camp Urbano
A Gymkhana to stimulate the mind in Casvi Urban Camp
This is why Gymkhana's are a recurring element in this Summer Camp in our English classes. But they have even more benefits for the children: they enable physical exercise, allow exploration and improve counseling skills, encourage teamwork...
Julio / July 8, 2019
San Fermín en Casvi Camp Urbano
San Fermín at Casvi Day Camp
Last Saturday, San Fermín began in Pamplona and this morning, to start with energy, at Casvi.
Julio / July 8, 2019
Las bicicletas son para el verano
Bicycles are for the summer time
Fernando Fernán Gómez told us so, and in the Casvi Nature Camp we believe it! That is why one of our daily activities is to cycle different routes in the Sierra de Gredos.
Julio / July 5, 2019
Manualidades para mejorar la coordinación en Casvi Camp Urbano
Art and Crafts which help improve coordination at Casvi Urban Camp
There are many benefits of workshops like the one we held today during our English class at the Casvi Summer Camp. We aimed to improve manual dexterity and creativity, as well as facilitate social relationships and cooperative learning.
Julio / July 5, 2019
¡Nos vamos a la playa en Casvi Camp Naturaleza!
Casvi Nature Camp goes to the beach!
Early this morning the children from the Casvi Nature Centre in Sierra de Gredos walked from La Parra to the Playas Blancas area where they swam in the sea.
Julio / July 4, 2019
De paseo, sin peligro, por la selva
No danger, a path through the jungle.
Today in the Casvi Urban Camp, at Casvi Villaviciosa, our children have learned about Jungle animals, plants and how they live in the Jungle ecosystem.
Julio / July 4, 2019
Enamoradas de Alemania
Falling in love with Germany
We loved the landscapes, the language, the culture... Our exchange students have just come back and they have had an unforgettable experience for 10 days in Berchtesgaden, a state of Bavaria (Germany).
Julio / July 3, 2019
Nuestros chicos de Casvi Camp Naturaleza son ¡puro teatro!
Our Casvi Nature Camp is pure theatre!
Besides participating in workshops an games, enjoying the pool or playing sports throughout the day in the beautiful Sierra de Gredos, the children also recieve drama lessons taught by Tony, our native English teacher.
Julio / July 3, 2019
Rescatadores de serpientes y buscadores de tesoros
Snake rescuers and treasure hunters
Our children from the Urban Casvi Camp have continued having fun in the desert today. Our 2sd awesame adventure has taken them on a special mission!
Julio / July 3, 2019
Lidia González, finalista del Campeonato de España de tenis
Lidia Gonzalez, finalist of the Spanish Tennis Championship
Our 4th of ESO student, Lidia González, has reached the final of the Championship of Spain in the category born in 2003/2004. Lidia played the tournament last week at the Tarragona Tennis Club.
Julio / July 2, 2019
El momento más refrescante de Casvi Camp Naturaleza
Refreshing spell at Casvi Nature Camp
Their favourite activities take place inside the pool in this Summer Camp in English. Games in the water and fun overseen by their instructors. This way, they exercise, play and socialize with their friends.
Julio / July 2, 2019
Nos vamos al desierto en Casvi Camp Urbano
Let’s go to the desert Casvi Urban Camp.
We did it without leaving our school. The aim was to do some research on this ecosystem, within the general theme: Let's take care of our land, it is our home!
Julio / July 2, 2019
Nuestro Junior, campeón en el Torneo de Baloncesto en Parthenay
Our Junior Basketball team Tournament champion in Parthenay
Our Casvi Basketball Club players traveled France to take part in this championship in which they played against five French teams: Les Herbs, Pornichet, Sud Yon, P2b and Poitiers.
Julio / July 1, 2019
Más que una carrera
More than just a race
II Race against Cancer held in Villaviciosa de Odón yesterday which turned out to be more than a test on athletics. It conveyed the reality of all those who suffer from this disease. Even one of our students.
Julio / July 1, 2019
Sonrisas y diversión en el primer día de Casvi Camp Urbano
Joy and fun on the first day of Casvi Urban Camp
Eighty children have returned to school this morning, this time to enjoy our Summer Camp in English, which, on this occasion, will take place in our Casvi Villaviciosa campus.
Julio / July 1, 2019
Arranca un nuevo Casvi Camp Naturaleza en Gredos
New Casvi Camp Nature starts in Gredos
From today, Monday until July 15, almost 60 children between 6 and 14 years old will enjoy a new Summer Camp in English that will take place at Casvi Nature Center in Sierra de Gredos.