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Eurocolegio CASVI
Eurocolegio CASVI
Septiembre / September 28, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (III): Conociendo la cultura de Oklahoma
Diary of Tulsa (III): Getting to know culture and traditions of Oklahoma
Third week for our Language Exchange students in Tulsa (USA), at Eisenhower International School. And precisely with their classmates, they enjoyed their first trip to learn more about the history of the state of Oklahoma.
Septiembre / September 28, 2018
Diario de Minnesota (IV): Una semana ¡de terror!
Diary of Minnesota (IV): A horror week!
Thrilling activity that our Language Exchange students in Minnesota enjoyed a lot, a visit to the so-called "Dead End Hayride".
Septiembre / September 27, 2018
Mañana último día de casting
Tomorrow, deadline for our casting.
Have a look at their faces! This is what happened last Wednesday, and will happen once again tomorrow, in the second and last session of this casting aimed at selecting people to participate in the making of an artistic calendar.
Septiembre / September 27, 2018
Primer partido en EBA de la temporada para el CB Casvi
First encounter this season for EBA Casvi Basketball Club.
Exciting game, face to face decided at the very end of the match (Eurocolegio Casvi 61-64 Estudiantes). Our debut this season, in an official match in EBA category, and in Spain. In short, a vibrant match where defense overcame attack.
Septiembre / September 25, 2018
Casting para nuestro nuevo Calendario Solidario
Casting call for our new Solidarity Calendar
September 26 and 28, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., in the auditorium at Eurocolegio Casvi, the fashion photographer, Luis Alberto de Pablos, will lead a new casting of photography once again.
Septiembre / September 24, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (II): “Nuestros pequeños biólogos”
Diary of Tulsa ( ll): “Our little biologists”
Fully integrated in their school routine our Casvi students have concluded their second week with enthusiasm at Eisenhower International School. During this week, they could see the stages of two Monarch Butterflies.
Septiembre / September 24, 2018
Diario de Tacoma (II): ¡Visitamos Seattle!
Diary of Tacoma (II): Visiting Seattle!
Our 10th graders of the Language Exchange at Annie Wright International School are not only fully integrated into their host families but they are also enjoying their free time learning more about American geography.
Septiembre / September 24, 2018
Diario de Minnesota (III): Vivimos el ecuador de una experiencia única
Diary of Minnesota (III): We are halfway of this unique experience
After a wide variety of activities that our Language Exchange students at Lakes International Language Academy have carried out during the last three weeks over there.
Septiembre / September 19, 2018
Últimos días: Escuela de Música
Deadline day: Music School
Registration period to sign in for our Casvi Music School is set to end by next Friday, September 20. The objective is to get specialized in technical and interpretive learning of different instruments (piano, guitar, clarinet, drums, tuba...)
Septiembre / September 19, 2018
Últimos días: Escuela de Arte
Deadline day: Art school
Registration period to sign up for any of our extracurricular activities is about to conclude. Among them, Plastic Arts School, for all levels of Primary School to Baccalaureate, as well as students, parents and teachers.
Septiembre / September 19, 2018
Últimos días: Escuela de Teatro
Deadline day: Drama School
Calling all theatre lovers at Casvi, to take part in our Drama School. Registration period ends tomorrow.
Septiembre / September 18, 2018
¡Bienvenidos a Casvi!
Welcome to Casvi!
Colourful banners, balloons and lots of kisses and hugs have been the main protagonists of the warm welcome that our students and host families have given to the 20 students coming from Tulsa, in the State of Oklahoma (USA).
Septiembre / September 14, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (I).- Sus primeras grandes emociones
Diary of Tulsa (1).- Their first impressions
After one week in Tulsa, our Casvi students spent their first weekend with their host families enjoying different activities and getting in contact with the American culture and way of life.
Septiembre / September 13, 2018
Vídeo.- Entrevista al director (Curso 2018-2019)
Video.- Interview with our principal (Year 2018-2019)
The principal of Casvi, Juan Luis Yagüe, wishes to take advantage of these first days of this school year to convey his personal vision of the past, present and future of our school, as well as the pillars that sustain our educational project.
Septiembre / September 12, 2018
Diario de Minnesota (II): Como uno más
Diary of Minnesota (II): Just like them
Fully integrated into their school routine and their host families, our 20 students of 2nd E.S.O, participants in our Language Exchange at Lakes International Language Academy, have completed their second week over there.
Septiembre / September 11, 2018
Estreno de nuestro nuevo vídeo institucional
Premiere of our new institutional video.
Innovation is a constant at Casvi. This is the case of our new methodology and the tools used to boost our students’ learning process. We consider necessary to bring together all these novelties, as well as our educational project, in a new video.
Septiembre / September 11, 2018
Eurocolegio Casvi, la “historia del día” en Telemadrid
Eurocolegio Casvi, “Our daily routine” on Telemadrid.
Board of directors, teachers, students, cleaning staff, kitchen and maintenance service ... All those were protagonists yesterday, in a live show, of the first program this season "Good morning, Madrid", from public television network Telemadrid.
Septiembre / September 11, 2018
Becas para alumnado con necesidades específicas
Scholarships for students with specific needs
The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has awarded grants for students with specific support educational needs, academic year 2018-2019.
Septiembre / September 10, 2018
Diario de Tacoma (I): Arranca una nueva aventura en Inglés
Diary of Tacoma (I): New adventure in English
Our students of E.S.O. 4th are already in Tacoma (USA) taking part in a new Language Exchange with Annie Wright International School.
Septiembre / September 7, 2018
Emotivo recibimiento para nuestros alumnos de Intercambio en Tulsa
Warm welcome for our exchange students in Tulsa
Banners, balloons and happy faces in the great reception that our 5th graders lived, once again, at Tulsa Airport (USA) with their host families.
Septiembre / September 7, 2018
Arranca un nuevo curso en E.S.O. y Bachillerato
Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate get started!
Not as excited as our little ones at Casvi, our Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate students came back to school today. They returned with their batteries fully charged despite an early wake-up, committed to work hard this year.
Septiembre / September 6, 2018
Eurocolegio Casvi en “La Mañana” de La 1, en TVE
Eurocolegio Casvi on “TVE La Mañana"
Spanish TV cameras visited our school today to see what our first day at school was like. But, above all, they were talking to parents and students about a health issue related to “carrying weight in their backpacks”.
Septiembre / September 6, 2018
Vídeo.- Los alumnos de E. Infantil y Primaria vuelven a clase.
Video.- Kindergarten and Primary students, welcome back!
Today, we had a very emotional day in our school. On one hand, we saw the joy of meeting their schoolmates and teachers again, and starting a new adventure in a new school.
Septiembre / September 5, 2018
Diario de Minnesota (I). Comienza el cole para nuestros alumnos de Intercambio
Diary of Minnesota (I). Back to school for our Exchange students
After a week over there, they have enjoyed a few days off with their host families and are ready to start their daily school routine at Lakes International Language Academy in Forest Lake, Minnesota.
Septiembre / September 4, 2018
Reconocimiento para nuestros alumnos del Programa Diploma
Recognition for our students of Diploma Programme.
Beaming with joy, they were awarded the Diploma of the International Baccalaureate with their final marks. A pass rate that places us above the global average.
Septiembre / September 3, 2018
Becas de estudios postobligatorios
Post-mandatory studies scholarships
The call for the general Post-compulsory studies scholarships was published last August 16th and it includes college and non college studies.