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Casvi Villaviciosa Casvi Villaviciosa
Septiembre / September 27, 2019
Diario de Tulsa (III): De viaje por el espacio
Diary of Tulsa (III): A Trip to Outer Space
This week our students visited the Air and Space Museum and Planetarium and not only did they learn more about space, but also felt like real astronauts for a day.
Septiembre / September 27, 2019
Hoy, último día de casting
Deadline for Our Casting Ends Today
Look at their faces! What do you see? Faces of happiness, fear, concentration, enthusiasm… All kind of faces! That´s what we found yesterday and will happen today too, for sure, from 16:30 to 19:00 in the second and last day for this casting.
Septiembre / September 26, 2019
Ayuda de la Fundación Casvi en el caserío El Molino de Piura
Casvi’s Foundation Aid in Piura
It was a fulfilling day for our group of volunteers working for the Foundation. They organized a nice and fun event aiming at helping and bringing support and medical assistance to those in need in the area. It turned out to be an extremely gratifyin
Septiembre / September 25, 2019
Mucho por mejorar
Much to improve
We have to continue to train hard. This is what the players of the two Casvi Basketball teams have to do now. They have started this season and they received their first defeats this weekend.
Septiembre / September 24, 2019
Diario de Minnesota (III):Vivimos el ecuador de una experiencia única
Diary of Minnesota (III): We are halfway of this unique experience
After a wide variety of activities that our Language Exchange students at Lakes International Language Academy have carried out during the last three weeks over there.
Septiembre / September 23, 2019
Casting para nuestro nuevo Calendario Solidario
Casting call for our new Solidarity Calendar
September 26 and 27, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., in the auditorium at Eurocolegio Casvi, we will lead a new casting of photography once again, to release an artistic calendar with charitable purposes.
Septiembre / September 20, 2019
Diario de Tulsa (II): “Nuestros pequeños americanos”
Diary of Tulsa (II): “Our Little Americans”
Another week went by for our exchange students in Tulsa. Not only have they gotten the hang of the school’s routine, but they are also completely and utterly immersed in the American culture thanks to their host families.
Septiembre / September 19, 2019
Recuerdos imborrables
Unforgettable Memories
Casvi’s exchange program with Max-Planck Gymnasium, located in Delmenhorst (Germany), has been a unique experience for our students.
Septiembre / September 13, 2019
¡Bienvenidos a Casvi!
Welcome to Casvi
Colourful banners, balloons and lots of kisses and hugs have been the main protagonists of the warm welcome that our students have given to the 12 students coming from Tulsa (USA), who will be taking part in a new Language Exchange Program.
Septiembre / September 13, 2019
Diario de Minnesota (II): Como uno más
Diary of Minnesota (II): Just like them
Fully integrated into their school routine and their host families, our students of ESO, participants in our Language Exchange at Lakes International Language Academy, have completed their second week over there.
Septiembre / September 12, 2019
Diario de Tulsa (I).- Sus primeras grandes emociones
Diary of Tulsa (1).- Their first impressions
After one week in Tulsa, our Casvi students spent their first weekend with their host families. They attended lessons in Eisenhower International School where students worked together.
Septiembre / September 6, 2019
Comienzo de un nuevo curso en ESO y Bachillerato
Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate get started!
Our Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate students came back to school today. They returned with their batteries fully charged and committed to work hard this year.
Septiembre / September 6, 2019
Arranca un nuevo Intercambio Lingüístico con Alemania
New Language Exchange Program with Germany
The students of Middle School from Casvi Villaviciosa and Boadilla del Monte, this year participating in a new Language Exchange Program with this country, are already in Delmenhorst.
Septiembre / September 6, 2019
Emotivo recibimiento para nuestros alumnos de Intercambio en Tulsa (USA)
Warm welcome for our exchange students in Tulsa
Banners, balloons and happy faces in the great reception that our 5th graders lived, once again, at Tulsa Airport (USA) with their host families.
Septiembre / September 5, 2019
Vídeo.- Los alumnos de E. Infantil y Primaria vuelven a clase
Video.- Kindergarten and Primary students, welcome back!
Today, we had a very emotional day in our school. On one hand, we saw the joy of meeting their schoolmates and teachers again, and starting a new adventure in a new school.
Septiembre / September 4, 2019
Diario de Minnesota (I).- Comienza el cole para nuestros alumnos de Intercambio
Diary of Minnesota (I).- Back to school for our Exchange students
After a week over there, they have enjoyed a few days off with their host families and are ready to start their daily school routine at Lakes International Language Academy in Forest Lake, Minnesota.