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News of Idiomas
Noviembre / November 28, 2018
Un día en Educación Infantil en Casvi
A day in Infant Education at Casvi
Daily learning, lots of fun ... close relationship with their teachers, feeling happy while they acquire knowledge. English is the core, a constant in their school routine.
Octubre / October 31, 2018
A terrorific and healthy Halloween snack
A terrorific and healthy Halloween snack
It is vital that our children know the importance of eating fruit and vegetables. Activities like these deal with it while they acquire new vocabulary in English. Halloween enables us to eat in a fun way.
Junio / June 27, 2018
Cómo aprender a leer en Inglés con 4 años
Learn how to read in English with 4-year-old students
Our students learn to read in Spanish at the same time as they do it in English. A good example of this is this activity carried out with their teachers.
Junio / June 26, 2018
Role-plays para mejorar la expresión oral en Inglés
Role-plays to improve oral expression in English
There are plenty of benefits in drama sessions, used as an educational tool for our students at Casvi. When it's in English, the benefits multiply: improvement in oral expression, boost of self-esteem, new vocabulary adquisition...
Junio / June 21, 2018
Nuevo “Spelling Bee Competition”
New "Spelling Bee Competition"
Fun quiz to learn how to spell in English organized by the Primary 3rd “teachers” in our school.As, not only could they develop this skill, but with this contest they also boost their confidence when speaking English.
Mayo / May 29, 2018
Teatro en inglés protagonizado por los más pequeños
Drama play in English starring our youngest students
Dramatization provides lots of benefits, above all, at early ages. That is why our teachers of 1st grade of Pre-School Education started up this initiative which our students of Early Years took advantage of.
Abril / April 20, 2018
El idioma Chino en Casvi (III)
Chinese language at Casvi (III)
Depending on the stage, our students face their learning process in a different way. Also innovative are the educational tools used by teachers.
Abril / April 3, 2018
El idioma Chino en Casvi (II)
Chinese language at Casvi (II)
As a curricular subject, it is taught in the classrooms of Casvi from Primary 5th to Middle 4th.In this video we show you how Chinese is learned in Secondary School lessons.
Marzo / March 23, 2018
Easter Bunny, de nuevo en Eurocolegio Casvi
Easter Bunny, once again at Eurocolegio Casvi
The well-known "Easter Bunny" visited our students of Kindergarten hiding hundreds of chocolate eggs all over their classrooms.An activity which served to culminate a whole week of English projects within PYP (Primary Years Programme) methodology.
Marzo / March 22, 2018
Teatro en Inglés para todos sin salir del colegio
Theater in English for everyone without leaving school
Interacting Theater Company is back this year with five new productions performed on the stage of our assembly hall at Eurocolegio Casvi. Thanks to them, we all enjoyed a lot with the didactic approach and touch of humour added to the play.
Marzo / March 15, 2018
El idioma Chino en Casvi (I)
Chinese language at Casvi
In this video we show you how Chinese is learned in Primary School lessons.
Enero / January 26, 2018
Taller de galletas para nuestros pequeños de 2 años
Cookie workshop for our 2-year-old students
Activity also developed in English by our students of 1st Year Kindergarten who had a great time & experimented with their own hands fostering their fine motor skills.
Diciembre / December 20, 2017
Ganadores del Concurso de Villancicos en Inglés -Casvi 2017-
Winners of English Christmas Carols Contest -Casvi 2017-
To get into the most genuine Christmas spirit in Kindergarten, our Christmas Carols Contest organized by their respective "teachers" has been held in our Assembly Hall for the fourth year in a row.
Noviembre / November 16, 2017
No podemos parar de hablar...en alemán
We cannot stop talking ... in German
This is what happens at the german conversation classes with our Third and Fourth graders of High School.
Octubre / October 27, 2017
A terrorific and healthy Halloween snack
A terrorific and healthy Halloween snack
It is vital that our children know the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.
Junio / June 8, 2017
Una visita muy especial
Junio / June 7, 2017
Junio / June 5, 2017
Spelling Bee Competition
Junio / June 2, 2017
Alumnos de E. Primaria y E.S.O. en los exámenes oficiales de Chino
Mayo / May 30, 2017
Abril / April 18, 2017
Easter Bunny visita de nuevo Eurocolegio Casvi
Marzo / March 28, 2017
Sobre la importancia de los idiomas en Casvi
Febrero / February 22, 2017
Cosmo Casvi, un mundo verde de ti depende
Noviembre / November 24, 2016
Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Noviembre / November 11, 2016
Cuando comer sano es horrorosamente divertido
Noviembre / November 4, 2016
Dando miedo al miedo en Halloween 2016
Octubre / October 25, 2016
Calentando motores para Halloween
Octubre / October 7, 2016
Aprender alemán jugando
Julio / July 21, 2016
Sobre la importancia del teatro en E. Infantil
Junio / June 6, 2016
Alumnos de E.S.O. en el Concurso Internacional Big Challenge
Junio / June 2, 2016
Alumnos de E. Primaria y E.S.O. se presentan a los exámenes oficiales de chino
Mayo / May 11, 2016
Jugando con Legos para aprender Inglés
Abril / April 1, 2016
Welcome Easter Bunny!
Enero / January 11, 2016
III Christmas Carol Competition
Diciembre / December 3, 2015
Teatro en Inglés para celebrar Thanksgiving Day
Noviembre / November 19, 2015
Videoconferencia en Inglés con la Luna
Octubre / October 23, 2015
Casvi cada vez más internacional
Septiembre / September 29, 2015
Nuevos acuerdos de colaboración con colegios chinos
Julio / July 16, 2015
Beneficios del Teatro en Inglés en E.S.O.
Julio / July 9, 2015
¿Cómo mejoran la expresión oral en inglés nuestros alumnos?
Junio / June 15, 2015
Beneficios del Teatro en Inglés en E. Primaria
Junio / June 10, 2015
Gran resultado para nuestros alumnos en
Mayo / May 22, 2015
Madridiario invita a nuestro director para hablar del futuro de la Educación
Mayo / May 22, 2015
Siguen creciendo los alumnos de la Comunidad China en Eurocolegio Casvi
Mayo / May 8, 2015
Los primeros exámenes de Cambridge para los más pequeños
Abril / April 21, 2015
Beneficios del Teatro en Inglés en E. Infantil
Abril / April 14, 2015
Abril / April 7, 2015
Easter Bunny visita Eurocolegio Casvi
Febrero / February 9, 2015
Enero / January 22, 2015
¡Cuánto cuento tienen nuestros niños!
Diciembre / December 20, 2014
Christmas Carol Competition
Noviembre / November 13, 2014
Que tiemblen los maoríes de Nueva Zelanda
Noviembre / November 3, 2014
Nuestros niños dieron miedo al miedo
Octubre / October 28, 2014
El teatro como herramienta de aprendizaje en Inglés
Octubre / October 23, 2014
Septiembre / September 3, 2014
El Chino se consolida como tercer idioma en Casvi