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News of Intercambios Lingüísticos
Noviembre / November 22, 2018
Mi primer Skype
My first Skype
Our five-year-old students have lived their first international experience in English, in a Skype conversation with girls of the same age at St. Catherine's School in Richmond (USA).
Noviembre / November 20, 2018
Solo un hasta luego
See you later!
Not a single "goodbye" to bid farewell to the group of students from Lakes International Language Academy in Minnesota (USA).For the last six weeks, they have enjoyed an unforgettable linguistic exchange at Casvi.
Noviembre / November 9, 2018
Una despedida muy dulce
A very sweet farewell
Lived by our students from Tulsa (USA), on a Language Exchange at Casvi during the last two months. They were offered a yummy “chocolate with churros” to sweeten this emotional farewell with their host families.
Noviembre / November 6, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (VII): ¡En casa!
Tulsa Journal (VII): Back home!
The great linguistic and cultural experience lived by our 5th graders in Tulsa (USA) is over. A Language Exchange with Eisenhower International School that ended with their arrival, last Saturday at Barajas Airport.
Octubre / October 26, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (VI): Un Fall Break inolvidable
Tulsa Journal (VI): Unforgettable Fall Break
Traveling, further exploring the USA and enjoying with their host families ... This is the way our 5 th Primary School students spent their Fall Break holidays.
Octubre / October 23, 2018
De vuelta a casa
Back home
Our Language Exchange students in Tacoma (USA) are already at home and immersed in their routine at Casvi. They spent six weeks over there, living a unique experience of linguistic and cultural immersion.
Octubre / October 15, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (V): De viaje por el espacio
Diary of Tulsa (V): On tour by the space
It seems like only yesterday when our 5th grade students arrived at Eisenhower International School.It's been 5 weeks since that day.Moreover, they visited the Air & Space Museum and Planetarium.
Octubre / October 11, 2018
Un intercambio de ida y vuelta
A mutual student exchange
This is what is happening in the Language Exchange program with Minnesota. Our 2nd ESO students returned from their experience there and the students of Lakes International Language Academy are here to live that same adventure.
Octubre / October 10, 2018
De paseo por Europa
On a tour thoughout Europe
The Eiffel Tower, The Brandenburg Gate, The Trevi Fountain ... These are some of the European landmarks visited by our 5th graders from Tulsa (USA), from the Linguistic Exchange at Casvi.
Octubre / October 10, 2018
Diario de Tacoma (IV): Preparando Halloween
Diary of Minnesota (IV): Ready for Halloween
Still three weeks left to celebrate this traditional festival in the US, our Language Exchange students in Tacoma are already making the first arrangements. Pumpkin search and decoration afterwards.
Octubre / October 5, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (IV): Inventando civilizaciones en inglés
Diary of Tulsa (IV). Creating a new civilization
Halfway point of the exchange program and a month has passed since our 5th graders stepped into Eisenhower International School for the first time. We can state that our students are fully integrated and enjoying their American experience.
Octubre / October 4, 2018
Diario de Minnesota (V).- Comienza la cuenta atrás
Diary of Minnesota (V) .- Final countdown.
Last week of cultural and linguistic immersion at Lakes International Language Academy, for our 8 graders. They are, without a doubt, making the most of their time over there.
Octubre / October 2, 2018
Diario de Tacoma (III): una semana 100% estilo americano
Diary of Tacoma (III): 100% American style week
It’s been three weeks since our 10th graders departed for Tacoma (USA), to live a linguistic exchange with students from Annie Wright International School. Over there, they are now familiar with teachers and classmates.
Septiembre / September 28, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (III): Conociendo la cultura de Oklahoma
Diary of Tulsa (III): Getting to know culture and traditions of Oklahoma
Third week for our Language Exchange students in Tulsa (USA), at Eisenhower International School. And precisely with their classmates, they enjoyed their first trip to learn more about the history of the state of Oklahoma.
Septiembre / September 28, 2018
Diario de Minnesota (IV): Una semana ¡de terror!
Diary of Minnesota (IV): A horror week!
Thrilling activity that our Language Exchange students in Minnesota enjoyed a lot, a visit to the so-called "Dead End Hayride".
Septiembre / September 24, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (II): “Nuestros pequeños biólogos”
Diary of Tulsa ( ll): “Our little biologists”
Fully integrated in their school routine our Casvi students have concluded their second week with enthusiasm at Eisenhower International School. During this week, they could see the stages of two Monarch Butterflies.
Septiembre / September 24, 2018
Diario de Tacoma (II): ¡Visitamos Seattle!
Diary of Tacoma (II): Visiting Seattle!
Our 10th graders of the Language Exchange at Annie Wright International School are not only fully integrated into their host families but they are also enjoying their free time learning more about American geography.
Septiembre / September 24, 2018
Diario de Minnesota (III): Vivimos el ecuador de una experiencia única
Diary of Minnesota (III): We are halfway of this unique experience
After a wide variety of activities that our Language Exchange students at Lakes International Language Academy have carried out during the last three weeks over there.
Septiembre / September 18, 2018
¡Bienvenidos a Casvi!
Welcome to Casvi!
Colourful banners, balloons and lots of kisses and hugs have been the main protagonists of the warm welcome that our students and host families have given to the 20 students coming from Tulsa, in the State of Oklahoma (USA).
Septiembre / September 14, 2018
Diario de Tulsa (I).- Sus primeras grandes emociones
Diary of Tulsa (1).- Their first impressions
After one week in Tulsa, our Casvi students spent their first weekend with their host families enjoying different activities and getting in contact with the American culture and way of life.
Septiembre / September 12, 2018
Diario de Minnesota (II): Como uno más
Diary of Minnesota (II): Just like them
Fully integrated into their school routine and their host families, our 20 students of 2nd E.S.O, participants in our Language Exchange at Lakes International Language Academy, have completed their second week over there.
Septiembre / September 10, 2018
Diario de Tacoma (I): Arranca una nueva aventura en Inglés
Diary of Tacoma (I): New adventure in English
Our students of E.S.O. 4th are already in Tacoma (USA) taking part in a new Language Exchange with Annie Wright International School.
Septiembre / September 7, 2018
Emotivo recibimiento para nuestros alumnos de Intercambio en Tulsa
Warm welcome for our exchange students in Tulsa
Banners, balloons and happy faces in the great reception that our 5th graders lived, once again, at Tulsa Airport (USA) with their host families.
Septiembre / September 5, 2018
Diario de Minnesota (I). Comienza el cole para nuestros alumnos de Intercambio
Diary of Minnesota (I). Back to school for our Exchange students
After a week over there, they have enjoyed a few days off with their host families and are ready to start their daily school routine at Lakes International Language Academy in Forest Lake, Minnesota.
Agosto / August 29, 2018
Arranca un nuevo Intercambio Lingüístico con EE.UU
New Language Exchange Program with the USA
On this occasion, second year in a row, in Forest Lake (Minnesota), with students from Lakes International Language Academy (LILA) A group of 20 students.
Junio / June 26, 2018
Un mejor alemán tras su vuelta de Delmenhorst
A boost in German Language after their stay in Delmenhorst
Our Language Exchange students have got a better command of the language in Germany. They returned yesterday after an unforgettable experience.
Junio / June 18, 2018
Arranca un nuevo Intercambio Lingüístico con Alemania
New Language Exchange Program with Germany
The students of MIDDLE SCHOOL from Casvi Villaviciosa and Boadilla del Monte, this year participating in a new Language Exchange Program with this country, are already in Delmenhorst.
Marzo / March 22, 2018
Dos idiomas
Two languages
German and Spanish are the two languages spoken in the farewell of the students coming from Max-Planck Gymnasium, during the Linguistic Exchange at Casvi.
Marzo / March 7, 2018
Desde Alemania con ilusión
From Germany with excitement
From this country, our new language exchange students arrived yesterday from Max-Planck Gymnasium, in the city of Delmenhorst. Hoping to discover our culture and improve their command of Spanish language.
Febrero / February 7, 2018
Una mochila cargada de emociones
A backpack filled with emotions
Bitter and sweet emotions. Bitter due to the tears shed. Sweet after the delicious “chocolate with churros” tasted for the occasion. Right at the farewell party for our students from Tacoma (USA).
Diciembre / December 28, 2017
Llegan hoy a Madrid nuestras alumnas de Intercambio Lingüístico procedentes de Tacoma (USA)
Our Language Exchange students from Tacoma (USA) have arrived today in Madrid
Warm and exciting welcome at Barajas Airport of our students, participants in the first part of the Exchange Program along with their families.
Noviembre / November 15, 2017
Emotivo adiós para nuestras alumnos de Minnesota
Emotional goodbye for our students from Minnesota
There is no sadness that doesn’t go away with a delicious chocolate with churros. And that was what happened yesterday afternoon, during the farewell party for the 16 students from "Lakes International Language Academy" in Minnesota (USA).
Noviembre / November 13, 2017
Diario de Tacoma (y VIII): Mucho más que un intercambio
Tacoma´s Journal (VIII): Much more than an exchange
After our exchange program with Annie Wright International School in Tacoma (USA), by a group of students from Third and Fourth Grades of High School, it is time to take stock of this activity and two words say it all: Total Success!
Noviembre / November 10, 2017
Lagrimas para despedir a nuestros alumnos de Tulsa
Goodbye tears for our Tulsa students
Our exchanges students from Eisenhower International School are already at home in Oklahoma, they have been in our classrooms and families for the past two months.
Noviembre / November 6, 2017
Diario de Tulsa (y VIII): Feliz vuelta a casa
Tulsa Journal (and VIII): Happy homecoming
Once again with banners, excitement and hugs, our 5th Primary students, participants in the Language Exchange in Oklahoma were received on their return to Madrid.
Octubre / October 30, 2017
Diario de Tulsa (VII): Nuestros chicos están en las nubes
In the seventh week of exchange in Oklahoma (USA), our 5th primary students have enjoyed one of their favorites trips to Tulsa’s Air and Space Museum.
Octubre / October 23, 2017
Diario de Tulsa (VI): Unas vacaciones inolvidables
Tulsa diaries (V): An unforgettable vacation
Fall Break!A mini school vacation in which our Language Exchange students in Oklahoma have traveled together with their American families to wonderful places in the USA.
Octubre / October 17, 2017
Diario de Tacoma (III y IV): Recorriendo Estados Unidos
Tacoma diaries (III and IV): Touring the United States
Our Secondary School students and language exchange participants with Annie Wright International School in Tacoma just started to feel more comfortable with their classes. This is a sneak peek of their activities during their third and fourth week.
Octubre / October 16, 2017
Diario de Tulsa (V): ¡De cumple en Oklahoma!
Tulsa diaries (V): An American birthday!
Our 5th degree of Primary Education students involved in the Language Exchange in Oklahoma, lived really special moment: to celebrate a birthday in the United States
Octubre / October 11, 2017
Intercambio desde la Ciudad de los 10.000 lagos
New Exchange from the Land of 10,000 Lakes
Y esa no es otra que Minnesota. Desde allí acaban de venir a Eurocolegio Casvi 15 alumnos del colegio Lakes International Languages Academy.
Octubre / October 6, 2017
Diario de Tulsa (IV): Naturaleza y arte en el Gilcrease Museum
Tulsa diaries (IV): Nature and art in the Gilcrease Museum
5th graders Language Exchange students in Tulsa (USA), visited an incredible museum about Native American Indian art.
Octubre / October 2, 2017
Diario de Tacoma (II): Una semana 100% estilo americano
Tacoma diaries (II): 100% American rhythm
Students of 3rd and 4th of E.S.O. attending a Linguistic Exchange at the Annie Wright International School of Tacoma (USA) in their second week full of very interesting and entertaining activities.
Septiembre / September 28, 2017
Diario de Tulsa (III): Premio para nuestro alumno Mario Rivas
Tulsa diaries (III): Our student Mario Rivas receives an award!
This week, the undeniable protagonist, has been our student Mario Rivas, who received a prize by the Eisenhower International School because his sports merits.
Septiembre / September 27, 2017
Diario de Minnesota (IV): El final se acerca, la ilusión continúa
Minnesota Diaries (IV): The end is close, but the enthusiasm continues
Compulsory Secondary School students that are attending the linguistic exchange at the “Lakes international Languages Academy”, run into the last weeks for the end of their experience, but, and it is a fact, with the same excitement of the first day.
Septiembre / September 22, 2017
Diario de Tulsa (II): Un día de indios
Woolaroc: enjoying like indians
Second week of language exchange in Tulsa, Oklahoma (U.S.A.) our 5th grader students travelled to deep America: Woolaroc; a natural reserve ranch in the hills of the state.
Septiembre / September 19, 2017
Diario de Minnesota (III): Como en casa
Septiembre / September 15, 2017
Welcome to Casvi
Welcome to Casvi
Our students and the host families have welcomed 15 students from Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA)with banners, balloons and a lot of kisses and hugs.
Septiembre / September 14, 2017
Diario de Tulsa (I): Como uno más
Tulsa Diary (I): As one of them
Our fifth grader students have already completed their first week in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA). Eisenhower International School will be their school during the eight weeks of the exchange.
Septiembre / September 11, 2017
Diario de Minnesota (II): Inmersión total en la cultura americana
Minnesota Diary (II): Total Immersion into the American Culture
Our students from 8th & 9th Grade, participating in our  Language Exchange Program at the "Lakes International Languages Academy" in Minnesota (USA),have already completed their second week there.
Septiembre / September 8, 2017
Emotivo recibimiento para nuestros alumnos de Intercambio en Tulsa
Emotive welcome for our exchange students in Tulsa
Banners, balloons and big smiles came together in the grand reception that our 5th grade students once again lived at Tulsa Airport (USA) by their host families.
Septiembre / September 1, 2017
Diario de Minnesota (I): Emociones intensas en Lakes International Language Academy
Minnesota Diaries (I): Intense feelings at Lakes International Language Academy
Our students from the Linguistic Exchange in Minnesota have accomplished their first week at the Lakes International Language Academy.
Agosto / August 28, 2017
Arranca un nuevo Intercambio Lingüístico con EE.UU
A new academic exchange with the U.S.A has begun!
For the first time, in Minnesota, students from Lakes International Language Academy, and a group of seventeen pupils from 1ª and 2ª E.S.O have just embarked on a new academic journey.
Julio / July 11, 2017
Vídeo.- Experiencias inolvidables en Alemania
Julio / July 7, 2017
Se ultiman los preparativos para un nuevo Intercambio Lingüístico con Tulsa (USA)
Junio / June 13, 2017
Arranca un nuevo Intercambio Lingüístico con Alemania
Abril / April 5, 2017
Diario de Islas Vírgenes (VI): Todo lo que empieza tiene su final
Marzo / March 30, 2017
Diario de Islas Vírgenes (V): Once in a lifetime experience
Marzo / March 24, 2017
Diario de Islas Vírgenes (IV).-  Coral World Ocean Park
Marzo / March 16, 2017
Diario de Islas Vírgenes (III).- Celebrating the present, creating the future
Marzo / March 9, 2017
Diario de Islas Vírgenes (II).- Cultivating an international mindset
Marzo / March 2, 2017
Diario de Islas Vírgenes (I).- Education for life
Febrero / February 23, 2017
Comienza una nueva aventura en Islas Vírgenes (USA)
Febrero / February 22, 2017
Proseguimos cerrando acuerdos de colaboración con China
Febrero / February 10, 2017
Emotivo adiós para nuestras alumnas más internacionales
Enero / January 10, 2017
Llegan a Casvi nuestros nuevos alumnos de Islas Vírgenes (USA)
Noviembre / November 29, 2016
Vídeo final de nuestro Intercambio Lingüístico en Tacoma (USA)
Noviembre / November 15, 2016
De vuelta a Alemania con la maleta repleta de recuerdos
Noviembre / November 14, 2016
Emotiva despedida para nuestros alumnos de Tulsa (USA)
Noviembre / November 7, 2016
Diario de Tulsa (VIII): Conmovedor reencuentro en Barajas
Octubre / October 28, 2016
Diario de Tulsa (VII): Fall Break, una vacaciones inolvidables
Octubre / October 26, 2016
Diario de Tacoma (V): Robando tiempo al tiempo
Octubre / October 24, 2016
Diario de Tulsa (VI): Oklahoma experience
Octubre / October 14, 2016
Diario de Tulsa (V): Astronautas por un día
Octubre / October 13, 2016
Diario de Tacoma (IV): De vacaciones con nuestras familias
Octubre / October 7, 2016
Diario de Tulsa (IV): Visitas al Gilcrease Museum y al Tulsa Ballet
Octubre / October 3, 2016
Diario de Tacoma (III): Descubriendo las raíces de las familias americanas
Septiembre / September 30, 2016
Diario de Tulsa (III): Another week at Eisenhower School
Septiembre / September 26, 2016
Nuestras alumnas en Tacoma “engullidas” por la cultura americana
Septiembre / September 23, 2016
Diario de Tulsa (II): Woolaroc, un día de indios
Septiembre / September 16, 2016
Bienvenidos a Casvi
Septiembre / September 16, 2016
Diario de Tulsa (I): There is a better world coming
Septiembre / September 14, 2016
Nuestras alumnas de Intercambio en Tacoma, fieles representantes del perfil BI
Septiembre / September 8, 2016
Llegan a Tacoma nuestras alumnas de  Intercambio de 3º y 4º E.S.O.
Septiembre / September 8, 2016
Emotivo recibimiento para nuestros alumnos de Intercambio en USA
Junio / June 29, 2016
Bis Bald Deutschland
Junio / June 9, 2016
Un nutrido grupo de alumnos de 1º y 2º E.S.O.  viven, en alemán, su propia aventura
Abril / April 12, 2016
Toda una experiencia de vida en castellano
Abril / April 7, 2016
De vuelta al país de los celtas
Marzo / March 30, 2016
The Irish Corner at Casvi
Marzo / March 15, 2016
Mejorando nuestro Inglés en tierras irlandesas
Marzo / March 9, 2016
Marzo / March 1, 2016
Bienvenidos ahora a su otro paraíso
Febrero / February 18, 2016
Últimos días en la islas de sus sueños
Febrero / February 11, 2016
Piratas del Caribe
Febrero / February 4, 2016
En las playas más hermosas del mundo
Febrero / February 3, 2016
La despedida más dulce
Enero / January 28, 2016
Los mejores chistes made-in USA
Enero / January 19, 2016
Entre corales bajo el mar
Enero / January 12, 2016
Bienvenidos al paraíso
Noviembre / November 25, 2015
We miss you so much!
Noviembre / November 9, 2015
¡Hogar dulce hogar!
Noviembre / November 4, 2015
Sin ganas de volver a España
Noviembre / November 3, 2015
Happy Halloween from Tulsa!
Octubre / October 30, 2015
Lagrimas de adiós para nuestros alumnos alemanes de Intercambio
Octubre / October 26, 2015
Pasos de gigante de nuestros alumnos en Tulsa
Octubre / October 26, 2015
Abanderadas en Tacoma (EE.UU) del uso escolar del iPad
Octubre / October 16, 2015
Alta cocina en Tacoma de nuestras “Casvi Chef”
Octubre / October 13, 2015
Diario de Tulsa: La vida es una noria
Octubre / October 9, 2015
Llegan a Casvi nuestros alumnos alemanes de Intercambio
Octubre / October 7, 2015
Diario de Tacoma: We are...happy!
Octubre / October 6, 2015
Diario de Tulsa:
Octubre / October 2, 2015
El selfie más divertido del Ayuntamiento de Villaviciosa de Odón
Septiembre / September 30, 2015
Septiembre / September 29, 2015
Diario de Tulsa:
Septiembre / September 24, 2015
¡Bienvenidos a Casvi!
Septiembre / September 23, 2015
Diario de Tacoma: Tan valientes como
Septiembre / September 22, 2015
Las emociones a flor de piel en la bienvenida de los niños de Tulsa
Septiembre / September 22, 2015
Diario de Tulsa:
Septiembre / September 14, 2015
Comienza la rutina escolar de nuestras alumnas  en Tacoma (USA)
Septiembre / September 14, 2015
Primer fin de semana en Tulsa (USA)
Septiembre / September 12, 2015
Caluroso recibimiento para los alumnos de Intercambio Lingüístico en USA
Septiembre / September 10, 2015
Emotiva despedida para nuestros alumnos de Intercambio en USA
Junio / June 30, 2015
De vuelta nuestros alumnos más internacionales
Junio / June 23, 2015
Alumnos Casvi en la prensa alemana
Junio / June 19, 2015
Comienza la aventura en Alemania
Abril / April 22, 2015
Nos vamos a Alemania
Marzo / March 25, 2015
Vía Skype con Egipto
Marzo / March 16, 2015
Comienzan los preparativos “Intercambios USA 2015-2016”
Febrero / February 10, 2015
Despedida para nuestras alumnas de Tacoma (EE.UU)
Enero / January 9, 2015
Alumnas de Tacoma (EE.UU) comienzan el nuevo año en Casvi
Diciembre / December 2, 2014
¡Qué pequeños, qué mayores!
Noviembre / November 20, 2014
Despedida de campeones del mundo a campeones del mundo
Noviembre / November 18, 2014
Mucha emoción en la fiesta de despedida a nuestros alumnos USA
Noviembre / November 17, 2014
Un recuerdo para toda la vida
Noviembre / November 13, 2014
Primera votación en unas Elecciones para nuestros alumnos en Tulsa (EE.UU)
Noviembre / November 11, 2014
Nuestros alumnos norteamericanos son recibidos en el Ayuntamiento de Villaviciosa de Odón
Noviembre / November 10, 2014
Sin  morriña a 8.544,28 km de casa
Noviembre / November 5, 2014
Happy Halloween from Tulsa!
Octubre / October 29, 2014
Búfalos, bisontes y una historia de película
Octubre / October 29, 2014
Nuestro director, Juan Luis Yagüe, visita a nuestras alumnas de Intercambio en Tacoma (EE.UU)
Octubre / October 22, 2014
A nuestras alumnas en Tacoma (EE.UU) les dan calabazas
Octubre / October 22, 2014
“Fall Break”, una experiencia inolvidable de nuestros alumnos en Tulsa (EE.UU)
Octubre / October 15, 2014
Nuestras alumnas en Tacoma (EE.UU) embajadoras de España por un día
Octubre / October 15, 2014
Premiados con el Golden Broom Award nuestros alumnos en Tulsa (EE.UU)
Octubre / October 13, 2014
Niños de diez años fuera de sus familias.- Entrevista a Virginia Caballero
Octubre / October 8, 2014
Comienzan los preparativos para Halloween en Tacoma (EE.UU)
Octubre / October 8, 2014
Nuestros alumnos visitan una reserva Cherokee en Tulsa (EE.UU)
Octubre / October 1, 2014
“Lo mejor” del primer mes de nuestros alumnos en Tacoma (EE.UU)
Octubre / October 1, 2014
Nuestros alumnos se enfrentan a sus primeros exámenes en Tulsa (EE.UU)
Septiembre / September 25, 2014
Tercera semana de Intercambio Lingüístico Casvi-Tacoma (EE.UU)
Septiembre / September 25, 2014
Nuestros alumnos nos cuentan sus primeros días en Tulsa (EE.UU)
Septiembre / September 24, 2014
Alumnos estadounidenses en Casvi
Septiembre / September 17, 2014
Comienza un nueva aventura en Inglés, esta vez en Oklahoma (EE.UU)
Septiembre / September 15, 2014
Segunda semana de Intercambio Lingüístico Casvi-Tacoma (EE.UU)
Septiembre / September 3, 2014
¿Nos acompañan en la que será una fantástica aventura en Inglés?
Septiembre / September 1, 2014
Intercambios Lingüísticos con EE.UU
Agosto / August 28, 2014