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News of Casvi se mueve
Diciembre / December 11, 2018
13 profesiones
13 professions
Our 3rd year Infant Education students have got to know them thanks to the talks offered during a whole month by some of their parents. This way, they have identified the work involved, among other things, of experts in Robotics,engineers, dentists.
Diciembre / December 5, 2018
Belén en familia
Our Nativity scene
to learn and develop creativity, no better way than create this craft together with our families boosting skills like teamwork. This is the result.Our Nativity scene .
Diciembre / December 5, 2018
Celebramos la Constitución
Celebrating our Constitution Day.
Our 6 Primary students have visited Teresa Berganza Auditorium in Villaviciosa de Odón, to take part in the XL Anniversary of our Constitution.
Diciembre / December 3, 2018
Strugglers to the limit.This is how our Casvi Futsal players achieved victory and draw during the last matches in Alcorcón League.
Noviembre / November 27, 2018
Pleno para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Full victory for Futsal Casvi
Double victory for our two teams in Alcorcón League. Especially, great success for our "A" team in the goal. Nine goals that improved their mood.
Noviembre / November 23, 2018
Un mundo lleno de colores
A world full of colors
Exploring and investigating with different techniques, textures and materials improves our 2-year-old students’ attitude to boost their enthusiasm when it comes to learning that the world around them is full of colors.
Noviembre / November 20, 2018
Una de cal y otra de arena para el F.S. Casvi
Blowing hot and cold for our Casvi Five-a-side Soccer team
On the one hand, our team A finally got their first victory this season, but on the other hand, our Casvi Five-a-side soccer team B lost against Trinitarios Alcorcón. Match whose result, does not reflect the good game displayed by ours.
Noviembre / November 14, 2018
Jugar, competir, aprender
Playing, competing, learning
Radical numbers are no longer a struggle for our 3º E.S.O students. Thanks to an innovative activity created by your Mathematics teacher: creation of a very special cards game "One", learning while playing as well as boosting their mental agility.
Noviembre / November 12, 2018
Duro inicio liguero del Fútbol Sala Casvi
Hard season start for Casvi five-a-side football league
Defeated 1-7 F.S. Casvi "B" against Fernando de los Ríos. Despite the fact that starting the league is always hard, they put all their effort and enthusiasm to show that their objectives are the right ones: enjoy and learn.
Noviembre / November 7, 2018
Concluye la temporada para el Club de Gimnasia Rítmica
End of season for our Rhythmic Gymnastics Club
Made up of a large number of students from Eurocolegio Casvi, the competition has temporarily concluded for them. In fact, they will keep training hard as they will be back next February.
Noviembre / November 7, 2018
Nuestros primeros experimentos de Física
Our first Physics experiments.
Our 4-year-old students have visited the laboratory for first time this year, to experiment and inquire about changes in the state of matter. They have carried out different experiments, helped by their older colleagues of 4th of E.S.O.
Octubre / October 31, 2018
Debut en liga del Fútbol Sala Casvi
Debut for Casvi Five-a-side Football League
No luck for our two Beginner teams after achieving defeat. The first one, against CD San ​​José Valderas 4-0. The second one, against Alkor "C" 3-0.
Octubre / October 25, 2018
Casvi en las III Jornadas sobre Educación de Madridiario
Casvi in ​​the III Conference on Education Madridiario
"Madrid educates in social inclusion" was the central topic in the conference which gathered representatives of social entities in both education and politics. Among them, the coordinator of our Guidance and Counselling Department, Marta Alonso.
Octubre / October 24, 2018
Alumnos de Casvi en el I Concurso de Ideas Socialmente Innovadoras
Casvi students in ​​the First Competition on Socially Innovative Ideas.
Promoted by the Excellence Management Club and Altran Foundation, this contest seeks to promote technological vocation.It is aimed at students of 1st and 2nd E.S.O.
Octubre / October 9, 2018
Nuestros alumnos de 4º E.Primaria se convierten en geólogos
Our 4th Primary students become geologists
It has been possible thanks to their experience in “Museo Geominero”, Madrid. Once there, they could investigate on a wide variety of minerals and rocks.
Octubre / October 4, 2018
Aprendemos el buen uso de la tecnología en Casvi
Learning about the good use of technology at Casvi
New technologies can be a great tool in education. However, abusing can threaten their personal development.That is why, we have offered our students and families some talks about a correct use.
Septiembre / September 13, 2018
Vídeo.- Entrevista al director (Curso 2018-2019)
Video.- Interview with our principal (Year 2018-2019)
The principal of Casvi, Juan Luis Yagüe, wishes to take advantage of these first days of this school year to convey his personal vision of the past, present and future of our school, as well as the pillars that sustain our educational project.
Septiembre / September 11, 2018
Estreno de nuestro nuevo vídeo institucional
Premiere of our new institutional video.
Innovation is a constant at Casvi. This is the case of our new methodology and the tools used to boost our students’ learning process. We consider necessary to bring together all these novelties, as well as our educational project, in a new video.
Septiembre / September 11, 2018
Becas para alumnado con necesidades específicas
Scholarships for students with specific needs
The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has awarded grants for students with specific support educational needs, academic year 2018-2019.
Septiembre / September 7, 2018
Arranca un nuevo curso en E.S.O. y Bachillerato
Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate get started!
Not as excited as our little ones at Casvi, our Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate students came back to school today. They returned with their batteries fully charged despite an early wake-up, committed to work hard this year.
Septiembre / September 6, 2018
Vídeo.- Los alumnos de E. Infantil y Primaria vuelven a clase.
Video.- Kindergarten and Primary students, welcome back!
Today, we had a very emotional day in our school. On one hand, we saw the joy of meeting their schoolmates and teachers again, and starting a new adventure in a new school.
Septiembre / September 3, 2018
Becas de estudios postobligatorios
Post-mandatory studies scholarships
The call for the general Post-compulsory studies scholarships was published last August 16th and it includes college and non college studies.
Junio / June 29, 2018
Cuentacuentos para aprender historia
Storytelling to learn History
Nothing better than a story to learn History. And this is the resource that Fernando, our librarian, has used to tell our Primary students everything about Greek myths, or the lives of pirates.
Junio / June 29, 2018
Diario de nuestros peregrinos: etapa 5 y final
Diary of our pilgrims: stage 5 and end
At last, the most emotional moment of our Camino de Santiago 2018 arrived. The entrance to the city feeling absolutely moved, accelerated heartbeat and aching feet. Together with a mixture of great joy.
Junio / June 29, 2018
Aprender Educación Vial
Road safety Education
If we aim at offering the maximum safety to our children in terms of Road Safety Education, it is essential to raise awareness in schools. And that is what we have done at Eurocolegio Casvi.
Junio / June 28, 2018
Así fueron las excursiones de los más pequeños
Fieldtrips for our youngest students
Intense school year ending for our 2- year- old students in terms of excursions. The arrival of good weather allowed them to better explore their surroundings and live new adventures.
Junio / June 28, 2018
Diario de nuestros peregrinos: etapa 4
Diary of our pilgrims: stage 4
Penultimate stage from Arzúa to Pedrouzo. Our pilgrims are feeling very excited as they can feel that their arrival in Santiago is close.
Junio / June 28, 2018
Qué hacer en verano con nuestros hijos
What to do in summer with our kids
Summer is here, school ends and our students’ families can spend more time with their children. However, it is very important to maintain a routine during their holidays and carry out activities so that during these months.
Junio / June 27, 2018
Diario de nuestros peregrinos: etapa 3
Diary of our pilgrims: stage 3
Today, a beautiful stage in terms of landscapes, but hard due to a total of 30 km that have been left behind with great effort and feeling of accomplishment. The final destination was Arzúa, the cradle of one of the best cow cheese.
Junio / June 26, 2018
Diario de nuestros peregrinos: etapa 2
Diary of our pilgrims: stage 2
25 km - stage that has taken our MIDDLE 4th students who are participating in "El Camino de Santiago", to walk from Portomarín to Palas de Rey.
Junio / June 26, 2018
Profes Vs Alumn@s
Teachers Vs Students
Sport joins people together. We saw it again in Eurocolegio Casvi,in football matches held in the last days of this school year that has just ended. Students against teachers.
Junio / June 25, 2018
Diario de nuestros peregrinos: Etapa 1
Diary of our pilgrims: Stage 1
Up to 55 Secondary 4th students from Casvi Schools in Villaviciosa de Odón and Boadilla del Monte set off for the “Camino de Santiago”, a total of 111 kilometers starting today Monday.
Junio / June 22, 2018
Nuestras alumnas del Club de Gimnasia Rítmica logran nuevos triunfos
Our rhythmic gymnastics students achieve new victories
All of them, students of Eurocolegio Casvi. And not only are they part of this Gymnastics Club, they are also the protagonists of their triumphs. Along with the rest of their colleagues, they have brought with them a lot of medals.
Junio / June 21, 2018
Del uniforme del Casvi, al traje de luces
From Casvi uniform, to bullfighter’s costume
Joaquín Caro, student of MIDDLE 3rd from our school, always wanted to become a bullfighter. From childhood. His dream points to turn real.
Junio / June 21, 2018
5º E. Primaria en las IX Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
Primary 5st in the IX School Sports Days
With the usual objective of living a few days of coexistence through Sports between Casvi Villaviciosa de Odón and Boadilla del Monte.
Junio / June 21, 2018
Al ritmo de los mejores ciclistas
At the best cyclists' pace
This is the way our Primary 6º students enrolled their first great cycling route last week. A 25-kilometer route that took them to Ciudad de la Imagen, providing them with a beautiful experience on this challenging sport.
Junio / June 20, 2018
Aprendiendo prehistoria en Arqueopinto
Learning Pre-history in Arqueopinto
This is what our 5-year-old students did during their visit, where they could do some research on human and technological evolution of our species thanks to a particular "time machine".
Junio / June 20, 2018
4º E. Primaria en las IX Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
Primary 4th in the IX Casvi Sports Days
Thanks to fun games and the practice of different sports, our students have spent a very special day.
Junio / June 19, 2018
6º en las IX Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
6th Primary students at Casvi Sports Days IX
It has been our Primary elders’ turn to enjoy these days of coexistence with their classmates from Casvi Boadilla.
Junio / June 15, 2018
2º E. Primaria en las IX Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
Primary 2nd in the IX Casvi Sports Days
New day of coexistence between Casvi de Villaviciosa de Odón and Boadilla del Monte. Thanks to fun games and the practice of different sports, our students have spent a very special day.
Junio / June 15, 2018
Taller de repostería saludable para 3º E. Infantil
Healthy baking workshop for Kindergarten 3º
Cooking and eating artisan cookies can be more than healthy. Yes, as long as we make them as taught by Silvia Saavedra, mother of two students from our school. This was what our 5-year-old students learned in this fun workshop! Here is the sample.
Junio / June 14, 2018
3º E. Primaria en las IX Jornadas Deportivas Escolares
Primary 3rd in the IX School Sports Days
With the usual objective of living a few days of coexistence through Sports between Casvi Villaviciosa de Odón and Boadilla del Monte, a new School Sports Day has been developed featuring our students of Primary 3rd.
Junio / June 13, 2018
Calentando motores para el Camino de Santiago
Heading for El Camino de Santiago
Not much time left for our students of MIDDLE 4th, along with those of Casvi Boadilla, to go and live a unique experience participating in La Ruta de Santiago 2018.
Junio / June 12, 2018
1º E. Primaria en las IX Jornadas Deportivas Escolares
1st Primary E. in the IX School Sports Days
On this occasion, they have been held in our facilities in Villaviciosa de Odón, and students from Casvi Boadilla came to participate. The objective was to live a few days of coexistence with sport as a backdrop.
Junio / June 12, 2018
Fin del sueño copero para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
End of their Cup dream for Futsal Casvi
We could not reach the final Cup, but we showed courage and intensity in front of a rival that made things very difficult from the first minute. This is the way the semifinals return match ended: Colegio Villalkor A 6 - Eurocolegio Casvi 0.
Junio / June 8, 2018
1º E. Infantil en el Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología
1st Kindergarten in the National Museum of Science and Technology
Undoubtedly, our students had a great time at MUNCYT. And, for a day, they felt like true scientists.
Junio / June 7, 2018
Ganadores del V Concurso de Microrrelatos de Amor
Winners at the Fifth Love short-story Competition
We already have the jury's decision. Tough decision considering that up to 120 works have been presented by parents, students and teachers. All of them showing their magnificent and special talent.
Junio / June 6, 2018
Casvi celebra el Día del Medio Ambiente
Casvi celebrates the World Environment Day
Educating in values is one of our objectives. That's why our students of Kindergarten wished to celebrate this day by doing different activities.
Junio / June 6, 2018
¡A por todas en el partido de vuelta!
Let’s go for the second leg!
No luck in the first match of the Cup semifinals that ended with the result Eurocolegio Casvi 2 Colegio Villalkor A 3. The good thing is that, despite the defeat, we are just with a goal of disadvantage for the second leg.
Mayo / May 30, 2018
Nuestros alumnos a debate
Our students up for debate
"Stereotypes associated to women, do they hamper their access to work positions traditionally thought for men?" This is the topic our students of 1st grade of International Baccalaureate (IB), had to discuss about in the IX School Debate Tournament.
Mayo / May 29, 2018
Nuestros alumnos de 3º E. Primaria celebran el Día del Árbol
Our 3rd grade Primary Education students celebrate Arbor Day
Organized by Villaviciosa de Odón City Council, Environment councillorship. Thanks to it, 100 trees were planted.They did it with the participation of students from different schools in the town, among which our school was included.
Mayo / May 28, 2018
El Fútbol Sala Casvi pasa a semifinales de la Copa de Alcorcón
Five-a-side football Casvi to Alcorcón Cup Semi-finals
Once again, the penalties’ period was a key factor for our players, as the quarterfinals ended in a tie: Euroschool Casvi 2 – C.D.E. Pinar San José A 2.
Mayo / May 24, 2018
El Fútbol Sala Casvi, a cuartos de final de Copa
Casvi five- a -side football, to cup quarterfinals
A difficult match against a hard and complicated rival that ended up in a tie: F.S. Casvi 2 C.D.E PINAR SAN JOSÉ B 1. After the penaltis period, and a 2 to 1 favoring us in the scoreboard, we assured the pass to the following round in Alcorcón’s Cup.
Mayo / May 18, 2018
Creando robots en 6º E. Primaria
Creating robots in 6th grade of Primary Education
And they did it in Robotics class from a simple toothbrush. Apart from its use as a dental higiene tool, they shaped it is as an insect and made it move.
Mayo / May 17, 2018
Hermanamiento deportivo entre los tres colegios Casvi
Sports partnership among our three Casvi schools
Our students had a key role in the Triangular celebrated in Casvi International American School, organized with the purpose of encouraging sport values among all our students at Casvi Schools.
Mayo / May 17, 2018
XI Jornadas Deportivas Escolares con protagonismo de Casvi
XI School Sports Day starring Casvi
Organized by Villaviciosa of Odón City Council in the municipal football fields, with participation of our students at Casvi International Private Euroschool, from 2nd grade of Primary Education to 1st grade of Secondary Education.
Mayo / May 16, 2018
¡Gran yincana literaria en Casvi!
Literary gymkhana at Casvi!
Clear objective. To boost the habit of reading among our students. Concretely, among our students of 5th and 6th grade of Primary Education. They had real fun with all the ingenious and general knowledge tests planned by Fernando, our librarian.
Mayo / May 15, 2018
Reinventarse es tener sed de triunfar
Reinventing yourself is having a thirst for success
This is the message that Mr. Juan Yagüe, founder of Euroschool Casvi, transmitted the more than 120 entrepreneurs from Segovia attending his welcome speech, followed by a tasty ‘Cocido’ in our facilities.
Mayo / May 15, 2018
Final de liga con broche de oro para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
The end of the league with a final touch for Casvi’s Indoor Football
There is no better way to close the season than a great match and victory facing the team in the second place. Euroschool Casvi 3 – 1 Villalkor ‘A’ School, in a very serious match for our team, in attack and defensive positions.
Mayo / May 10, 2018
11 medallas para nuestros chicos en el Cross de Torrevilano
11 medals for our students in Torrevilano’s Cross
Resounding success for Casvi Athletics, established as one of the best schools in the competition. Once again, we can stand out the first positions of Mario Jiménez, Laura Fernández and Diego Gabaldón, who was the big winner of the day.
Mayo / May 9, 2018
El Fútbol Sala Casvi, finaliza tercero en la Liga de Alcorcón
Five-a-side football Casvi, third position in Alcorcón League
Exciting match last Saturday that ended in a tie with ‘Amanecer B’ School. After this result, Casvi’s five-a-side football obtained the third position in the league, trophy that will be picked up at the end of the season.
Mayo / May 6, 2018
¡Feliz Día de la Madre!
Happy Mother’s Day!
Our students make it clear. Their mums are the best in the world for many reasons which they explain to us in this video, while they show us the gifts they have been making during the last few days.
Abril / April 27, 2018
Celebramos hoy en Casvi el Día del Árbol
Celebrating Arbor Day at Casvi today
Aiming at our new generations to raise awareness on the importance of respecting the environment. That is why our students of 3rd Middle School have been the main protagonists of this activity.
Abril / April 27, 2018
Team building
Team building
Our students of 1st ‘B’ E.S.O have been the protagonists of this entertaining activity. A ‘Scape room’ directed to their little schoolmates.The purpose: to try to get out of a classroom, overcoming different tasks about Maths, History, Language…
Abril / April 26, 2018
Nuestros alumnos de 3 años se van… ¡A la granja!
Our 3-year-old students set off on their trip to… the farm !
Our little ones of 1st of Pre-School Education have lived their first big trip outside school with great joy. They have visited a farm. There, they delved into the fact that animals and plants are part of our planet as they are also living beings.
Abril / April 25, 2018
Aprender a programar con 6 años
Learning to programme at 6
That is what our students of 1st of Primary Education do in their Robotics class. This time, they did it creating their own characters. A fish called Fígaro, that even sings opera.
Abril / April 24, 2018
Gran trabajo de Mario y Diego en el Cross de Aldovea
Great work of Mario and Diego in Aldovea Cross
Specifically, Mario Jiménez (MIDDLE 4º) first in cadet category; and Diego Gabaldón second in juvenile category.
Abril / April 24, 2018
Derrota ante el líder
Defeat against the leader
Difficult game against the most likely to be champion team in the category, which ended with the following score: CFS Parque Lisboa 3 Eurocolegio Casvi 0.
Abril / April 23, 2018
Así celebramos en Casvi el Día del Libro
Eurocolegio Casvi celebrates “World Book Day”
From our youngest students in kindergarten till our high school students at Eurocolegio Casvi have celebrated today the “World Book Day”.
Abril / April 16, 2018
Buenos resultados para el F.S. Casvi este fin de semana
Good results for F.S. Casvi last weekend
One victory and one draw achieved last weekend by our guys from Futsal Casvi in their double match both League and Cup.
Abril / April 12, 2018
Nuestros Casvi Chef de 2 años vuelven a la carga
Our 2-year-old Casvi Chef try it again
They cooked a delicious orange cake together with their teachers. Preparing new recipes enables children to develop a positive connection with all kind of food.
Abril / April 11, 2018
Fomento de la lectura en Casvi de forma creativa
Promoting Reading in a creative way at Casvi
From Primary to Middle School, there are plenty of activities carried out in our school aiming at fostering a passion for reading.
Abril / April 11, 2018
Arranca la temporada para el Club de Gimnasia Rítmica de Villaviciosa de Odón
Getting the season off to a good start for Rythmic Gymnastics Club of Villaviciosa de Odón.
Sponsored by International Private School Eurocolegio Casvi, the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Villaviciosa de Odón has been living intensely these last weeks.
Abril / April 10, 2018
Recreación histórica para aprender la historia de Roma
Historical recreation to learn History of Rome
Carried out by Fernando González, in charge of our Library, as well as degree in Geography and History, in order to help our students of Primary 4th in their learning of History of Rome.
Abril / April 9, 2018
Tablas para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Draw for Futsal Casvi
Final result Colegio Andel C3 -Eurocolegio Casvi 3. End of the match in which F.S.Casvi returned to the competition after the league break last Easter.
Abril / April 5, 2018
Carta al Rey
Letter to a king
Our 5th grade students have written it, aiming to convey their concern about the conservation and responsible use of such a precious commodity, water.
Marzo / March 22, 2018
La comba del siglo XXI
Rope-skipping in the 21st century
Rope-skipping is not just a game for children among our Casvi students. It is an important tool in P.E. lessons, 5th Primary.
Marzo / March 21, 2018
Casvi con el Día Mundial del Síndrome de Down
Casvi celebrates World Down Syndrome Day
Celebrated today. Down Syndrome people and their relatives raise awareness on equality of "rights and obligations"; so that our society does not fear what is different. Our 5th grade students also wish to celebrate this way.
Marzo / March 20, 2018
El Fútbol Sala Casvi continúa abonado a la victoria
Futsal Casvi subscribed to victory
Very exciting Cup game lived last Saturday at Los Cantos de Alcorcón sports center that ended with the result of Eurocolegio Casvi 4 Amanecer C.D "B" 2.
Marzo / March 19, 2018
¡Feliz Día del Padre!
Happy Father´s day!
With all their love and enthusiasm, our kindergarten students have made gifts for their parents on this special day.
Marzo / March 19, 2018
¿Dulce o salado?
Sweet or salty?
Fun workshop where there was something for all tastes. Sugar for those who have a sweet tooth ... And salt for the rest.The goal was to help our 2-year-olds identify the different flavors.
Marzo / March 16, 2018
Conocemos la historia de España con Javier Gallego
Leaning history of Spain with Javier Gallego
Father of two students of Casvi, a lawyer and History passionate, Javier Gallego, during his talk in Primary 6th, got our students to deepen in the History of Spain.
Marzo / March 8, 2018
Becas para Primer Ciclo de E. Infantil
Kindergarten Scholarships
Today, Kindergarten´s parents from Eurocolegio Casvi can submit their applications to apply for a scholarship for next school year 2018-2019.
Marzo / March 6, 2018
Victoria por la mínima para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Victory for the minimum for Futsal Casvi
Equal match that was decided in our favor for the greatest number of occasions, with a result FS Blas de Otero 1-Eurocolegio Casvi 2.
Marzo / March 1, 2018
Nuestros alumnos cuentan cuentos
Our students telling stories
They did it really well, right in front of our Infantile students; an initiative of our Language and Literature Department in 3rd Secondary Education.
Febrero / February 27, 2018
Doble victoria para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Double victory for Futsal Casvi
Both victories in a double match day for Futsal School Casvi at a League match on Saturday and Cup match on Sunday.
Febrero / February 21, 2018
Concluye el plazo para participar en el V Concurso Microrrelatos de Amor Casvi
Deadline to participate in our “Short Love Stories Casvi Contest” concludes.
One week left. Next February 28 will be the last day to submit all the works in their different categories, including parents’ and teachers’ work.
Febrero / February 14, 2018
Triste entierro de la Sardina en Casvi
Sardine Burial at Casvi
Our Kindergarten students have lived with great sorrow the "Burial of the Sardine”, a closure act to say goodbye to our Carnival.
Febrero / February 14, 2018
En la piel del otro
In someone else’s shoes
Our playground has turned into a "Treasure Island", full of traps, lakes with crocodiles, and thousands of dangers to overcome. Thanks to the "pirates" from Secondary 1st, who have encouraged our students from 3rd Infantile School to get to treasure.
Febrero / February 12, 2018
Trece goles y victoria para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Thirteen goals and victory for Futsal Casvi.
First match second round against San Jose Pinar that managed to score just a goal. In fact, the first part was dominated by our boys from the beginning,even though the rival team was well placed back.
Febrero / February 7, 2018
¡Vaya papás que tenemos!
What parents we have!
Great collaboration from parents at Casvi Educational Community, who have contributed, with their talks, to help our students to internalize all the contents taught during lessons.
Febrero / February 6, 2018
Derrota por la mínima para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Minimum defeat for Casvi Futsal
Awesome game of our players against a difficult opponent, with opportunities in both goals from start to end concluding with the final result Villalkor "A" 2 -Eurocolegio Casvi 1.
Febrero / February 5, 2018
Casvi se viste de blanco
Casvi in white
Thanks to the snowstorm that affects a large part of Spain, our school has lived a special moment today. Our students have enjoyed the snow at school. In fact, some of them for the first time.
Febrero / February 2, 2018
Nuestros papás nos enseñan sus profesiones
Our parents tell us about their professions
Although for many it may seem too early, our students of Kindergarten are already thinking about their future career. To help them, our parents have come to school to offer different talks.
Febrero / February 1, 2018
En competición, los pequeños de la Escuela de Fútbol Sala Casvi
Our children of Casvi Futsal School in competition
Superb weekend for our 4th grade Primary students in our Futsal School. Not just for their victory, 0-7 against Villa de Móstoles F.C., they also enjoyed their first friendly match.
Febrero / February 1, 2018
Construimos nuestro primer videojuego en Robótica
Making our first videogame in Robotics
Our computer classrooms have become laboratories in order to program computer games these days. This is what our students of 4th Primary School have done.
Enero / January 31, 2018
Convocatoria del V Concurso de Microrrelatos de Amor Casvi
Short Love Stories Contest “Call for Proposals” Fifth Edition
Once again, the call for proposals aimed at teachers, parents and students from Secondary and High School of our School is open for submission to the new edition of our famous Short Love Stories Contest.
Enero / January 31, 2018
Nueva acción solidaria de ayuda a FUNDAME
New Solidarity Action to help FUNDAME
A group of students of 2nd Secondary (Lucía Maestro, Claudia Vargas and Icíar Tejedor) through their solidary project for the subject Spanish Language, decided once again, to collaborate with this association.
Enero / January 30, 2018
El Fútbol Sala Casvi vuelve a la senda de la victoria
Futsal Casvi returns to the path of victory
They did it with the result Futsal Casvi 3 CDE Amanecer "B" 2 during a game in which our team enjoyed numerous occasions in favor, although they did not bring any goals to life.
Enero / January 29, 2018
Primera semana de Natación en Primer Ciclo de E. Infantil
First week of Swimming Lessons in Kindergarten
Fully adapted to our new school year, January is the time, for our 1 and 2 year-old- students to start their Swimming lessons at school.
Enero / January 23, 2018
Primera derrota ante el líder para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
First defeat against the leader for Futsal Casvi
Very difficult game for our team that could not start better, with a goal in our favor. But two very quick goals of C.F.S Parque Lisboa emotionally reduced the team that conceded three more goals before half-time.
Enero / January 18, 2018
Nuestros campeones de 6º en un nuevo Torneo de Tenis de Mesa
Our 6th grade champions in a new Table Tennis Tournament
During the last two months, our traditional Table Tennis Tournament has been held in the sports center Pavilion at Eurocolegio Casvi for our 6th Primary students.
Enero / January 18, 2018
Vídeo.- VI Feria de Orientación Universitaria
Video.- VI University Orientation Fair
Goal achieved. Thanks to the presence of 40 public, private, and international universities in our Sports Pavilion, our 4th Secondary, 1st and 2nd Baccalaureate students have learned first-hand about the options that are open to them.
Enero / January 17, 2018
Cuando el futuro viene a vernos
When the future comes to visit us
On Thursday, 40 university centers, both public and private will be visiting Casvi. Universities with headquarters not only in Spain, but also in different countries throughout the world. Everything within our traditional University Orientation Fair.
Enero / January 15, 2018
Empate para el F.S. Casvi en su primer partido del año
Tie for the F.S. Casvi in their first game of the year
Exciting game played on Saturday by our guys against a complicated opponent, CDE Amanecer, and ended with a draw at 3.
Diciembre / December 22, 2017
Artesanía solidaria de Juan Román
Solidarity crafts Juan Román
Juan Román's craftwork, key figure in our solidarity and also religious programme at Eurocolegio Casvi, as well as expert ceramist, will be present until January 5 at the Handicraft Market Fair located in Plaza de España.
Diciembre / December 22, 2017
Cuento de Navidad
Christmas tale
Visiting our Casvi Library is always fun. But at Christmas, even more. Incredible things like Santa Claus telling you a story.
Diciembre / December 21, 2017
Fiesta de Nochevieja para nuestros alumnos de 2 años
New Year's Eve party for our 2-year-old students
The objective was to encourage, in practice, a better learning of our typical Christmas traditions. That is why they first put on their best clothes...
Diciembre / December 21, 2017
Cuando las tarjetas de Navidad se mueven
When Christmas cards move along
That is what happened with the interactive Christmas cards created by our 4th grade Primary students during their Robotics lesson to congratulate everyone during these special festivities.
Diciembre / December 20, 2017
Aprendiendo Informática en la 3ª Edad
Learning Computer skills in the elderly
Excited as on his first day of school. This is how our "young" students faced their first computer lesson. Then, many more lessons have come, lived with great enthusiasm by the grandparents participating in this workshop.
Diciembre / December 20, 2017
Discapacidad sin obstáculos
Disability without obstacles
This is how Adecco Foundation instructors made it clear during their visit to Eurocolegio Casvi with their "Ability School Day" program. The objective is to normalize the situation of the disabled when it comes to facing sports.
Diciembre / December 20, 2017
Nuevo Torneo de Tenis de Mesa para E.S.O.
New Table Tennis Tournament for Secondary Education
After weeks of intense competition, the finals have already been played, and we can eventually meet the best ones at this new table tennis tournament for students of grades 8 and 9.
Diciembre / December 18, 2017
Concluimos el año ¡imbatidos!
We conclude 2017 unbeaten!
Eurocolegio Casvi 6- Colegio Andel "C" 3. This was the final result of this match in which our team got on track with a first goal.
Diciembre / December 15, 2017
Nuestro alumno, Rubén Recio, mañana en el Teatro Calderón de Madrid
Our student, Rubén Recio, will perform tomorrow at "Theatre Calderón"
He will perform as a dancer in the children's play "Christmas Stories” as a member of Mambo Swing Dance Company.
Diciembre / December 14, 2017
Nuestros alumnos de 3º E. Primaria descubren la Robótica
3rd Primary students discover Robotics
New subject this year, which they are facing with tremendous enthusiasm. Especially when thanks to it they participate in activities with Lego pieces.
Diciembre / December 13, 2017
III Calendario Artístico Solidario Casvi
Artistic & Charity Calendar by Casvi: 3rd Edition
After the official presentation, today, all our students have taken home a copy. A charity calendar starring students, teachers, parents and grandparents of our Casvi Educational Community.
Noviembre / November 29, 2017
Tiembla Google Earth
Mind yourself, Google Earth
All thanks to the Geography Contest organized for our 6th Primary students, in which they were able to demonstrate their extensive knowledge of the subject.
Noviembre / November 27, 2017
No hay dos sin tres
Never two without three
The proverb says it. And so it has been in the case of Futsal Casvi who has won again for the third time in a row in the Alcorcón League that is playing. The final result was as follows: FS Casvi 7- F.S Blas de Otero 0.
Noviembre / November 23, 2017
Tres medallas para nuestros alumnos en el 32º Cross Solidario de Casvi Tres Cantos
Three medals for our students at 32nd Solidarity Cross Casvi Tres Cantos
Great result for our students participating in this solidary cross at the facilities of Casvi International American School with 1.300 runners.
Noviembre / November 22, 2017
Ascenso a Monte Perdido de unos papás del cole
Parents from Casvi School reach Monte Perdido summit
New accomplishment from four dads of Casvi (Javier Martinez, Oscar Sánchez, Eduardo Presa, and this time, Francisco Rueda), who have returned to undertake the ascent of a great mountain. After the Aneto Monte Perdido arrived with 3,335 meters.
Noviembre / November 21, 2017
Los derechos de los niños en los idiomas de Casvi
The rights of children explain by our international students at Casvi
Our students and teachers from different nationalities, explained to us in their own languages, which are the most important rights for children.
Noviembre / November 20, 2017
Segunda victoria para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Second victory for Futsal Casvi
Our team remains unbeatable. We continue chaining good and strong results. During the last day of Alcorcón´s League the result was the following: Trinitarios Alcorcón 4 - Eurcolegio Casvi 9.
Noviembre / November 17, 2017
Niños y abuelos unidos por la Informática
Children and grandparents united by technology
This is what is going to happen with this original initiative of four Casvi students of High School. A solidary plan that has led them to organize two computer courses for beginners dedicated for the grandparents of all our students.
Noviembre / November 14, 2017
Arranca la temporada para el Fútbol Sala Casvi con goleada
The season kicks off for Casvi Futsal with a wide goal margin
Great start for our guys at Alcorcón league new season after their 8-0 victory against Pinar San José. The first part was quite easy for Futsal Casvi, leaving us at halftime with a result of 5-0.
Noviembre / November 13, 2017
Su primer pódium
Her first podium
Yes indeed. With only 7 years old, Marina Gerova, a 2nd Primary student, already knows what it is to achieve a trophy. It was during XXXIX edition of Villaviciosa de Odon’s popular race where she won second place.
Octubre / October 26, 2017
Agentes tutores de la Guardia Civil nos enseñan valores
Civil Guard Agents teach us values
An initiative launched in the classrooms included in our “Coexistence and Improvement Of Safety in Educational Centers and Its Surroundings Master Plan”.
Octubre / October 9, 2017
Mañana último día de casting
Tomorrow, last day of our school casting
Take a look at their faces! The following pictures show what just happened today, and what will happen tomorrow, from 6:30hrs. to 19:30 hrs., in the second and last session of our casting for the new edition of our school calendar.
Octubre / October 5, 2017
Un casting con mucho Arte
A very talented casting
Los días 9 y 10 de octubre, desde las 16:30 a las 19:30h, en nuestro Salón de Actos, el fotógrafo Luis Alberto de Pablos realizará un nuevo casting de fotografía para la elaboración, por tercer año consecutivo, de un calendario benéfico.
Octubre / October 5, 2017
Arrancan las Escuelas Deportivas Casvi
Casvi Sports School has begun!
Ya han comenzado las diferentes Escuelas Deportivas del Colegio Privado Internacional Eurocolegio Casvi.¡El plazo de inscripción continúa abierto!
Septiembre / September 27, 2017
Vídeo.- Un making of de película
An awesome “making of”
In this way, we have prepared a series of videos which, under the name “Ten months, 10 attributes”, we will release for all the Casvi educational community tomorrow.
Septiembre / September 25, 2017
Aprendemos el buen uso de la tecnología en Casvi
How to make a good use tecnology at Casvi
Septiembre / September 13, 2017
Cómo superar con éxito la EvAU
How to overcome the university entrance exams with success
How to overcome the university entrance exams with success Organization, planification and hard work! This is how the Eurocolegio Casvi achieved a 100% of approved in the university entrance exams - EvAU, last june.
Septiembre / September 12, 2017
Cinco claves para afrontar con éxito la adaptación escolar
Five tips to face the beginning of he school year
It is not easy for the students, or even their parents, confront the back to school and change all the routines acquired during the summer.
Septiembre / September 12, 2017
Programa Diploma de BI: Talentos en estado puro
BI Diploma Program: Talents in a pure state
More than happy were our students from Diploma Program of International Baccalaureate 2016-2017 when they received their diploma certificate and grades in an emotional act.
Septiembre / September 8, 2017
Vídeo.- Arranca un nuevo curso en E.S.O. y Bachillerato
Video.- Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate classes get started!
Less excited than the little ones of Casvi, our Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate students came back to school today.
Septiembre / September 7, 2017
Vídeo.- Los alumnos de E. Infantil y Primaria vuelven a clase
Video.- Kindergarten and Primary students, welcome back!
Today, we had a very emotional day in our school. On one hand, we saw the joy of meeting their schoolmates and teachers again, and starting a new adventure in a new school.
Septiembre / September 6, 2017
Todo preparado para recibir a nuestros alumnos
Ready to welcome our students
Our scholar center dresses in its best to welcome the first students tomorrow: the kindergarten and primary students.
Septiembre / September 5, 2017
Becas de estudios post obligatorios
Post-mandatory studies scholarships
The call for the general Post-mandatory studies scholarships has been Published on the 10th of August and it includes college and non college studies.
Agosto / August 31, 2017
Becas para alumnado con necesidades específicas
Scholarships for students with special needs
The Spanish Ministry of Education, Cultura and Sports, has announced its scholarships in educational support aimed at students with specific needs for the academic year 2017/2018.
Julio / July 20, 2017
Consejos para aprovechar el tiempo libre este verano
Julio / July 13, 2017
El Concurso RetoTech Fundación Endesa que tanto dio que hablar
Junio / June 30, 2017
Diario de nuestros peregrinos.- Etapa 5 y final
Junio / June 30, 2017
Nuestra alumna Carla Estalrich subcampeona en el V Derby de Hípica de Villaviciosa de Odón
Junio / June 29, 2017
Según el Informe Pisa, Casvi se sitúa por encima de los centros escolares de Alemania o Finlandia
Junio / June 29, 2017
Diario de nuestros peregrinos.- Etapa 4
Junio / June 29, 2017
Así nos enseñaron nuestros papás las profesiones
Junio / June 28, 2017
Diario de nuestros peregrinos.- Etapa 3
Junio / June 28, 2017
Emociones intensas para finalizar el curso en 2º E. Infantil
Junio / June 27, 2017
Diario de nuestros peregrinos.- Etapa 2
Junio / June 27, 2017
De excursión a la granja El Acebo
Junio / June 27, 2017
Eurocolegio Casvi pisa la cima del Aneto
Junio / June 26, 2017
Diario de nuestros peregrinos.- Etapa 1
Junio / June 15, 2017
Los penaltis dieron la victoria a las seños
Junio / June 15, 2017
De todo se sale
Junio / June 14, 2017
A veces se gana, a veces se pierde, pero siempre se aprende
Junio / June 7, 2017
Un cadáver exquisito
Junio / June 6, 2017
Clase magistral de esgrima para nuestros alumnos de 3º E.S.O.
Junio / June 2, 2017
Junio / June 1, 2017
Su primer carné de conducir
Mayo / May 11, 2017
Nuestro alumno Alejandro Gómez, finalista de XXI Edición Concurso de Primavera de Matemáticas
Mayo / May 9, 2017
Cinco medallas para nuestros atletas en el VI Cross de Torrevilano
Mayo / May 8, 2017
¿Por qué nuestras mamás son tan especiales?
Mayo / May 8, 2017
El Fútbol Sala Casvi se despide de la Liga con un nuevo triunfo
Abril / April 25, 2017
Un día para celebrar mil historias
Abril / April 25, 2017
Nuevo partido de Copa para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Abril / April 3, 2017
Liga y Copa en un fin de semana intenso para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Marzo / March 30, 2017
Ya tenemos ganador del II Concurso Selfie -Mis abuelos sí que molan-
Marzo / March 28, 2017
Medallas para nuestros campeones del Torneo de Tenis de Mesa
Marzo / March 27, 2017
No es grande aquel que nunca falla, sino el que nunca se da por vencido
Marzo / March 19, 2017
Feliz Día del Padre
Marzo / March 16, 2017
Vídeo.- Nuestro viaje a Italia, una experiencia inolvidable
Marzo / March 15, 2017
Un año más entre los mejores colegios del Ranking de El Mundo
Marzo / March 15, 2017
Dos alumnos de Casvi en el pódium del Cross de Aldovea
Marzo / March 15, 2017
Becas para el Primer Ciclo de E. Infantil
Marzo / March 14, 2017
De aventura familiar en el Castillo de Las Guardas
Marzo / March 14, 2017
El Fútbol Sala Casvi se reencuentra con la victoria
Marzo / March 8, 2017
Al mal tiempo buena cara
Marzo / March 7, 2017
Cuenta atrás para el IV Concurso de Microrrelatos de amor
Marzo / March 3, 2017
Baloncesto 3x3 en los recreos de Casvi
Marzo / March 2, 2017
Homenaje a nuestra alumna Claudia Benito como deportista madrileña más destacada del año
Febrero / February 28, 2017
Hazte un selfie con tus abuelos
Febrero / February 27, 2017
Segundo partido de Copa para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Febrero / February 13, 2017
Talleres en Inglés para concienciarnos sobre el buen uso del agua
Febrero / February 7, 2017
Consejos sobre uso seguro y responsable de Internet
Febrero / February 6, 2017
El Fútbol Sala Casvi se estrena en la Copa
Febrero / February 2, 2017
Nuestros alumnos de E.S.O. nos dan toda una lección
Febrero / February 1, 2017
Arranca la segunda vuelta con nueva victoria del Fútbol Sala Casvi
Febrero / February 1, 2017
Eurocolegio Casvi entre los 51 colegios de Madrid punteros en emprendimiento tecnológico
Enero / January 31, 2017
Feliz Día de la Paz en Casvi
Enero / January 26, 2017
El Fútbol Sala Casvi se reencuentra con la victoria
Enero / January 19, 2017
Cuando el futuro viene a vernos
Enero / January 19, 2017
Partido complicado del Fútbol Sala Casvi ante el líder
Enero / January 12, 2017
Acercando la cetrería a los niños de E. Primaria
Enero / January 11, 2017
Una tonelada de ayuda para Cáritas
Enero / January 11, 2017
Ganadores del I Torneo de Tenis de Mesa de la temporada
Diciembre / December 19, 2016
El Fútbol Sala Casvi continúa en plena racha de victorias
Diciembre / December 14, 2016
Nuestros peques de E. Infantil construyen su propio Belén
Diciembre / December 13, 2016
La artesanía solidaria de Juan Román de nuevo en Madrid
Diciembre / December 7, 2016
Cuando la mente supera al cuerpo
Diciembre / December 5, 2016
El Fútbol Sala Casvi se reencuentra con la victoria
Diciembre / December 2, 2016
Nueva Campaña Solidaria con Cáritas en Casvi
Noviembre / November 28, 2016
Lucha y entrega para el Fútbol Sala Casvi
Noviembre / November 28, 2016
Hoy se distribuye el II Calendario Solidario 2017
Noviembre / November 24, 2016
El Fútbol Sala Casvi se estrena en competición
Noviembre / November 23, 2016
Ya tenemos ganadores del Concurso de Cuentos de Navidad
Noviembre / November 21, 2016
Casvi se une a la celebración del Día de la Infancia
Noviembre / November 18, 2016
Aprendiendo sobre biodiversidad en el Museo de Ciencias Naturales
Octubre / October 24, 2016
Expertos vulcanólogos desde los 9 años
Octubre / October 11, 2016
Un lujo de ponencia: charla sobre Deporte, Familia, y Colegio
Octubre / October 10, 2016
Ver sin ver
Octubre / October 5, 2016
Felicidades a todos nuestros maestros
Octubre / October 5, 2016
Presentación nacional ante nuestros alumnos de E.S.O. de una novedosa  herramienta online
Octubre / October 3, 2016
Gracias por vuestra colaboración
Septiembre / September 30, 2016
Felicidades Izan
Septiembre / September 29, 2016
Mañana último día del casting
Septiembre / September 27, 2016
Fotos de película
Septiembre / September 26, 2016
Nuevas formas de estimular la imaginación en  E. Primaria
Septiembre / September 20, 2016
El A.D. Villaviciosa de Odón estrena su nueva equipación patrocinada por Eurocolegio Casvi
Septiembre / September 16, 2016
La noche europea de los investigadores
Septiembre / September 15, 2016
Eurocolegio Casvi con el deporte base de Villaviciosa de Odón
Septiembre / September 13, 2016
Vídeo.- Entrevista a nuestro director (Curso 2016-2017)
Video.- Interviewing our headmaster (2016-2017)
Mr Juan Luis Yagüe, the headmaster of our school, tells us in this interview about the pillars above which the educational project of International Private School Euroschool Casvi is based.
Septiembre / September 12, 2016
Pautas para afrontar la vuelta al cole de nuestros hijos
Septiembre / September 8, 2016
Vídeo.- Arranca un nuevo curso en E.S.O. y Bachillerato
Septiembre / September 7, 2016
Vídeo.- Los alumnos de E. Infantil y Primaria vuelven a clase.
Julio / July 14, 2016
La bicicletas también son para el verano
Julio / July 14, 2016
Consejos para que los pequeños sigan comiendo fruta en verano
Julio / July 12, 2016
Partidos de hermanamiento entre profesores y alumnos
Julio / July 8, 2016
Sobre la importancia de los juegos cooperativos en Educación
Julio / July 7, 2016
Madridiario se hace eco de nuestra Escuela de las Artes Casvi
Julio / July 6, 2016
Compromiso con la salud en las VII Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
Julio / July 4, 2016
Deportes acuáticos en Gredos para combatir el calor
Julio / July 1, 2016
Diario de nuestros peregrinos: cuarta etapa y final
Junio / June 30, 2016
Fomentamos la creatividad convirtiendo a nuestros alumnos en inventores
Junio / June 30, 2016
Diario de nuestros peregrinos: tercera etapa
Junio / June 29, 2016
Diario de nuestros peregrinos: segunda etapa
Junio / June 28, 2016
Diario de nuestros peregrinos
Junio / June 28, 2016
Misión Antártica de un papá del cole
Junio / June 27, 2016
Nuestros alumnos de E.S.O. se convierten en peregrinos
Junio / June 21, 2016
Casvi vs Casvi
Junio / June 21, 2016
Ganadores del Concurso de Fotografía -Uno más en la familia-
Junio / June 17, 2016
Estáis invitados a la final del Concurso Casvi Tiene Talento
Junio / June 14, 2016
Nuestros alumnos de E.S.O. se inician en el pádel
Junio / June 13, 2016
Estos son los finalistas del I Concurso de Fotografía Casvi
Junio / June 10, 2016
A solo tres días del cierre del concurso Uno más en la familia
Junio / June 8, 2016
Nuestro director, D. Juan Luis Yagüe, recoge el Premio a la Innovación Educativa 2016
Junio / June 3, 2016
De casta le viene al galgo
Junio / June 2, 2016
Inés Antelo finalista del Concurso de Narración de la Comunidad de Madrid
Mayo / May 25, 2016
Arcoiris de tolerancia en Casvi
Mayo / May 23, 2016
I Concurso
Mayo / May 20, 2016
Becas para los alumnos de Primer Ciclo de E. Infantil
Mayo / May 17, 2016
Nuestros alumnos sí que saben de Europa
Mayo / May 11, 2016
Nuestros cerebros matemáticos a por la final de Pekín
Mayo / May 6, 2016
Buscando el green con un swing
Mayo / May 5, 2016
Un comité de sabios nos da las claves del mejor colegio del mundo
Mayo / May 3, 2016
Para la mami más especial
Abril / April 26, 2016
Cervantes omnipresente en nuestro Día del Libro
Abril / April 22, 2016
Hasta 5 medallas para nuestros cracks de Atletismo
Abril / April 21, 2016
Todos con la Atrofia Muscular Espinal
Abril / April 19, 2016
Recuperar al maestro para educar en el Siglo XXI
Abril / April 15, 2016
El colegio más raro del mundo
Abril / April 14, 2016
Cuando la discapacidad no es un obstáculo para hacer deporte
Abril / April 11, 2016
Mención de Honor para Adrián González en la Olimpiada de Química
Abril / April 6, 2016
Semana Blanca 2016, algo más que esquiar
Abril / April 5, 2016
Aprendiendo valores de las viejas glorias del fútbol
Marzo / March 30, 2016
¡Estamos de vuelta!
Marzo / March 19, 2016
¡Feliz Día del Padre!
Marzo / March 15, 2016
Nuestro alumno, Mario Jiménez, subcampeón del 36º Cross Aldovea
Marzo / March 15, 2016
Casvi sube de nuevo en el Ranking de los 100 Mejores Colegios
Marzo / March 7, 2016
And the winner is...
Marzo / March 2, 2016
Marzo / March 1, 2016
Victoria de nuestros futuros campeones del mundo
Febrero / February 29, 2016
Ya tenemos las primeras fotos para el I Concurso de Selfies
Febrero / February 29, 2016
Con una mochila llena de recuerdos
Febrero / February 25, 2016
Manual del buen político
Febrero / February 23, 2016
Cultura, amistad y diversión en el ecuador del Viaje a Italia
Febrero / February 20, 2016
¡Hazte un selfie con tus abuelos!
Febrero / February 18, 2016
En Inglés el libro
Febrero / February 11, 2016
Triste Entierro de la Sardina en Casvi
Febrero / February 10, 2016
El fútbol se adueña de los patios
Febrero / February 5, 2016
Nuestros mejores jugadores de tenis de mesa ya tienen premio
Febrero / February 2, 2016
Nueva semana de diversión y deporte en Grandvalira
Febrero / February 1, 2016
Educando en valores en el Día de la Paz
Enero / January 29, 2016
Mr Iglú nos enseña a reciclar
Enero / January 27, 2016
Si bebes no conduzcas
Enero / January 18, 2016
Se acaba el tiempo para conocer tu talento
Enero / January 16, 2016
El futuro al alcance de la mano
Enero / January 8, 2016
Pajes por un día
Diciembre / December 18, 2015
¡Casvi tiene talento!
Diciembre / December 16, 2015
Ya luce con fuerza en Casvi su nuevo Belén
Noviembre / November 27, 2015
El concurso televisivo Cifras y Letras llega a Casvi
Noviembre / November 20, 2015
Casvi se une a la celebración del Día de la Infancia
Noviembre / November 19, 2015
Dando ejemplo con las Novelas Ejemplares de Cervantes
Noviembre / November 13, 2015
Nuestros alumnos dieron miedo al miedo
Noviembre / November 10, 2015
Mañana, charla sobre “Nuestros hijos en las Redes Sociales”
Noviembre / November 6, 2015
Volvamos a hacer sonreir a Izan
Octubre / October 27, 2015
Casvi en lo más alto de la Carrera Popular de Villaviciosa
Octubre / October 1, 2015
Mañana último día del casting
Septiembre / September 30, 2015
Pon un fotógrafo profesional en tu vida
Septiembre / September 17, 2015
La importancia de los abrazos en el proceso de adaptación escolar
Septiembre / September 16, 2015
Pautas para afrontar la vuelta al cole de nuestros hijos
Septiembre / September 11, 2015
De aventura familiar en el Castillo de las Guardas
Septiembre / September 8, 2015
VÍDEO.- E.S.O. y Bachillerato retornan a las aulas
Septiembre / September 7, 2015
VÍDEO.- Los alumnos de E. Infantil y Primaria vuelven a clase
Septiembre / September 2, 2015
Becas Generales del Mec : Todo lo que necesitas saber
Agosto / August 26, 2015
Érase una vez....
Agosto / August 25, 2015
Apuesta por la solidaridad
Julio / July 9, 2015
Aprendiendo de nuestros amigos los animales
Julio / July 7, 2015
Madrid desde el cielo
Julio / July 6, 2015
Casvi Factor 2015
Junio / June 26, 2015
A veces la experiencia no es un grado
Junio / June 26, 2015
Los alumnos de 3 años visitan la granja “Giraluna”
Junio / June 25, 2015
Disfrutando en Arqueopinto
Junio / June 25, 2015
Juegos tradicionales Vs Videojuegos
Junio / June 19, 2015
Concluyen las V Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
Junio / June 17, 2015
5º E. Primaria en las V Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
Junio / June 16, 2015
1º E.S.O. en la Ciudad de las Tres Culturas
Junio / June 16, 2015
4º E. Primaria en las Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
Junio / June 15, 2015
3º E. Primaria en las Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
Junio / June 15, 2015
Casvi solidario con África otro año más
Junio / June 12, 2015
2º E. Primaria en las Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
Junio / June 11, 2015
La importancia de la Educación Ambiental en nuestros hijos
Junio / June 11, 2015
Comienzan las V Jornadas Deportivas Casvi
Junio / June 11, 2015
Golf en las aulas de Eurocolegio Casvi
Junio / June 9, 2015
La artesanía solidaria de Juan Román en la Feria Reconquistarte II
Junio / June 3, 2015
Alumnos Casvi en el Top 10 en Robótica
Mayo / May 18, 2015
1º E.S.O. ponen el punto y final a las Jornadas Deportivas Escolares
Mayo / May 18, 2015
Reinventando el patio del colegio
Mayo / May 15, 2015
Dos alumnos Casvi “Premios al Rendimiento Académico”
Mayo / May 14, 2015
6º E. Primaria en las Jornadas Deportivas Escolares
Mayo / May 13, 2015
4º E. Primaria en las Jornadas Deportivas Escolares
Mayo / May 12, 2015
3º E. Primaria en las Jornadas Deportivas Escolares
Mayo / May 12, 2015
Alumnos de 6º en el Top 5 de la Comunidad de Madrid sobre Europa
Mayo / May 11, 2015
2º E. Primaria en las Jornadas Deportivas Escolares
Mayo / May 8, 2015
Arrancan las VIII Jornadas Deportivas Escolares
Mayo / May 4, 2015
¡Felicidades mamá!
Abril / April 29, 2015
Ayudaremos a sonreir a Izan
Abril / April 27, 2015
En el top 10 del V Concurso de Narración y Recitado de la Comunidad de Madrid
Abril / April 24, 2015
Shakespeare y Cervantes en Casvi
Abril / April 14, 2015
Títeres para fomentar la lectura
Abril / April 8, 2015
El misterio de la habitación cerrada
Abril / April 6, 2015
Investigamos sobre el agua
Marzo / March 24, 2015
Animación a la lectura a través de títeres
Marzo / March 19, 2015
¡Feliz Día del Padre!
Marzo / March 18, 2015
Becas Cheques Guardería para el curso 2015-2016
Marzo / March 17, 2015
De nuevo entre los mejores en el Campeonato Escolar de Cross
Marzo / March 9, 2015
Nuestros alumnos nos enseñan Educación Vial
Febrero / February 27, 2015
Febrero / February 16, 2015
Febrero / February 16, 2015
3º por equipos en el Campeonato de Cross Escolar
Febrero / February 11, 2015
La Escuela de Fútbol Sala Casvi vuelve la competición.
Febrero / February 9, 2015
Febrero / February 5, 2015
Febrero / February 3, 2015
Día de la Paz, otra forma de educar en valores
Febrero / February 2, 2015
RCP. Salvar vidas es posible
Enero / January 30, 2015
Aventura en la Edad Media
Diciembre / December 17, 2014
Dando, recibimos más
Diciembre / December 3, 2014
Ayudando a los que menos tienen
Noviembre / November 6, 2014
Plátanos fantasmas y mandarinas calabazas
Octubre / October 27, 2014
Aventura y diversión en el Safari de Peguerinos
Septiembre / September 18, 2014
“Un beso, una mirada, una palabra...una complicidad”
Septiembre / September 8, 2014
VÍDEO.- E.S.O. y Bachillerato retornan a las aulas
Septiembre / September 4, 2014
VÍDEO.- Los alumnos de E. Infantil y E.Primaria vuelven a clase